The Pains of Our Yesterdays C5- Leaving

Hello guys. I come bearing the 5th chapter in my story. I apologize that I still haven't finished yet. Writing the stories for the Halloween Oneshot event really kept me busy for almost the entire week+. I did still find time to write a little bit more. There's a national holiday coming up this week so hopefully I can get into my writing mode and write more. I really hope I can finish soon. I do love writing, but I've been neglecting my Japanese studies in order to write in my free time. As soon as I finish, then I can start studying again while I write the next story (which I already have in my head). I really forced those creative juices to flow, I guess. Anyhow, enough with my ramblings. Here's the chapter 5 and I really hope you enjoy. We're finally getting into the more fun stuff :)

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The Pains of Our Yesterdays

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Word Count: 3576


Narrator POV

Jiyoung let out a small whine and buried her head into Jin’s chest. Jin and the others laughed and quickly made their way over. JiEun pried Jiyoung away from Jin and pulled her into another hug. “You’re not considering leaving me alone with these guys again are you?” Jiyoung just let out a small laugh. Each if the guys took a turn to hug her and say something small but encouraging. By the end of it, Jiyoung felt like she had to look like a mess after all the crying.

“Can I go wash my face?” She asked hiding her face in her hands. “I’m an ugly crier and I’m sure this is one of the worst ones.” They chuckled.

“There’s a bathroom in the game room,” Yoongi informed her.

“Where’s that?”

“I’ll take her,” Hoseok volunteered.

“I’ve got her,” Jimin said ignoring Hoseok. He walked to Jiyoung and started guiding her to the game room. Hoseok glared at Jimin as he passed and Jimin pretended to not notice. After they went into the game room, all eyes turned to Jin.

“I know. I don’t want her to go either. But she wants to find her family. You heard her, her aunt is the only family she has left. We can’t be selfish.”

“It’s uncanny how well she fits in here, huh?” Namjoon asked. They all agreed. “It’s like we were supposed to find her.”

“Stop before you start on the philosophical mumbo jumbo,” Yoongi stopped him. Then he let out a sigh, “But I think we can all agree on that.”

“It was a club we rarely went to,” Jungkook started.

“And we stayed later than usual because one of Taehyung’s business associates just happened to show up,” Hoseok continued.

“And Jin-hyung heard her even though all of our ears were ringing from the music in the club,” Taehyung continued the trail.

“Okay, so we all agree with Namjoon,” Jin laughed.

While the guys started talking in the kitchen, Jimin steered Jiyoung through the game room since she was still covering her face.

“Why is this room so big?” Jiyoung asked causing Jimin to laugh.

“We work all the time. Sometimes we just need a place to unwind and forget about our responsibilities.”

“Mm. Makes sense.”

“Here we are.” Jimin stopped her just in front of the door. Jiyoung quickly went in. As she was closing the door, Jimin caught a quick glimpse of her face. Her eyes were red and a little puffy and there were bright red trails from the tears. But for some reason, she still looked pretty. Maybe it was because she seemed so fragile. Maybe he was just a little crazy. He hadn’t picked up a girl in a while so maybe his hormones were just acting up. Scoffing at himself, he couldn’t help but smile.

A couple minutes later, he heard the faucet turn off. Jiyoung opened the door. Her eyes were still a little pink, but they weren’t puffy anymore. Tiny rivulets of water dripped down her face from where she had accidentally gotten her hair wet. Jimin laughed and steered her back into the bathroom. Confusion was written all over Jiyoung’s face. Jimin patted the counter. Jiyoung cocked her head at him questioningly.


“On the counter?”

“Yes, you silly.” Jiyoung frowned playfully at the nickname. She turned around and jumped on the counter.

“Why does everyone keep calling me that? Am I silly?”

“I don’t know why the others call you that, but for me, yes. I think you’re a little silly. You seem to always question everything. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just interesting to see when most people just say ‘yes’ and do it. It’s refreshing.” Jiyoung tilted her head down shyly.

Jimin parted her knees and stepped between them. He put one finger under her chin and tilted her head back up. Jiyoung started blushing again, her heart racing. Jimin leaned forward and Jiyoung leaned away. {What is he doing? And why is my heart so fast?} “What—“

Jimin leaned back with the hand towel in his grasp. He started laughing. By now, Jiyoung’s face was a bright red. “Like I said, refreshing.” Jimin took the towel and started wiping away the water and attempting to dry the wet locks of hair framing her concerningly thin face. Jiyoung’s heart was pounding. She’d never been that close to a guy before, especially not in that situation. And since she was never allowed to really watch TV or read books, she had no idea what was the appropriate way to react. So she just stayed stock-still as he continued. After a minute, Jimin finished, his hands resting on her knees. Jimin took note of how bony her legs were also. Jiyoung didn’t know if it was normal for guys and girls who were just friends to show so much skinship, or if that was only normal for Jimin, or if he was still trying to fluster her.

“All done,” Jimin said, his eyes roaming her face. He decided that he really needed to find a girl the next time he went out. His thoughts towards Jiyoung were not pure right now and he didn’t want to think like that about her. He felt like she was a truly innocent girl and he didn’t want to taint her, even just his image of her, just for his own selfish desires. For some reason, though, he seemed drawn to her. Maybe because of, maybe in spite of, how frail she seemed right now. He’d never stayed with a girl for more than a couple times and he figured that it would end up the same if he tried with Jiyoung. She was different than other women and he didn’t want to hurt her. Hell, he felt guilty just for thinking those type of thoughts about her. Jimin felt like if he could just keep his hormones in check that she could end up being a really good friend to him. And for some reason, that was something he really wanted. He wondered if she had that kind of hold on the other guys.

“Come on,” Jimin broke out of his thoughts and stepped back, holding out his hand. Jiyoung took it and hopped off the counter. This time, when Jiyoung walked through the game room, she actually saw everything in it.

“Wahhhh...This is amazing!” The room was filled with arcade games, sitting areas and TVs for console games, darts, pool, and pretty much anything Jiyoung could think of as being considered a game that you could play indoors. “Do you guys play all of these?”

“Not all the time, but sometimes. I think we’ve all worked our way through the games. Aside from the gym, it’s a good way to let off the stress that work causes.” Jiyoung nodded in understanding, her eyes never leaving the different games. When they reached the door to leave the game room, Jimin had to physically turn Jiyoung towards the door and guide her out. Jiyoung kept glancing over her shoulder at the games until Jimin finally closed the door. The other guys watched from kitchen and laughed.

“You like playing games?” Taehyung asked her excitedly.

“I used to. I haven’t played in a really long time.”

“Then you definitely have to come back to play with us.” Jiyoung smiled for a moment before it hit her again that she had to leave.

“Wait a sec!” JiEun shouted before running out. Thirty seconds later, she was back with a piece of paper and a pen in her hands. She ran up to Jiyoung. “You don’t have a phone, right? So we’ll write our numbers on the paper and once you have a phone you can call us. You’ll call us, right?”

“Of course,” Jiyoung replied flustered at JiEun being so hyper. JiEun set the paper down on the kitchen island and wrote down her number. She passed it to Hoseok and he did the same. Everyone took turns writing down their numbers. Yoongi was the last one so he folded the paper and handed it to Jiyoung.

“Thank you guys. I’m so grateful for your kindness. I’m really going to miss you guys.” The others repeated the sentiment back to her and each gave her one last hug.

“You better not forget about us,” Jungkook playfully warned her.

“Of course not.” She gently ruffled his hair. Then she turned to Jin who nodded.

“I guess let’s go.” Jiyoung went to the living room to grab her backpack and then stood by Jin in front of the door.

“Can I go with?” JiEun asked Jin.

“If you go with, everyone will want to go with,” Jin responded. JiEun turned to glare at the other guys.

“No they won’t, right guys?” Jiyoung laughed when she saw the guys shift nervously. The all responded with ‘Of course not’s and ‘You can go’s. Jiyoung heard Jungkook mutter something about girls being scary. “See, oppa? They’re fine with just me going.”

“The youngest one has all the power, huh? How can I say no?” JiEun grabbed Jiyoung’s arm and started jumping up and down making noises of excitement. Jiyoung smiled at the girl. “Let’s go then.”

As the three walked to the car, a last exchange of sad expressions was done between Jiyoung and the guys standing on the porch. Then the three got in the car. Jiyoung’s eyes were glued to the porch as they drove through the gates and stayed that way until the next house cut off her view. Jin kept his attention split between driving and watching the girls in the backseat whenever it was safe to look.

JiEun grabbed Jiyoung’s hands. “Unnie. I’m so glad that my oppas saved you. And I’m really glad they brought you back with them.” JiEun moved to the middle seat and buckled herself back in. She wrapped her arms around Jiyoung’s right arm and leaned on her shoulder. She moved around to try to find a comfortable place to rest her head on Jiyoung’s bony shoulders.

“Me too. I’m glad they saved me. I’m glad I made new friends. I’m glad I have a new sister, one who’s so nice and caring like you.” Jiyoung used her left hand to gently pet JiEun’s head.

“And our names make us sound like sisters too: Ji Eun, Ji Young.” Jiyoung smiled. Jin also smiled as he watched them in the mirror. Far too soon, they reached Jiyoung’s aunt’s neighborhood.

“Okay,” Jin spoke up and pulled over. “This is the street we found you on. Are you sure about the other houses you checked?”

“Yeah. I was really careful.” Jiyoung pulled out the picture and showed it to Jin and JiEun.

“Yeah, I guess it would be kind of hard to miss in this neighborhood. Almost all the houses were light shades, mostly white, light blue, and light yellow. Only a few scattered houses were darker or different colors. The house they were looking for was a medium blue with an off-white colored front door. Jin drove slowly up and down the streets. They were on the second-to-last street of the neighborhood when JiEun spotted the house on her side of the car. She called their attention to it. Jin pulled over in front of the house.

JiEun gave Jiyoung a tight hug and then Jiyoung leaned up to wrap an arm around Jin in his seat. “Thank you guys. For everything. You have no idea how much it means to me...”

Jin smiled reassuringly. “Just remember to call us if you need anything at all,” he said.

“Or just whenever,” JiEun added.

“Yeah, or whenever,” Jin agreed. Jiyoung squeezed JiEun’s hand and Jin’s shoulder one last time before stepping out.

Jin rolled his window down. “We’ll wait here until you go in.” Jiyoung nodded and then slowly walked up the driveway to the front door. Jin watched her hesitantly knock. A few seconds later, a woman opened the door. Jin watched them talk for a few seconds before Jiyoung pulled out the picture. The woman looked at the photo before shaking her head. They talked for maybe another 30 seconds before Jiyoung stepped back and bowed her head. The woman returned the gesture and closed the door. Jiyoung stayed with her head lowered for a few more seconds before she raised up, one hand wiping under her eyes. She finally turned around and Jin could see she was crying. He quickly shut off the car and both he and JiEun rushed to her.

“What happened?” JiEun asked her worriedly.



“I understand,” Jiyoung said as she rubbed his back comfortingly. “I’m sorry.”

“Me too!” JiEun sandwiched Jiyoung in a hug causing her to groan. They laughed lightly and broke apart. “Why don’t—“ she tapped Jin’s shoulder and indicated for him to lean over. JiEun whispered into his ear. When she finished, Jin leaned back up and nodded. “ you wanna maybe stay with us?” Jiyoung’s eyes widened. Before she could protest, JiEun started talking again. “I like sharing my room with you. And if you want your own, we can just share until the guys clean out one of the studies. I take my classes during the day so you can do whatever you want and then when I get home, we can hang out. Like real sisters.”


“Please say yes.” JiEun gave Jiyoung her best puppy dog eyes.


“Where else would you go?” Jiyoung had to pause. She didn’t want to feel like she was freeloading, but at the same time, she really didn’t have another place to go.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you guys. I...I don’t have anything I could contribute.”

“You have you,” Jin told her. At her confused look Jin said, “You’re our friend, everyone likes you. We work a lot and don’t get a lot of downtime. It would really help our moods and our stress levels to have a friend that we can come to and hang out with. If it makes you feel better to have a ‘role’, I guess that’s the best way to put it, you can be our pick-me-up or whatever. Plus, we can assign you to be the one to wake Yoongi up.” That made them laugh. JiEun grabbed Jiyoung’s arms and started swinging them back and forth making aegyo noises and faces.

“I guess I don’t really have a choice then, huh?”

“Nope!” JiEun announced. She opened the car door, forced Jiyoung onto the seat, and then told her to scoot over. JiEun shot a triumphant grin at Jin before getting in the car. Jin laughed to himself and walked around to the driver’s side.

After getting in the car, Jin told Jiyoung, “We have the resources to look for your aunt. While you’re staying with us, however long that is, we’ll look for her. If we find can leave if you want.” Jiyoung heard the sadness in the last sentence. “But if you want to stay, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.”

Jiyoung put a hand on Jin’s shoulder and thanked him. She turned back to JiEun and the two started messing around. Jin drove them back to the house.

When they arrived at the house, Jin told Jiyoung to wait behind them. He told her that he wanted to surprise them. Jiyoung agreed. It sounded like it would be pretty funny. Jin opened the door. He saw everyone draped languidly on the sectional in the living room. They didn’t even bother to look up when the door opened. Jin quickly and quietly told Jiyoung to hide behind the staircase and Jiyoung tiptoed to it. Jin and JiEun put on their sad faces and went to join the others in the living room.

“Is it just me or does it feel empty now?” Namjoon asked rhetorically.

Taehyung answered anyway. “It’s definitely not just you. I feel really sad. And just look at our sunshine over there,” he indicated to Hoseok. “It’s weird to see him look like that, don’t you think?”

JiEun shoved her way in between her brothers and grabbed an arm from both. She laid her head on Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi turned to her and pet her head slowly. “It’s worse for you, huh? You have all these oppas...You always wanted a sister. I’m sorry my little JiEun-ah.” JiEun pretended to pout even more and snuggled into Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Do you think noona will forget about us?” Jungkook sighed. “I mean, we only knew her for less than a day. That’s probably not long enough for us to have made that big of an impression, right?”

“She has to remember us...” Hoseok trailed off. He was saddened even more than he expected. He didn’t know how it was possible, but he had fallen for her the moment he saw her. He never thought he’d fall for another girl again, he thought that part of him had withered away a long time ago. He was especially surprised that it happened at first glance. And then she left. Just like ‘her’. And just like ‘her’, Jiyoung had taken a piece of him with her. At least this time it wasn’t a betrayal. But it still hurt.

“Yeah...” Jimin agreed. For some reason, her leaving left him feeling unsettled. Though he figured maybe it was because she left first, not him, which was different than normal.

“If only she stayed...” Jin sighed. This was Jiyoung’s cue to come out.

“How could I possibly forget you guys?” She said pretending to be offended. Her voice caused the guys to jump up in surprise.

“Noona!”/”Jiyoung-ah!” they cried out simultaneously.

“What did I tell you guys about jumping over the couch?!” Jin berated Taehyung and Jungkook who completely ignored him. After everyone gave their happy hugs, they turned their attention to the two sitting on the couch, just like a scene out of Village of the Damned.

“You tricked us,” Taehyung said, not moving. JiEun moved to sit next to Jin.

“Don’t look at us like that,” Jin warned them. “We brought her back.”

They all looked at each other and then back. “You tricked us.” This time Jungkook was the one to say it. Altogether, the group, minus Jiyoung, fanned out and moved towards the couch.

“Oh come on you guys, shouldn’t we be celebrating?”

“It was Jin’s idea!” JiEun blurted and moved to the other side.

“Way to throw me under the bus!” Jin tried to find an opening in the line. “You’re the one who said it sounded like a good idea!” Jin saw a small opening when the guys moved around the couch. He took advantage and jumped over the couch quickly hiding himself behind Jiyoung. He wrapped one arm around her from behind and she squealed. “Back away! I have your noona. I’m not afraid to tickle her.”

Jiyoung squealed again and laughed, “Traitor!”

“I’m sorry, but I must live too,” he dramatically cried out.

“Step away from the girl,” Jimin warned. This distracted Jin long enough that he didn’t notice Yoongi sneaking up behind him. Yoongi carefully placed his fingers next to Jin’s sides before digging them in.

“Augh!” Jin yelped, his grip on Jiyoung loosening. Jiyoung escaped, bumping into someone’s chest. Hoseok’s. She looked up to see him smiling at her. She felt her cheeks heat up and her heart start racing. The other boys started attacking Jin also while Hoseok steadied Jiyoung off to the side.

“Take a breather,” he told her. “Looks like you’ve been laughing too much already.” Jiyoung nodded and Hoseok joined the other boys. There was yelping and laughing as Jin tried to fight back. But he was sorely outnumbered.

JiEun stood next to Jiyoung. “I like it when they’re like this. They’re always so stressed out. It’s nice to see them laughing and having fun. Thank you, unnie.” The two girls side-hugged each other and watched the guys start to turn on each other. Jiyoung was happy. She was certain now that she’d made the right choice.

Well, there ya go. A little bit of fun. I love writing cute scenarios for the boys.

And I wonder what's going to happen with Jiyoung and the others...

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