It's Friday!!! No lie I almost forgot to upload this post lol... I don't know if this post will be truly relevant to the communities I place it in so sorry in advance . My name is Ashlei Ryals but most people call me Ash! I make covers on YouTube under the name Kim Hyei, a name I got when host Korean Exchange students. I am 18 years though I look 12 most of the time ( the power of makeup) . I love singing , dancing , and acting. I was a child model but when I entered 5th grade I stopped and didn't restart until 9th grade. I stopped once again when my mother became sick , but now that she is better I might start again. Currently I am a Freshman in university studying biology and nursing. I'm in love with different cultures and learning new languages. I only speak one fluently ( guess which one win a fake cookie!) but I'm conversational in Korean, French , and Creole. I plan on learning a few African languages and Arabic next year. I love listening to Kpop! Don't get me started talking about I won't be able to stop!! Lol. I'm pretty much an open book so if you have any questions or want to know anything please feel free to ask ! Ashlei

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