I Put A Spell On You (A Cross Gene Halloween Oneshot)



So this is my final entry into the contest! Wow I have done a lot! LOL

But I had to do one based off of Hocus Pocus because I am OBSESSED with this movie!

So I hope you enjoy this last one! (The second part of the Halloween Infinite one will be released within the next two days XD)

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"Ah do we have to go?" I whined, not wanting to dress up in something ridiculous to go to this party tonight.

"Yes we do, Shin. It is a party held by all the companies for kpop bands so we can all have fun and spend the night worry-free. How could you not want to go to that?" Takuya answered, changing into his halloween costume.

"Even all the girl bands will be there as well. We will get to meet people we don't usually get to meet!" Seyoung piped, smiling. He then elbowed Yongseok, as they were both excited by the thought of the beautiful girl members.

"We aren't that big of a band so I doubt we will be noticed a whole lot but hopefully at least a few other bands recognize us." Casper added on, staring at his onesie outfit, debating how to put it on.

"True. I just want free candy. That's all." Sangmin said, making the rest of us laugh. I sighed, feeling defeated after seeing how excited the rest of the members were.

"Fine. I will go. But I am not changing! I can go as a normal person this year." I stated, satisfied with my black hoodie and black jeans thinking that they were spooky enough. The rest of them cheered, and I laughed at their reactions. Man are they ridiculous.


An hour later, we pulled up to the front of the mansion. It was a rich band member's house, big enough to hold hundreds of people. There were so many floors and it covered so much land I was in awe. We parked the car, and the six of us started to walk to the front. There was a red carpet from the sidewalk to the front door and we had no choice but to walk on it.

Reporter's cameras started to flash left and right, taking pictures of my members and their glorious costumes. I think some people were disappointed by mine but I didn't care. I just wanted to hide in the party and stay out of sight. We reached the door and when we pulled it open, I had to keep my mouth from dropping to the ground.

There were so many people and I recognized many bands right away. EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet, F(x), and dozens more. It was crazy seeing so many bands in one place but it was kind of comforting to see a bunch of familiar faces. Some bands recognized us and came to say hello and hang out with us for a bit until someone suddenly tapped the microphone on the stage in the living room, shifting everyone's attention to him.

"Ah, ah, ah. 1, 2, 3." He tested, making sure the microphone worked. After noticing the pairs of eyes on him he started to talk.

"Hello everyone!" He said in the microphone and the audience cheered. I was standing next to my members, keeping my head down as I didn't really want to interact with anyone. "Are you guys having fun tonight?!" He continued. The audience cheered again and everyone was clearly getting excited.

"Good, good. Well first of all I would like to thank you all for coming. I know my house isn't the best but I am happy to that you all are enjoying yourselves! For those of you who don't know me by the way, my name is Kangin and I will be acting as your host tonight!" The audience was even louder than before as they cheered his name, 'KANGIN' echoing throughout the large house. He smiled, waving everyone off to calm down so he could talk again.

"Now to start off this amazing party, I thought some of us would perform some songs to get the atmosphere lively. And we have some generous volunteers that wanted to go first. Please welcome, TaeTiSeo!!" Everyone started cheering as they came on the stage bowing and smiling. They were dressed as witches, looking beautiful as always. They then grabbed the microphone from Kangin and started to talk.

"Thank you for the introduction Kangin," Tiffany said, smiling towards him. "Now we thought that we would sing a classic song, not one of ours but from a movie we know very well. Let's see if you guys can guess what it is from." She said, winking afterwards, causing a commotion in the crowd. Tiffany stayed at the front while Taeyeon and Seohyun moved to the back, a few feet away from her at two other microphones. When they were all ready, they started to sing, the band behind them backing them up.

(A/N): Start song here! ;)

"I put a spell on you. And now you're mine." The audience laughed as Tiffany sang. "You can't stop the things I do... I ain't lyin'". My head snapped up to the stage and I noticed that the whole mood suddenly changed. Something was different about this but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


"Hello Salem. My name's Tiffany. What's yours? I put a spell on you, and now you're gone!"

"Gone, gone, gone, so long!" Taeyeon and Seohyun sang in the background.

"My whammy fell on you and it was strong..."

"So strong, so strong, so strong!" I started to panic, trying to get members of the audience to come to their senses but it was no use. I was the only one immune to what they were saying.

"Your wretched little lives have all been cursed, 'cause of all the witches working, I'm the worst!" Her voice echoed throughout the room, haunting me. I tried to escape the audience but it was no use, I was trapped. "I put a spell on you, and now you're minneee." She then pointed right at me, noticing how I was not falling at all for her words. She then started to head off the stage and headed straight for me.

"Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!" Taeyeon and Seohyun yelled in the background as she continued to part the audience as she walked in my direction.

"If you don't believe, you better get superstitious. Ask my sisters, 'Ooh she's vicious!'" She was nearing closer, only a few feet away from me. "I put a spell on you..." She sang, staring right at me. "I put a spell on you..." And in a flash she was in front of me.


"Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi."

"Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi." The audience repeated, completely taken over by the popular singers.

"In comma coriyama."

"In comma coriyama!"

Tiffany was close enough to me now that she grabbed me by my face, making sure I could not look away from her.





"Say byeeee!" She sang right at me and I could feel myself slowly slipping away, falling into her spell. She grinned as she knew that it was true.

"Bye-bye-bye!" And as the audience cheered, my control slipped away and I all could do was follow their lead, falling into their trap. She let go of me and returned to the stage and I was entranced. When they bowed, I cheered with the audience, my conscious slipping away.

All of a sudden, someone came running at me, yelling my name.

"Shin..." It was a faded scream as I danced, unable to stop.

"Shin." It continued. I was finally able to turn my head to see that it was my member Yongseok calling my name.



I suddenly woke up, sitting up immediately as I awoke from my dream. I glanced around the room and I saw the movie Hocus Pocus playing on the T.V, playing the very scene that I was just dreaming about.

"Are you okay?" Takuya asked, looking worried. "You were moving frantically in your sleep and you seemed to be having a nightmare." I brought my hand up to my face, wiping the sweat that appeared while I was sleeping.

"Was it scary?" Casper questioned, curious as to what made me so nervous. I shifted my gaze towards the scene and then back to the panicked faces of my members. I smiled slightly, relieved that it actually never happened.

"Let's just say, I don't want anyone casting any spells any time here soon," I answered, confusing my members. They quickly shook me off and we went back to watching the movie. But what they didn't know was that I was different now. I wasn't the same person. As they stared at the screen, my eyes suddenly turned black, and I grinned wickedly, knowing that it really wasn't just a dream.

It was my awakening.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this one!

I had too much fun with it...like I still have the song on repeat because I love it wayyy too much XD

I had tons of fun doing all these oneshots with you all and I hope I didn't disappoint! See you all in later chapters of my fanfics and oneshots! ;)

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