SuJu: Halloween one shot: Child's Play

hey all, this is my sixth submission for the Halloween constest. Hope you all enjoy this creepy girl and her obsession with Super Junior and wanting them for her dollhouse.



Kibum and Hangeng we're missing their beloved brothers. No one knew the real reason of why they are consider past members. If only they could warn their beloved brothers of the little girl that collects idols as dolls. The little girl was getting bored and asked her uncle for a new doll. “Uncle, I want all the limited edition dolls to add to Kibum and Hangeng. They look so sad and lonely now by themselves.” “How about we only limit it two. We need them to have a comeback soon. How does that sound?” “No, I want four other members. I need them for my collection. I need them like ASAP!” The man rolls his eyes and speeds dials the members of Super Junior to come over for a meeting on Halloween Night. He looks at the girl. “Are you happy now? You can have your pick. Besides I'm to busy with Lays and the exo unit debut to do much of anything with Super Junior.” The girl jumped up and down and began her preparations. She ran to the dollhouse that was home to Kibum and Hangeng. “Soon we will have four more additions to this house. Hmmm, I'm thinking Heechul, Shindong, Donghae, and Siwon to join you.” Her cackle pierced Kibum’s and Hangeng’s soul. Both regretting the day they came over to this house for a meeting and then being asked to keep the little girl company. They watched the little girl prepare the special tea, and chant some words over it. The tea began to glow an eerie sapphire color and then go back to normal. The evil smirk on the girl's face did nothing but bring dread and worry. Kibum and Hangeng tried for days to figure out how they could prevent the brothers fate. They went as far as writing notes and hanging them up so their brothers could see when peering into the dollhouse. Three days passed and during those three days the girl kept chanting over the tea. The day had finally came and the members of Super Junior arrived and greeted the girl and their boss. “Sir, how can we be of service today,” Leeteuk asked. “Awe you see my niece here wanted to meet you and have a play date with some of you. She is probably the biggest fan you will ever meet. She would do anything to own Super Junior.” All the members introduced themselves to the little girl. She went up to Heechul, and Siwon and asked them for a hug doing cute aegyo. Heechul and Siwon bent down. “Awe you are so pretty,” said Siwon. “Ha, not as pretty me though,” said Heechul. “Oh whatever, you are full of yourself Heechul,” said Shindong and Donghae. The boys start laughing and teasing each other. The girl looked at them and did all kinds of aegyo getting them under her spell. Her uncle just stayed in the corner watching and shaking his head but secretly wishing she would pick Kangin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Heechul as her dolls. Though he could see she was leaning to Siwon, Heechul, Donghae, and Shindong. “Well I do need to talk business to the boys, darling. I’ll talk to Leeteuk, Sungmin,Yesung, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun first. I ask you Siwon, Heechul, Donghae, and Shindong to play with my niece and keep her company. I’ll then come back and talk to you four. The little girl brought Heechul and the others to her playroom. The boys stopped at her dollhouse. “Wow this looks just like this house, that is really super cool,” said Donghae. The others stared into her house. They overlooked the notes Kibum and Hangeng posted and went straight for them. “Omg, these look just like Kibum and Hangeng,” said Shindong. The brothers each took turns looking at KIbum and Hangeng. “I really miss them,” said Siwon. “Me too,” said Heechul and the others. They put them back in the dollhouse. The girl lead them to her table. “Please sit down and have some rose tea. Let me serve you.” She serves the tea and takes a sip of her own. She urges the boys to drink their cups at the same time. Each boy drinks not noticing the taste was a little off. The girl kept talking to them. It was too late when they noticed the girl’s evil smirk and that they have been slowly shrinking. She walks up to them and picks them up and places them in the dollhouse. Have fun with your brothers they missed you as well.

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