The Masquerade

The shadows fall my dear, Night is coming oh so clear. The beasts want to rear their heads, While you sit down to make your bed. Love why do you hide under the covers? They want to play dramatic lovers. You peek your head out to see, They pull your hair, won't let you be. Play with us, we'll take you on a ride, Majestic and fun we'll let you slide. Down to the floor in euphoric fun, You slip right through and bust your bum. Love why do you cry when you play with them? All they want is fun for ten. You see my love they were a mask, Shiny and bright they were such a task! Glimmering they shine for you to see, The masks fall off love, just let them be. The beasts twist and turn for you, Love you are trying to run, is this true? Shimmering masks fall to the floor, Soon my dear they'll be back for more. The dawn breaks and they crawl back under, You breathe and cry in wonder. Reality strikes and you wake, The beasts you saw love you can now shake. The Mental Illness Struggle.

Mental Illness Survivor. 28. Lesbian. Nature Freak. Music lover. Baseball Fan. #beyou&sparkleon ☄
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