RESET Chapter 5

Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love.

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It's been a week since you had last seen Jimin but your father's long awaited party was tonight and you knew you would see him there. You were excited but still you haven't decided whether to be with Jimin or not.

You sighed as you were shoved in a tight black evening dress with lace sleeves. "Alright there you go Miss." You nodded at Hani,"Thanks Hani...I needed help zipping this dress up." She chuckled,"You welcome Miss, if you'll excuse me."

You looked over yourself in the mirror one last time before heading out to the part of the house where the party was happening. The minute you walked in your eyes had scanned the room looking for none other than Park Jimin. What shocked you was he wasn't flirting with just anyone he was in the corner with his date.

She wasn't like any girl he had around him. She had an aura of maturity. "Jin...who's the girl?" He shrugged, "You've lived through this before why don't you tell me." You shook your head,"She wasn't here before." Jin's eyes got wide. He had said something under his breath but you ignored it.

"Y/N!" You turned your head to see Jungkook and Taehyung coming your way. "Hey guys glad you can make it." You saw Jungkook look you up and down,"Nice a different feel from the usual Y/N..." You chuckled,"Thanks? Was that a compliment?"

"Excuse me Ms. Y/N?" You turned your head to see Yoongi you tried not to look as if you know him. "Yes that's me." He bowed,"My name is Min Yoongi...It's nice to meet you." You gave him a smile,"Nice to meet you and why don't you join us god knows I need someone normal right now." Jungkook and Taehyung laughed,"Are you saying I'm not normal." You rolled your eyes at Taehyung, "You're far from normal Tae."

Yoongi laughed a little. He always looked somewhat less intimidating when he smiled like he did. "So Yoongi...if I can call you that is your father a business partner?" He shook his head, "Actually I just founded my company."

You looked at him in awe, "Wow and here I am still learning the ABCs of business." They all laughed at your joke, "Well besides creating your own empi--"

"Y/ look gorgeous in that dress." You turned and smiled at Jimin who still had the girl by his side,"Thank you Jimin. And its nice to meet you Miss?" The gorgeous woman took out a hand, "Lee Sung Kyung." You shook her hand giving her a gentle smile, "You brought a lovely date tonight Jimin. Kind of makes you less interesting." You joked. "Well Y/N you don't have to worry because Sung Kyung here is my cousin so if there was any jealousy behind that comment there's no need for it." You laughed. You loved that part about Jimin he was forward and always got to the point, "Well I'm glad she's just a cousin."

"Wine?" You looked at the waiter and shook your head, "No thank you." Everyone else grabbed a glass but not you,"You don't drink?" Yoongi asked as Taehyung laughed,"More like she can't not the legal age yet." You smacked Taehyung on the shoulder,"Shut up. I can drink I just choose not to." They all laughed at Taehyung's remark,"So your under age huh?" You nod," Yeah so that makes all of you guys grandmas and grandpas."

"Who would've guessed you seemed so mature for your age." Sung Kyung said as she took a sip of the wine." You smiled at her, "Thank you. If you excuse me I will slip in shoes more comfortable."

"How about we come along?" You raised an eyebrow at Jungkook,"Alright but your not allowed in my room." You put your hands together feigning a child-like look on your face, "Daddy doesn't like me playing with boys."

You laughed as they followed you to your room.

You made your way into your room as they stayed behind the door chatting. You headed straight for the closet but before you can. There you saw Hani laying by the door of your closet with a shot wound in the head. You screamed but not loud enough for the guests to hear but loud enough for Taehyung, Jungkook, Sung Kyung, Jimin, Yoongi and Jin.

"Y/N! Are you okay!" Jimin had screamed finding you sitting on the floor after your knees had given out from the fear or shock you weren't entirely sure yet. Jin had pushed Jimin aside,"Miss? Are you okay?" You pointed on the cold dead body laying on the floor. He took a glance at the body and looked away distorting his face from the disgust. Why Hani? She wasn't one of the victims before.

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