Vixx Made Me Cry

Today I'm extremely nervous because I have a job interview in 3 hours and ugh. Yesterday I was full of nothing but excitement when I was talking to the restaurant on the phone setting up my interview time with them. But when I woke up today my body was screaming at me that I was nervous even tho I personally didn't feel it.

I go through nervousness in an awkward way. I never really feel it often in my mind, I don't think much, "oh I'm nervous." It just doesn't happen. My body always decides it for me. When I'm lucky and it's just small nerves then all I do is shake but I get through it. However on days like these it's a lot worse. I woke up with huge stomach pains and proceeded to start throwing up. Mainly water thankfully, not that you guys wanted to know that lol, but afterwards some of the pain lessens.

As I was getting ready and in much pain, Vixx decided to drop their mv. Normally I would bounce up and down and scream and run around in excitement, but I had a new reaction this time. I started to cry. Just right where I was standing I broke down in tears. Never had that happened to me in my life like that. I was just so happy that they released their mv now of all times. When I was in pain and nervous beyond belief, they like rescued me. It wasn't some grand savior, but it really helped, I instantly calmed down after crying and stopped to watch. And as I was watching the pain faded more. I was able to gain control of my body again.

This song. I wasn't able to give full attention to the mv on a decipher level so I will rewatch it again when I'm more relaxed to get in the details as to what happened with their story line. But the music, their voices. It was all so amazing. I honestly really enjoyed this song so so much. Whether it takes over a spot in my top 3, or gets placed as 4th I'm not sure yet. But I do know it's up there somewhere. Vixx releases music constant that just really hits me hard. And I'm so thankful for this hit, much more so then ever before 💙

Vixx's The Closer

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Hi everyone, my name is Courtney, and I'm a huge fan of Vixx with my ultimate bias being Leo. My top 6 groups are Vixx, Bts, Bigbang, Ft. Island, Got7, and Exo. After those 6 I lose track of how to arrange groups because I love way too many to decide. I make it a point to listen to all groups and discover all the underrated groups I can, both for guy and girl groups 💙 As for girl groups, I have trouble trying to choose my favorite, but some of the ones I pay attention to most often would be 2ne1, EXID, and AoA
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