Week-In Review [Oct 23 - Oct 29]


▪K-Pop News

~Comeback Updates:Black Pink Image Teasers For "Stay"Black Pink Reveals Tracklist and More For "Square Two"SHINee Coming Out with Repackaged Album~Hot ☆ Solo:Lay Makes Us Lose Control!~It's a Sad Day For The K-Pop World..ㅠRainbow Confirmed To Disband~K-Pop Idols on TourCL Tour 2016 / 2NE1 Appearance?~Born To Slay Kings!'Dope' Becomes First BTS Song to Hit 100 Million!


~Skin CareBasics To Skin Care - Determining Your Skin Type~ K-Beauty Products You Should Try This Fall!8 Must Try K-Beauty Products This Fall

▪K-Drama News

~Upcoming DramasWeb Drama Power!☆

▪K-Pop Random Goodies

~Halloween Fun!Top 13 Kpop Songs You Must Listen to This Halloween!

▪KpopINT Specials!

~Artist SpotlightSpotlight Artist #1Spotlight Artist #2~KpopINT's Fanfic UpdatesFrom London To Korea Pt 12


KpopINT Chairs:KpopINT Fam:KpopINT Official Taglist~Tagging more of my fam~

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