Direction Words: How to Explore Korea!


When I first came to Korea as a student who knew NO Korean, it was a bit difficult to get around.

Google Maps was a mess, I didn't know enough Korean to use the apps, etc.

Naver Maps!

This is a great way to "walk" around Korea^^

The Korean government actually wouldn't turn over their maps to Google so Google could add it to Google Maps because Korea didn't want a competitor with Naver.

That's why Google Maps, while its getting better, is still not as accurate or up-to-date as Google!

Words to know:

검색 - Search

길찾기 - Finding Way

출발 - Departure

도착 - Arrival

버스 - Bus

지하철 - Subway

추천 - Recommended

Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions^^

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