Bridal Mask Episode 3 - Live recap - pt 2

Mokdan comes in and Shunji is surprised to see her in such bad shape. He is taking her somewhere via carriage. He goes to his house and helps take care of her. She tells him that Kangto tried to kill her and Shunji tells her that Kangto is a friend. She freaks out and wants to run away. She forgot that Shunji is japanese and she starts to walk away when all of a sudden, kangto is coming to their house because kangto and shunji live together. Mokdan hides in the closet while Kangto and Shunji talk. Kangto says that if he catches Mokdan he will end up catching Gaksital. Kangto asks shunji why hes standing so awkwardly in front of the closet, tells her to move, he asks "dont tell me you have a girl hiding in there" and he is forced aside and finds a girl, but kangto doesnt know it's Mokdan. Kangto thinkks its funny and leaves. Shunji takes Mokdan home via bike. She is returned to her family and they are so happy to be together. You can tell Shunji and Mokdan like each other. She explains that she hates Kangto because of what he did to her father. Kangto is on a final mission to capture Gaksital. He sends his troops, but the assassin is in the car and he readies a gun. Please go to part 3! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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