Baekhyun - Christmas Extravaganza

Large, pure white snow flakes ascended from the dimmed sky, a light breeze caused the snowflakes to swirl around outside. Flipping another page in your book, you lifted your legs to hang over the arm of your favorite sitting chair. Pulling the blanket up around you a little tighter, your fingers brushed over the soft fabric letting your eyes focus on the words.

Pages turned into chapters as the lights on the streets caught the snowflakes continually falling. Finishing your book, you closed the back cover and gently took out your phone feeling it vibrate a while ago. Opening the unread message, you smiled seeing who the message was from, your long time boyfriend, Baekhyun.

At the twinkling stars all night, we softly smiled

Under the tree, without anyone knowing

I hid my heart as you held my hand.

After going around the world a few times

I met you again

Only you held me so warmly

I miss you babe - B

A tinge of pain hit your heart as you read the poetic words. Bringing up the keyboard, your thumbs danced across the screen.

I miss you too… are you having fun on tour?

I would be having more fun if you were here with me… - B

His reply came instantly as you read over it with a smile on your face, knowing you missed him more than anything else at the moment. Getting your thumbs positioned to reply, his call lit up your phone as you smiled and answered the call.

“Hey” You smiled as you relaxed into your chair and closed your eyes, focusing on his voice.

“Hello sweetheart” His tone was sweet and charming

“What are you up to?” You questioned hearing the line get quiet between you two

“Just missing you…” Baekhyun’s tone was solemn and quiet as you felt your hear skip a beat.

“Me too, but I am missing you, not me” You clarified, earning a chuckle from your boyfriend on the other line.

The two of you talked for hours on end, exchanging stories and just enjoying each others company. Yawns started to slip from his mouth an yours as the two of you tried to stay awake, not wanting to say goodbye to each other.

“Jagi, there is one thing that I wanted to ask you” Baekhyun rubbed his eyes as he twirled the blanket fringe around his fingers.

“Ask away” You smiled as you relaxed against the chair, adjusting your position slightly.

“S.M. is holding a Christmas Party and I would love for you to accompany me” Baekhyun anxiously awaited your answer, knowing it would be a little bit of a shock.

“I would love to go, but… according to your schedule, you won’t be back in time…” You told him softly

“I’ll be there if you will be” He cooed sweetly hoping to sway you.

“Alright, cutie, I will be there” You smiled brightly, your thoughts wondering to the party and to see your boyfriend after several long months away from one another.

Time passed as the Christmas party was upon you, stepping into your dress and slipping on your heels, you worked on your hair trying to make everything as perfect as you could. Wrapping a diamond necklace that Baekhyun gave you around your neck, you carefully slipped on a Christmas charm bracelet around one of your wrists before you slipped on a beautiful coat and headed outside to meet the driver that Baekhyun had planned to take you to the party.

The driver was standing outside with the snowflakes falling all around, the rear door open for you.

“You look beautiful tonight Miss” He smiled and helped you into your seat as you smiled and thanked him quietly. He closed the door behind you before making his way to his seat behind the wheel. Expertly driving down the streets, he pulled in front of S.M.’s building, a footman opened your door with a smile playing on his lips while camera’s

flashed behind the velvet ropes.

Stepping out of the black car, you thanked the footmen as you gathered your dress in your hands and steadied yourself on your heels. Scaling the large S.M. Ent. building with your eyes, returning your eyes forward, an usher came up to you and offered you his arm. Taking it thankfully, the two of you walked into the large building, several men lined the doors, opening both when you walked by, giving you a bow as you passed through.

A feeling of royalty overwhelmed you as you moved through the halls with the usher. Leading you to the large ballroom where the party was being held, he carefully took your coat as you thanked him once more and slowly entered through the large glass doors.

Gold, red and green decorations were hung throughout the ballroom. A large Christmas tree was set up by the slightly lifted stage. Beautifully packaged presents sat underneath while the white lights in the tree gave off a hope filled light through the venue. Business men were sitting at the tables, beautiful lanterns sat in the center of each table on top of evergreen branches, snow sprayed pine cones were tastefully arranged with the holly berries as the candle gently flickered at each table.

Snowflakes hung down from the ceiling as soft white lanterns hung overhead. It was absolutely beautiful and nothing could have been more perfect in a winter wonderland.

Walking slowly around the perimeter, you stood next to large windows that scaled from the floor to ceiling. Your reflection caught in the panels of the window as you quickly gave yourself a once over. A beautiful crimson tulle strapless fit and flare gown with beautiful sequence was placed along the bodice and then faded down the skirt outlined your figure. Making you feel confident and beautiful, you brought your hands together, one of your hands playing with the Christmas charm bracelet that hung around your other wrist.

“You look very beautiful” A voice remarked, turning your head and your body slightly in the direction, you eyes laid on a sight for sore eyes.

Baekhyun, your long time boyfriend, stood there in a well fitted suit, a beautiful crimson red tie and a matching handkerchief expertly tucked into the suit pocket. A beautiful smile hung on his lips, his eyes slightly twinkling under the low lights as he took a step or two towards you.

“B-Baekhyun?” You stammered, being surprised to say the least.

“Yes Princess, it’s me” A soft nod of his head, you couldn’t contain yourself anymore as you turned and faced him, your arms opened at the same time as his did and the two of you stepped into each others’ embrace.

“I’ve missed you” You whispered against his shoulder as his arms just tightened around you.

“I’ve missed you more” Baekhyun whispered against your exposed skin, his fingers slowly spreading out along your back as his scent encased you happily, your eyes fluttering closed to feel his heartbeat surely against yours.

After a little while, you both pulled away from one another. His hands slowly sliding down your arms, his hands wrapping around yours.

“You look very handsome, Baek” You smiled, scanning over his outfit quickly.

“Thank you, I hoped you would like it” He chuckled with a smile, blush slowly coating his cheeks.

A soft melody slowly captured your attention and his as your heads turned to the dance floor. The familiar song that Baekhyun had sung time and time again began to play, The Winter’s Tale.

“Would you care to dance?” Baekhyun offered his hand to you, sliding your hand into his, your other hand gathered your dress a little and lifted it up slightly so that you could walk.

Finding a spot on the dance floor where the two of you could dance, he slid his hand around your waist while his other hand gently held yours. Your hand ran up along his shoulder as the soft lights hanging overhead caused your sequence to twinkle against his ebony suit.

Following his lead, the two of you gazed into each others eyes like star crossed lovers, bringing you closer to his body, you smiled as he released his hand from your waist. Taking the signal, you spun around with a smile curling on your lips. Your skirt filled out happily with the twirl while your hair slightly moved around your neck. Coming back into his hold, he danced a few extra steps before twirling you again.

Slowly, people began to clear the dance floor, allowing the two of you to have a solo and do a few more moves with the added space. Keeping your eyes locked on his, he continued to smile as you trusted and followed his every move. The chords began to slow as the song came to a close, he carefully dipped you, one of your feet came up and pointed setting a beautiful ending to a perfect dance.

The audience happily clapped as Baekhyun brought you back upright. His hand slowly slid into yours as the two of you took your bows, your eyes looking around at the audience, you saw his members of both the Korean line and the Mandarin line of EXO, several other S.M. Artists both solo and group along with the executives.

Another song started up as this was just a slow swaying dance, others slowly joined you on the dance floor as the two of you swayed to the music in each others arms.

“You are a beautiful dancer” He whispered with a smile, a twinkle playing in his eyes

“Only because I had a wonderful partner” You smiled, running your tongue over your glossed lips.

“What do you say we go outside and watch the snow a little?” Baekhyun offered as you nodded your head happily in agreement.

Lacing your hand with his, he brought you out to the balcony, looking over the beautiful city lights lining the horizon, the large, pure white snow flakes ascended from the dimmed sky, a light breeze caused the snowflakes to swirl around outside. Ice sickles hung from the iron railing catching little flickers of light that came from inside. Closing the door quietly behind the two of you, he snaked his arm around your waist and stood proudly by your side.

“This is so beautiful” You breathed, a little puff of air being seen in front of your lips

“Not as beautiful as you” He whispered, his eyes gazing at you as if you would disappear if he looked away. Turning your head slightly, your eyes locked with his as his eyes flickered down to your lips. Licking his slightly, he stepped closer to you, his gem eyes flickering under the light from inside as your hands slowly slid up his arms.

“I must be the luckiest man in the world” He whispered, his face inching closer to yours by the passing minute.

“Why would that be?” You whispered, your fingers brushing over the coat of his tux.

“When I laid eyes on you after months of being away from you on tour, there is no woman in the world that matched your beauty. No woman that made my heart leap with happiness and a calming, warm sensation yet fireworks and anxiety all mixed into one”

He explained, “I love you, with my whole heart _______”

Leaning in, he pressed his soft, warm lips softly against your cheek. Fluttering your eyes closed, you held your breath slightly feeling his lips touch yours once more. Pulling away a few seconds later, his eyes met yours once more.

A tinkling of a small bell caught your attention as the two of you tilted your chins upwards to see a mistletoe hanging overhead. Bringing your chins back down, you gently bit your lip, your heart beating faster in your chest knowing what that tradition held in store.

“I don’t think we should break the rules, especially on Christmas” Baekhyun smiled, referring to the mistletoe.

“I don’t think we should either” You smiled, shaking your head lightly from side to side.

Lifting one of his hands up, his fingers brushed across your cheek before cupping your cheek with his palm. Stepping towards one another, your eyes flickered down to his lips, his warm breath spilled over your lips causing your heart to skip a beat. Silky, soft lips gently pressed against yours, your hands gently gripping the fabric on his coat.

Moving his lips slightly to yours, you tilted your head to his as his hand gently slid along your jawline and cradled your head lovingly in yours. Fireworks were set off and sparking around you, love filling your thoughts, your heart matching the pace to his as the two of you kissed, the love flowed from his lips to yours as the feelings for him flowed from your lips to his causing him to hum softly against your lips.

Breaking for air, he rested his head against yours, his thumb brushing against your smooth skin as he lifted his lips to your forehead.

“Merry Christmas Baekhyun” You whispered, your eyes capturing his

“Merry Christmas _______” Baekhyun smiled softly, his arms wrapped around you as the two of you watched the snow fall as love warmed your hearts, happy and thankful to be back in his arms for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is you

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