Bridal Mask Episode 3 - Live recap - pt 4

Gaksital wants Kangto to release all prisoners. Kangto and the spy officer and assassin all meet where the doctor is. The doc is hanging from the roof about to fall with gaksital holding him. They release all the prisoners in exchange for the doctor. Gaksital starts to run away and the military and kangto are after him! The assassin almost shoots Kangto but gaksital snaps the weapon away. The assassin and gaksital fight. gaksital wins!! Kangto and Gaksital are face to face now. with a gun pointed at gaksital The assassin gets up before dying and throws a knife at Kangto. Gaksital takes the knife to the chest and Kangto shoots the assassin dead. Kangto asks why he would block the knife. This episode ends with Kangto attempting to unveil Gaksital's mask! --- Episode 4 Preview --- There is a female vigilante, AKA Mokdan. Then, KAngto realizes that hisbrother is bleeding, at the end, Kangto finds out that Gaksital was actually his brother. Kangto takes the Gaksital mask and starts to fight in it! THANK YOU everyone. Come back tomorrow for episode 4! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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