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Ch 8/?

The door closed and all hell broke loose. Yuki was crying which in turn caused Hyuk to begin crying. Honbing and Wonsik began to cry as well. It may as well have been a crying fest. Trying to calm down four little kids was not easy. It took Ken almost two hours to get everyone to calm down. Hyuk had worn himself out and fell asleep thankfully. He laid Hyuk in Hakyeon room to rest and quickly exited to take care of Yuki and the other two. 

“Appa!” Yuki sobbed as huge tears roll down her face.

“Hyung, Eomma!” Wonsik and Hongbin sobbed. 

“Aigoo!” Ken spoke as he picked Yuki up. She wasn’t happy but she wasn’t fighting him either. That was a good sign.

“Alright! Alright!” Ken spoke firmly trying to calm the other two down. “Hongbin-ah! Wonsik-ah!” 
The now two sniffling boys looked at him. Wonsik rubbed his nose on his pajama shirt. 

“There is no reason to cry. Your used to seeing your hyung leave for work and come back. Yuki isn’t.” 
This was true. Hongbin and Wonsik where both used to seeing their hyung leave for work. This was nothing new. Hongbin and Wonsik nodded. 

“Now Yuki, you’ve seen Hakyeon Oppa leave and come back from work right?” He asked the girl sitting on his lap. She gave a slight nod.

“Hakyeon will take good care of your, Appa okay?” He tried reasuring the girl. She had calmed down somewhat but still had tears. 
“I promise we will go and bring your Appa home from work later alright?” 
Yuki thought it over for a a little bit before nodding. It was only okay because Hakyeon was so nice. He would surely look after her Appa. Of course her Appa was the bravest person she knew!

“Why don’t we get everyone changed and play a game?” Ken sugegsted trying to keep everyones mind occupied. Hongbin and Wonsik seemed to perk up at the thought of a game. They scurried away to change real quick. Wonsik ended up with his shirt inside out while Hongbins shirt was on backwards. Ken was busy helping Yuki get dressed and use the bathroom. She had her yellow shirt and jean jumper on. After coming her hair Ken deemed it good enough.

“Hyung we got dressed!” Wonsik spoke proudly when Ken walked into the living room. 
“Yes you did.” Ken spoke trying not to laugh. The boy seemed so proud of himself. Hongbin as well. 

“You both did very well.” He praised causing the boys grins to widen. “Except the tag is supposed to go on the inside and Hongbin-ah, the buttons need to be in the front. But I am very proud of both of you for getting dressed so well by yourselves.” He praised.
The boys grinned and began to fix their shirts. Hongbin arms got trapped somehow and Wonsik head seemed to disappear.

“Hyung my arms are trapped!” Hongbin frowned in frustration. 

“Hyung I can’t see!” Wonsik spoke stumbling around a bit. He nearly toppled over if Ken hadn’t caught him. Yuki giggled at the two Oppas while Ken helped them.

“It’s not funny!” Hongbin pouted at her while Ken helped him fix his shirt.

“Funny.” Yuki spoke firmly still smiling. Once his shirt was fixed Hongbin crossed his arms still pouting. He wasn’t happy that Yuki had laughed at him. 

“Whoa!” Wonsik spoke as his head came free. “That was scary! I could have died!” He declared seriously. Ken nearly burst out laughing. 
“Wonsik-ah you did not nearly just die.” He told him still trying not to laugh or roll his eyes.

“Wonsik die?” Yuki questioned eyes suddenly wide. Tears began to appear once more. 
“No one is dying Yuki!” Ken quickly reassured her and patted her head. “See Wonsik-ah just got his head stuck. He is perfectly fine.”

Yuki still not happy walked over and hugged Wonsik. Wonsik didn’t understand but hugged the girl back as well. Not wanting to be left out Hongbin stopped pouting to join the hug. His weight caused the three youngsters to fall over and began giggling. Ken smiled at the scene. It looked like for now things where going to go smoothly. At least, that’s what he hoped for. 


Leo was nervous through the entire interview. He had to admit Eunkwang seemed very nice and tried to let him feel at ease. It wasn’t working but Leo really needed this job so his stress level was through the roof. After some questions it was obvious to Eunkwang that Leo had never had a job before. No experience whatsoever. However, neither did Hakyeon who was now one of his best employees. 

“Alright Leo I’ll start you out in the kitchen and clean up duties for now. Then next time around we’ll talk and see about moving you out to the front with Hakyeon. Sound fair?” He asked. Leo nodded giving a ghost of a smile. Eunkwang nodded and stood.

“Great. I’ll introduce you to the staff and get your started in the kitchen and show you what needs to be done out front.” 
Eunkwang introduced him to everyone. Leo ignored Hakyeon as he waved dramatically trying to get Leo's attention. Eunkwang led him to the kitchen. It was nothing huge but it wasn’t small either. He found he would be working with a boy called Lay who was newer as well. Leo tended to be awkward around new people but it wasn’t long before the two found fairly easy, conversation or comfortable silence. He found out Lay was from China and his real name was Zhang Yixing. He came over to try getting into the music industry over here but hadn’t succeeded yet. Leo conffessed that his real name was Taekwoon but preferred going by Leo.

“You got the job!” Hakyeon cheered throwing an arm around Leo’s shoulders. Leo just gave a slight scowl at Hakyeon’s loudness and tried to shrug out of the side hug. However Hakyeon was having none of that. He was stronger than he looked. 

“Hakyeon leave the poor boy alone. Your smothering him.” A new voice joined the group. The three turned to see another employee. Grabbing a fist full of Hakyeons collar the man pulled him effectively off of Leo. 

“I’m SungKyu one of the managers here. You must be the Leo that Hakyeon has gone on and on about when he isn’t serving customers.” SungKyu’s comment caused Leo to blush slightly. He had only met Hakyeon not two days ago? He wasn’t sure. Being sick didn’t help and the stress of trying to get a job. Leaving Yuki at home. It was not his week.

“Leo. Hello, Leo? Anyone home in there?” Hakyeon waved a hand in front of his face. Leo jerked back mentally shaking his head. 

“Ne?” HE asked. 

“I asked hows your day going but you were kind of spacey.” 

“Fine.” Leo responded with a shrug. It was just dishes and sweeping the floor. Nothing too difficult.

“Is that all you have to say?” Hakyeon asked placing his hands on his hips. Leo barely gave a nod. Hakyeon huffed before letting out a squeak. 

“YA! How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my ass!” Hakyeon swore trying to swat at Lay who had a not so guilty look on his face. 

“I can’t help you have a cute ass. I can’t help I’m an ass man.”

“Not for mine your not!” Hakyeon scolded covering his butt with his hands.

“Alright let’s get back to work you four.” SungKyu spoke interrupting the quarrel. “Leo if you need any help just give me a hollar. Oh and call me hyung.” 

“Ne Hyung.” Leo responded quietly. The rest of the shift went rather easy considering. Lay never tried to touch Leo’s ass, for which he was grateful. They where sweeping in the front when the door opened. 

“APPA!” A happy voice squealed. Leo turned and bent down picking Yuki up with a smile. A collective ‘aawws’ sounded throughout the entire place. Leo blushed but continued holding Yuki. After deeming the hug long enough she pulled away just enough to give him a big wet kiss on his cheek. Leo smiled and gave her a peck on her forehead.

The entire scene being watched by the remaining staff members. Lay, Hakyeon, SangKyu and Eunkawng. 

“Where you a good girl for Ken Oppa?” He asked worried that she had missed him. Yuki nodded smiling proudly. Leo looked at Ken giving him a quick look of threat that passed before anyone could notice. 

“It was a rocky start but once she calmed down things wen’t pretty smoothly. She’s pretty tired though. She never got a nap.” 

“Yuki you need to take naps to help you grow big and strong.” Leo gently chided. 

“I wanted to see Appa!” Yuki pouted slightly. “I been waiting for years!” She exclaimed causing everyone around them to laugh.

“It was only a few hours Yuki but Appa missed you too.” Leo gave her a soft look holding her close. It felt good to have her back in his arms.

“Hyung can we have a cookie?” Wonsik asked eyeing the clear bowl on the counter. 

“I want cookie!” Yuki spoke up looking at the cookies and back to her appa. 

“Cookie!” Hyuk repeated before nearly chanting it. He wrestled himself out of Kens arms and shakily wobbled over to the counter. He grunted and began to fuss when he realized the counter was too tall.

“Do you all want a cookie?” Eunkwang asked walking over to the counter. The four kids nodded eagerly. 

“Ah hyung that’s okay. They don’t need one.”

“Make Yuki feel better. Looonngg day.” She through her arms out but never took her eyes off the cookies. Eunkwang chuckled and retrieved four plates. Opening the jar he placed a cookie on each plate.

Hakyeon began but Eunkwang stopped him.

“Don’t worry about it.” Eunkwang waved Hakyeons concerns off. “Get them set up at a table and they can each have one.” 
Leo set them at a table that hadn’t been cleaned for the day but was clean enough. Lay and Eunkwang set the plates down for them. 

“Thank you!” They chorused and devoured the cookies. Yuki had chocolate around her mouth while Hongbin and Wonsik had messy hands. Hyuk had messy everything. He had insisted on eating on his own resulting in his now messy clothes, face and hands. He was happy though. 

The entire walk home Yuki held Leo’s hand. She refused to let go even when Wonsik, Hongbin and even Hyuk were little bundles of energy.

All smiles Yuki hopped up and down holding Leo’s hand. He smiled gently at Yuki. 

“Play ground! Play ground!” Hongbin and Wonsik chanted. 

“Play!” Hyuk clapped his hands. Ken had wanted to split the minute he saw Leo but knew that would be rude. He tried to convince the boy that he didn’t want to play but Hakyeon encouraged it giving them time to rest on the bench and let them get the sugar out of their systems. They climbed back onto the bus making sure the kids where between someone or on their laps. Getting off the bus the group walked the rest of the way to the play ground. All three men sat down with a sigh as the kids ran off to play. Hyuk waddling after them. Yuki had run ahead but turned back to help the boy.

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