Jay Controversies

I am posting this card to shed some light on Jay Park's controversies throughout his career.

Jay Park left 2PM Now we all know (or at least should know about) why Jay Park left 2PM and he was under a lot of criticism at such a young age for a mistake that he made about 4 yrs earlier. If you don't know let me give you the rundown: So Jay made some comments in 2005 before he debuted that spoke badly about Korea. This is what he said, "I wanna come back but iono sh*t", "Korea is gay.....I hate Koreans", "yea man Korea is whack". No these are obviously horrible things to say about your own culture but in his defense he was a young and reckless teenager alone in a foreign country, not knowing how to speak the language or having anyone to look out for him. But all the defense aside that was pretty reckless and stupid of him to say especially if he wanted to make a name for himself in the Korean music industry (seeing as how he is there now) and not in America where he was born and grew up. But this has also helped him to grow. Besides you can't grow without mistakes.

Jay Park vs. JYP Lmao, like really people? No one is gonna admit that JYP is really throwing shade at Jay and not letting him air especially when his former members 2PM are gonna air but I'm not saying nothing...... All that aside watch the video see for yourself if you think he is throwing shade at JYP for how he is being treated.

Jay Park x Stefanie Michova I really don't understand how people even made this connection from 2nd Thots. Like seriously how was this even plausible in their minds???? But after seeing some of the back story I really want to look into this....

'You Know' is definitely a 19+ mv no questions there lol

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