Guitar-Playing Girl Idols I LOVE


Kpop idols are incredibly talented, but these girls on the guitar blooooow me away!

I've always wanted to learn guitar but have put it off (I used to be able to play, like, one Beatles song) but these girls seriously inspire me to get my butt into gear and learn! So jelly of their skillz >.<


We see it in their new MV for Stay, but she's been known to play guitar since before debut! She was involved in her church choir in Australia and played there :)

Wendy - Red Velvet

Here's a compilation of her playing guitar! Wendy actually had a YouTube channel where she uploaded covers pre-debut but she took it down when she entered SM :(

Hani - EXID

Yes, there truly is nothing Hani can't do. Here she is playing Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. Be Careful! If you aren't already in love with her, you will be now!


IU is just so charming, I can't get over her. I love her guitar playing and can't wait to hear more ;3

Bonus: This is E-Young from After School and she RIPS IT UP.


Who am I missing?!

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