The Day Walker

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Chapter 6

When the camera was set up and running the guys started their practice. Nara didn't have much to do after that except to sit back and enjoy the show. She noticed Jackson was doing his movements a little too sexy and every once in a while he kept stealing a glance from her. Nara thought if the idol life didn't pan out Jackson could always fall back into stripping. God help her she would be the first one in line to get in to watch the show. Unfortunately, Jackson's sexy dance soon came to an end when JB noticed what Jackson was doing, "Yah! What are you doing? Just where do you think we're performing?" He asked making every one else laugh. "What?" Jackson asked feigning ignorance. "This isn't "Magic Mike" please do it right" JB said half laughing. Unfortunately, that comment only encouraged Jackson who proceeded to lift half his shirt and contort his body in a sexy way while biting his lower lip, "No this is "Magic Jackson"," he said while trying to dance sexy for JB. This made every one laugh out loud including Nara. The door suddenly opened up drawing everybody's attention. "Nara?" said the man at the door while looking around. Nara got up with surprise on her face, "Oppa? What are you doing here?" She said while walking to the door. "How did you get in here?" Asked an stoic Jackson. "This is a friend of mine, I let the guys at the front know that he was coming to pick me up," Nara explained. "Nuna, is he your boyfriend?" Jinyoung asked suddenly. Jackson elbowed him a little too hard in the stomach, "she just said he was her friend!" "Sorry" Jinyoung apologized while holding his stomach. "Yes. I've been a friend of Nara for a long time" he said smiling while looking at her. "Everyone, this is Yoo Hyun. Yoo Hyun this is GOT7" Nara said introducing him. "Annyonghasejo" they all said in unison. "I'm sorry to interrupt your practice. I didn't mean to" Yoo Hyun said apologizing. "Yes. I was supposed to meet you outside, what happened?" Nara asked. "Well, there were a lot screaming girls out there and I panicked" Yoo Hyun said laughing, "I don't know how you guys do it." "They won't hurt you. All you have to do is treat them right" said Jackson with a smirk on his face. "Is that so?" Yoo Hyun asked "Jackson, right?" He said while looking at Jackson. "Yes" Jackson answered. "I'm a big fan" Yoo Hyun said while looking at him up and down. Jackson didn't like how this guy was looking at him. He was looking at him as if he a was a specimen that belong in a laboratory. He made Jackson get goosebumps all over his body. "Oppa, why don't we go talk outside?" Nara said taking Yoo Hyun's hand and dragging him with her, hearing the teasing cheers as she left the room. "Stop it!" Said an irritated Jackson stunning everyone in surprise, "Let's go back to practice so we can get out of here!"

"What are you doing here?" Nara asked Yoo Hyun a little upset, "I told you, I would come to meet you." "I'm sorry darling" Yoo Hyun said in a condescending manner, "you left me no choice," he said putting both hands on the pockets of his jeans. "I do say he looks quite normal" he said facing her, "if I didn't know what he really is, I wouldn't have guessed there's something odd about him." "Plus, he is quite charming. I can see what you like him so much," he said looking at her in a mocking way. "Just what are you implying?" Nara said curling her hands into fists and moving forward to face Yoo Hyun. "Now, now, calm down, darling," Yoo Hyun said raising his hands and stepping backwards in defeat, "I was just joking." "Yes, I've always known how you like to joke" Nara said mocking him and giving him a warning look. "Well, you look fantastic!" Yoo Hyun said looking at Nara in an approving manner, "I see life has been treating you good." "Am I gonna hear what's your business here any time soon or do I have to keep listening to you rambling?" Nara asked disgusted. "You don't like to waste time do you?" Yoo Hyun said stroking his chin, "Very well, I am here to inform you that the counsil will take a final vote on what to do with your pet over there." Yoo Hyun said triumphantly. "What!?" Nara said perplexed. "Yes. Apparently, he is a ticking time bomb that needs to be handled before it goes "boom"," he said emphasizing the last word. "But he's not a threat! All this time he hasn't caused any trouble nor has he hurt anyone!" Nara said enraged. Yoo Hyun scoffed, "you don't have to convince me," he said walking up and down, "the council is taking a final vote by the end of next month. You are invited to attend and give your argument," he said smiling, "...but that is merely a courtesy, they've pretty much made up their minds." "Damn it!" Nara exhaled under her breath feeling the blood on her veins boiling.

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