Groups That Need More Recognition: Where Are They Now?

Hey we're back with another where are they now!



Latest Comeback:

Trick or Treat (10.31.2016)

Can you recognize her from her previous card?

To check out her card click here.


Beat Win

Latest Comeback:

Broken (10.27.2016)

Can you recognize Beatwin from their previous card?

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To check out Beat Win's last Comeback click here.


High4:20 (Alex and Youngjun)

Latest Comeback:

Weekend (10.24.2016) (this is off their unit debut album)

Can you recognize Alex and Youngjun from High4's previous card?

To check out High4's card click here.

To check out High4's last Comeback click here.

Also I have went back and edited both 24K's and Topp Dogg's cards because of new members and member's leaving. To check them out click here for 24K and here for Topp Dogg.


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GNMR Staff:




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