Chunji - The Girls

Every time you walked there was this shooting pain in your side, your head felt like it was in a vice and your arm hurt you so much. You walked your way home after a long day of school, tears pooled in your eyes as you thought about the lonely apartment that you would be heading home to, but that didn’t seem as worse as what happened to you today. You pushed the key into the lock as the stale smell of your apartment welcomed you home as the darkness enveloped you as you entered into the quite space. You felt hopeless, lost and unloved. You placed your backpack next to your bed as you turned on your computer.

Walking into the bathroom you tried to brace yourself for what you were about to see. You gripped the sides of the counter as you opened your eyes slowly and brought your head up to see yourself in the mirror. You sighed heavily as you saw the dried blood dripping down from your ear, nose and corner of your mouth. Your hands were covered in the dried blood from the incident that happened earlier today. You heard the door open and close as your boyfriend happily sung to his latest song as the light guided him into the bathroom where you were. You ran out of the bathroom and threw yourself on your bed so that he wouldn’t notice.

“Jagi?” He stood at the door as you stuffed your face into the pillow. He smiled to himself as he walked by you and sat on the bed placing his hand on your back, moving it gently. You cringed at the pain as he moved to your hip. You moved away from him still trying to hide your face.

“Are you ok?” You nodded in the pillow as he tried to get a good look at your face, “What’s wrong? Do you want me to go make you some food?” You nodded as you figured a plan to get him out of your room so that you could change and try and hide your battle wounds.

“Ok then, I will go make you some Ramen” He said as he kissed your head as his presence left you. Tears fell from your eyes as you stumbled back to the bathroom. You pulled off your school uniform as you slipped into the warm shower that you made yourself. The warm water moved along you, relaxing you, diffusing all of the pain and sorrow from you. There were two knocks on your door and some muffled talking, that you figured would be for your food. You got dressed in long pants, long sleeved shirt and a hat that could cover your black eye. You walked out of the bathroom as you covered yourself with your arms even though you were fully clothed. You sat down on the couch as Chunji came over to you with a nice bowl of warm Ramen. You folded your legs underneath you as you began to indulge in the warm noodles. Your sleeve ran down your arm as scrapes and bruises were visible. Chunji looked at your arm confused as you continued eating.

“Jagi, where did you get these from?” You knew you had been caught; you looked down at his fingers that traced your bruises as you sighed. “Why are you wearing such warm clothes in spring?” Chunji asked again. Your eyes didn’t move as he looked at the baseball cap on your head, his fingers moved your chin up as you closed your eyes. He looked upon his girlfriend as he saw her black eye; he removed the cap to see if it wasn’t a shadow. That opened up new questions that bubbled around in his head.

“I-I will go change then” You set the bowl on the ground as you limped into your bedroom, balancing your weight on the wall.

He followed you as you changed into some shorts and a t shirt. You limped out of the closet as you held onto the doorframe cocking your injured leg up. “Happy?” You said angrily as you saw him at the doorway. You walked to your bed as you lay down,

shutting everything out.

“What happened?” Chunji asked in a sweet voice as he walked into the bathroom and grabbed some supplies.

“You know how girls are” You started as he worked on your arms, he nodded asking you to explain, “Well I was in homeroom today and there were these girls in my class, obsessed with Teen Top” Chunji smiled as his group was being brought up, “Well they looked over at me and they opened their magazine and it showed an article with you saying that you had a girlfriend. I know we talked about it and I was fine with it but now…” You fell back exposing your badly bruised hip; you covered your face with your hands. You felt the cool ointment being put on your exposed hip and he gently lifted your shirt to get all of the bruised areas.

“They attacked me; they told me that I wasn’t good enough for you. You were too special to have an ordinary girl like me as your girlfriend. I was on the ground; they kicked me and punched me. They said that if they couldn’t have you that they would kill me.” Your body began to shake as Chunji moved to the bed alongside you; he held your head in his arms against his chest as he rocked you slowly back and forth. After he had you calmed down and taken care of he slipped you into bed and told you that he would take care of it.


Your hair cascaded along your scalp as you enclosed yourself with your hair. You sat in the corner of the room by the window as the teacher appeared. She gave instructions and let you work for the rest of the time. The room went silent as a visitor came into the room, your head rose slowly as the girls whispered to each other. He bowed to the teacher and walked over; he found an empty desk and slid it next to you. He threaded his fingers through yours as you smiled at him.

“Why are you here?” You looked at the girls that beat you up the other day

“I am here to protect you, I can’t have fans beating you up now can I?” He smiled and bit his lip as you smiled back at him for his sweet actions. He stood up from his seat and walked to the front of the class.

“Annyeong! I am here today because of some of your actions towards my girlfriend the other day. You beat her poor body to where she could even walk; you crushed her soul and made her heart break. I am not pleased with your actions. I will be guarding her from now on, if you were true fans you would applaud her and be her friend, but you did the opposite. I am dishonored to call some of you my fans” He walked back and sat next to you.

“I don’t think that they will be bothering you now, if they do then I will have to teach them a thing or two about manners.” He watched you closely as you got back to your schoolwork. Happy as ever to be by your side, knowing that you will always be safe with him next to you.

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