Chunji - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Lifting his backpack up onto his shoulder, Chunji walked down the street as his thoughts weighed him down. His heart kept the beat to his music that played in his ear. Taking in several deep breaths, he looked up at the blue sky, reminding him, yet again of you. With his thoughts occupying his attention, you happily skipped up to his side as you linked your arm with his as his hand rested in his pocket. “Annyeong Chunji~” You cooed with a bright smile on your face. He was always the brightest part of your day. “Ah… oh… hey _____-ssi~” He stuttered at first then gave you a welcoming smile. “It is a perfect day isn’t it?” You commented as you released your arms from him as you let your arms swing by your sides. “It is.” He turned and looked at you with a bright smile, as all of his previous thoughts an worries seemed to melt when your eyes met with his. “Too perfect.” The walk to school seemed to feel shorter and shorter. Yet it stayed the same distance. It was obvious that you and Chunji were friends. He always made you laugh and smile at every chance that he could. Chunji wanted to make you happy, for that is when he thought that his heart would burst. “______-ah! Chanhee!” A random girl, Daehoo called as you both looked over at her, she waved as Chunji politely waved back as you bowed slightly to her. She was quite a popular girl, who would always hung around Chunji. It would be a lie if you weren’t a little worried about Chunji and her, but you trusted Chunji, more than you knew you should. Daehoo, trotted up to Chunji’s side as she linked arms with him. Her head tilted upwards as she walked on her toes and whispered in his ear with her hand covering her message from the outside world. “I’ll see you in class Chunji.” You excused yourself, with a sad and disappointed tone that hung on your words, as you turned and began your different route to your class. Chunji watched you sadly as you walked away from him. Sighing deeply, Daehoo took Chunji’s hand out of his pocket before trying to slide her hand into his. “I have to go, I will see you later.” Chunji said as he put his hand back into his pocket as she nodded happily. “See you later!” She called before joining with her group again, bragging about the few seconds she had with Chunji. Chunji had his eye on you as you pulled your earphones over your ears. Plugging in your music, you blocked out the world as you walked casually to your class. Taking your seat, you pulled out your books as your head slightly bopped to the beat of your music. Folding your legs under the table, you tried to block out the image of Daehoo but it seemed to reoccur when you thought of Chunji. – Finally catching up to you, Chunji looked through the windows to the classroom as his eyes rested upon your figure. Biting his lip carefully, he rolled his eyes to advert them from you and your sad looking figure. “If only you knew.” Chunji whispered to himself before heading to his own class, with your lonely figure hanging in his head. – Throughout the next class, Chunji couldn’t stop thinking of you, sketching you in the margins of his papers, he tapped the butt of his pen on his lips as he thought about you. “If only I could make it up to you.” He drew your eyes, so soft and kind. Drawing your hair next, he carefully thought of what he could do to make it up to you for all of the mistakes that he has made. By the end of class, he had a perfectly flawless plan that would be more than enough to get you back. As soon as the bell rang for everyone to change classes, he ran down the hall to the main office. A girl sat at the window to the intercom as she blew bubbles in her gum as she worked hard on homework. Chunji reached the window as he saw her there. Thinking on his feet, he knocked on the glass as she slid open the window as Chunji turned on his charm. “How is your gum?” He asked with his charming smile as she blew another bubble trying to stop her giggling. Chunji’s eyes got wide as the bubble grew larger with each second. Leaning to the bubble he popped it with his teeth as the young woman looked at him with an obvious blush coating her cheeks. “Can I ask you for a favor jagi?” He flashed his comic smile with a little flirting at her as she, too flustered to speak, nodded slowly. “Can I please make an announcement.” She got up and opened the door for him as he slipped inside. – The bell for the next class rang as you sat in your next class, flipping open your notebook, you read your conversations that you had with Chunji. Lifting your eyes from the paper, you looked at the empty seat next to you as he was supposed to be there. Taking in a deep breath, you focused on your schoolwork for a few minutes before the crackling of the intercom caught your attention. “Annyeong students! This is Lee Chanhee.” He paused as the girls around you squealed and whispered how cute he was as you just smirked at their behavior. “We have an assembly today in the auditorium and I would like to make sure that all of the students are there. Please attend, this is one event that you wouldn’t want to miss.” The girls nodded to Chunji’s invitation as you smiled happily, knowing that you wouldn’t miss it for the world. – Two hours later, everyone filed down to the auditorium as they all found seats by their friends. You sat in the back of the first part of the auditorium as you saved a seat for Chunji. The students talked which caused the place to roar with rumors as the girls checked their makeup and talked about boys. A song came over the loud speakers as you smiled, knowing exactly what song it was by the first few seconds, Clap Clap by Teen Top. With the prerecorded song, a single guy came out from the curtains as the house lights dimmed and spotlights were shown on him. He danced a solo on stage as the crowd soon got into it. Some brave souls joined him on stage, since they knew the dance. By the end of the song, you too were clapping along with a smile on your face as the student body rose to their feet and clapped for all of the dancers. The guy grabbed a microphone and began to catch his breath. “Thank you all for joining me.” It was Chunji, he was on the stage, he performed the song. He panted sort of hard as he looked out into the sea of faces. “There is something that I need to tell one special girl.” He waited til everyone was dead silent before continuing. “There is this one girl, she makes me go Crazy. She is Miss Right, To You, I Wanna Love you. Please Be Ma Girl.” Chunji looked out to the sea of faces, unable to pick you out. “Meet me by the Stone Tree when the bell rings at the end of the day. I like you, I just wanted to confess on this beautiful day.” Chunji bowed to the student body as he blew a kiss, hoping that you would come and find him. Leaving the stage, all of the students left for their last class. – Six hours later, school was finally over. Gathering your things, you lifted your backpack on your shoulder as you headed out to the Stone Tree. Walking out of the gates of the school, you peeked your head around the corner. The Stone Tree was in sight, the tree simply got its name from all of the carvings in it’s bark and through all of the wind storms, it still stood tall and proud; shading all that sat underneath from the harsh elements. Chunji walked to the tree as he set his bag down at the trunk of the tree as he ran his fingers through his hair as his lungs filled with the clean fresh air. You watched him as a smile crept onto your face, taking a few steps from the wall, another girl called his name as he turned around to look at her. “I’m here, Chanhee~” She called. “Ah Daehoo. I-I wasn’t expecting you.” Chunji began to panic as this isn’t the girl that he was hoping to see. “Those were nice things that you said up on stage.” She said as she swayed from side to side as she inched closer to Chunji as he stood his ground. “Hmmmm… yeah.” Chunji said quietly as his eyes widened as she got closer to him. “I like you a lot.” She said as she wrapped her arms around him tightly as you leaned against the wall, not wanting to see what happened next. Chunji struggled to be free under her arms that were wrapped tightly around him. The clicks of your shoes against the pavement rung in Chunji’s ears as he quickly pushed Daehoo against the tree as he ran after you. – After some time, Chunji found himself in the park, looking around every which way, trying to find you. A slight whimper caught his attention as he spun around to look at the lapping water from the river. You sat on the edge with your legs handing off the edge. “_______ah~” Chunji’s heart sank as he saw your shoulder heave with your tears, walking up to you, he took a seat next to you as you moved away from him. “Hey can we talk?” He asked as he looked over at you as you turned your head away so he couldn’t see your tears. “Why don’t you go talk to your new girlfriend, Daehoo.” You said in your broken voice as you wiped away your tears with your hand. “The message was for you, it wasn’t for her. She thought is was since she has a crush on me. My heart belongs to you.” Chunji tired to look in your eyes again as you moved away from him. “Let me try and explain it a different way.” Chunji stood up and walked to the grass as he pulled a daisy from it’s roots and held it in his hand. Walking back to you, he sat closer to you. “Do the love game.” He handed the flower to you. “What’s the love game?” You looked at him with tears still running down your face. “He loves me, he loves me not… you know?” He asked with a slight smile as you blushed and bit your lip. Letting your fingers feel the pedals, you plucked on off. “He loves me.” You smiled at the small gesture as you let it fall to the water below your feet. Picking off another, you pouted. “He loves me, not.” You let another pedal fall from your fingers as there were three pedals left. “He loves me.” Another pedal in the water, floating with the current. “He loves me, not.” Looking at the last pedal, you looked at Chunji. “He loves you.” He plucked it off and let it fall as he placed his hands over yours. “Really?” You said with a shy voice as he nodded. “You’re my one and only girl, the one that my heart beats for, the last pedal that I live for. I couldn’t ask for such a beautiful girl to call mine.” He kissed your hand softly as he looks you in the eyes. “Will you return my love?” Nodding your head softly, your eyes began to fill with happy tears as he wrapped you in a hug. “Thank you, sweetheart.” He whispered in your ear as he let out a deep breath, out of relief. Holding his beautiful flower between his arms.

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