We can’t~ Chapter 2

Genre: Angst, (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Length: 4987 words

Part: 2/?

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! I have no time to do anything! Uni, new job, assignments, tests. It's been crazy! I realise this update isn't really worth the wait, but this fic will get angstier!

“Y/n, are you still asleep?!”, you mother’s shrill voice startled you awake, and you glanced at the clock, eyes widening. It was almost midday. You jolted upright, sheets falling off you when she tried the door handle but remembered that Yoongi locked it.

Wait a minute...Yoongi...

“Mum I’m awake!”, you called.

“Do you know if your brother came home last night?”

“Step-brother”, you corrected her groggily, as if it was second nature. You glanced at the boy sleeping beside you for the first time, and your breath hitched. Even asleep he looked amazing. “And no, I don’t, sorry. I think he said something about staying at a friends”, you lied, hoping she’d drop it.

“Alright...”, your mum sounded dubious. Yoongi wasn’t at the kind of age to have a sleepover, unless he was out doing something. Or rather, someone. Which is what your mother must have thought too. You heard her footsteps getting quieter and quieter, and when she was out of earshot, you let out a sigh of relief.

“Good girls don’t lie”, Yoongi mumbled next to you, making you jump. His eyes were closed still, but he had a small smile on his face. His morning voice sent tingles down your spine.

“Yeah? Well good girls don’t fuck their step brothers either!”, you hissed, just loud enough for him to hear. What had the two of you actually done? You had crossed an uncrossable line, and you didn’t know where that left you. There was also the small matter of your boyfriend- or rather ex-boyfriend, although he didn’t know it yet.

You realised you were bare from the waist up, and hastily reached for the sheets to cover yourself. You had a bad feeling that once Yoongi was fully awake, he wold regret what had happened last night. You couldn’t live with that...maybe you could move out?

“What are you hiding? It’s nothing I haven't seen”, he hummed sleepily, although this time his eyes were on you.

You ignored his question, and just stared back at him, not really wanting to leave your bed. Especially with him still in the room. “You need to get up”, you whispered, moving his hair out of his eyes. “Mum’s wondering where you are.”

“Don’t tell me what to do”, he playfully grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers in his. You smiled, realising he didn’t regret it. “Fine, do what you want. I’m having a shower”, you huffed, getting out of bed, and heading for your bathroom before you had time to be self conscious.

You didn’t lock the bathroom door, seeing as Yoongi wasn’t going anywhere and your bedroom was locked already. You brushed your teeth and headed straight for the shower, craving that lovely clean feeling.

You let out a small content sigh as the warm water made contact with your skin. It was soothing and just what you needed. You reached up for the shampoo, and almost screamed when a hand that wasn’t yours beat you to it.

You turned around, your face almost colliding with Yoongi’s body. “What the fuck are you doing in here?”, you gasped, trying to cover yourself and miserably failing.

“Did you really think walking around naked in front of me was a good idea?”, he retorted, pouring some of the shampoo out before placing it back in the rack.

“What the fuck else was I gonna do-”, you stopped talking when Yoongi took it upon himself to lather, gently massaging your scalp. It felt like heaven. His nimble fingers worked away at your scalp and you quietly groaned.


He pushed you back gently, under the water, to wash your hair, then pulled you back towards him, his face close to yours. His breath smelled minty, and you frowned.

“Did you leave my room to go freshen up?”

He shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips.

“But...you’ve brushed your teeth?”

“I just used your toothbrush”, he mumbled, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close. You grimaced at the thought, and he grinned. You just about heard him over the sound of the water. “You weren’t complaining when my tongue was in your mouth.”

You shivered at his words. “That’s because I couldn’t talk with your tongue in my mouth”, you joked, even though your heart was pounding as he edged closer. This was so bad- your parents were awake this time.

“Yoongi”, you mumbled when his face was barely a centimetre away from yours.

He let out a satisfactory hum. “I love you saying my name like that.”

Just as his lips brushed yours, you heard your mother’s distant voice call your name once more. “Y/n? Sweetie, Jungkook’s here!” The two of you froze.

“Coming!”, you replied after a pause. “I’m in the shower!”

Yoongi leaned in, pressing you against the cold tiled wall. “Are you gonna break it off?”

“Yes”. was your simple response. It would hurt, yes. But Jungkook had been unfaithful. And you couldn’t be with him after what you and Yoongi had done- that wasn’t fair.

“That’s what I like to hear”, he murmured. He reluctantly let go of you, so you could get out of there and get dressed. Just as he turned the shower off, you whispered, “Make sure no one sees you leaving my room.”

Pulling on the first few items of clothing you saw, you practically ran downstairs. You were dreading this, but at the same time wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Jungkook was stood- almost apprehensively- in the middle of the living room, your mother and step father nowhere to be seen. You shut the door softly behind you, the quiet ‘click’ getting his attention.

“Hey”, he greeted you quietly, not moving from where he was stood. Then the two of you side, at the same time, “We need to talk.”

“You first”, you muttered, looking away. Just being in the same room as him made your chest tighten- all you could see was him with that girl.

"Y/n...”, he whispered your name, then trailed off, making you involuntary look up at him. His dark eyes were drinking you up as you stood there timidly, waiting for him to speak. Before you could press him to say whatever the hell he wanted to say, he strode towards you and grabbed your arm, pulling you in for a bruising kiss.

He walked you backwards until your back hit the very door you’d come in from, not that you were bothered. It took you a few moments to come to your senses, and you placed your hand on his chest to stop him.

He immediately stopped and placed his hands either side of your head, the two of you breathlessly staring at each other. “What was that for?”, you breathed.

“That was...an apology”, he replied, casting his eyes down. “Y/n...”, he sighed heavily, repeating your name. “Shit, I don’t even know how to tell you...I fucked up.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed apprehensively.

Your senses were overwhelmed. The proximity, the scent of his cologne, the way he was almost touching you, but wasn’t. Your eyes widened as you realised he what he was doing- he was trying to own up for cheating on you.

Your breathing became somewhat erratic, unbeknown to Jungkook, who was still evidently trying to think of a way to tell you. You decided to put him out of his misery.

“Jungkook”, you inhaled sharply. “I know...I already know.”

He looked down at you in utter shock. “H-how?”

“I saw you and...her. Yesterday night”, you replied, closing your eyes to block out his stricken expression.

“Oh my God. Baby, please, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have...I shouldn’t have done it. It was a stupid mistake y/n, that’s all. I...fuck. I told her I never want to see her again this morning. I took you for granted baby, I’m sorry-”

You placed a finger on his lips to stop him from talking. “Thank you. You came here to come clean, and that means a lot.” You were being serious- you couldn’t think of anyone else who would do that- only Jungkook.

As his frame completely enveloped you against the door, you thought long and hard. You could hear your mother and step-father’s muffled voices in the kitchen. And then you heard Yoongi. It sounded like they were telling him off- seeing as they thought he hadn't come home last night.

“But...you clearly decided at some point that I wasn’t enough”, you continued, trying to keep your voice steady. Jungkook removed his hands from the wall to subsequently cup your face.

“No y/n please. Please.”

That was all he could say, the silent plea being relayed by his teary eyes. Your mind flashed back to when Yoongi told you about Jungkook’s regular hook-ups. You were stumped.

“Jungkook”, you uttered as his lips brushed yours. It was hard to stay in control of the situation, it really was. “I need time”, you muttered as his thumb stroked your cheek.

“Of course”, he murmured in response. He sounded almost relieved that you were at least going to consider. “I love you.”

You looked into his eyes, and saw nothing but sincerity. He was the one who made the mistake, so why were you the one who felt like shit?

Well...you knew why.

You cleared your throat, pulling away from his touch. “Please don’t.” He looked hurt, but nodded in understanding. “OK. I’ll respect what you want y/n. And I’m sorry.” With one last lingering look, he moved to grab the door handle, and you stepped out of his way to let him pass.

“I’ll see you later?”, he asked apprehensively.

“See you later”, you offered him a ghost of a smile, exhaling in relief when he left the room. As soon as you heard the front door shut, you left the room. You walked swiftly into the kitchen, ignoring the three people staring at you- especially Yoongi- grabbed a few snacks, and made a beeline for your room. You were in no mood to eat with everyone, but having missed breakfast, you were quite hungry.

Shutting your door, you let out a silent sob, the emotions hitting you like a brick wall. What the hell had just happened? That break up hadn't exactly gone to plan. It had left you confused, and feeling guilty. Sure Jungkook had cheated, but hadn’t you done the same thing?

You knew your intentions of breaking up with him last night when you and Yoongi...and now you hadn’t pulled through. And what about Yoongi? You would be sure to avoid him for the rest of today. Or forever, if you could.

“Oh my God”, you whispered, sitting at your desk and covering your face with your hands. You had nothing to do in your room except for some notes for class, so you reluctantly got to work- anything to take your mind off Jungkook. And Yoongi.

But you were too distracted. Only an hour in, and having attempted the same question six times, you were frustrated. “Shit!”, you cursed, throwing the pencil down.

“What’s wrong?”

The oh so familiar voice made you freeze. Hadn’t you locked your door? Crap. You didn’t turn around- you couldn’t face him. “What do you mean?”

“Oh come off it”, he drawled. “You’re mad.”

“I’m just getting annoyed because I keep making mistakes”, you huffed, your back still to him.

“That’s not all. I’m guessing he didn’t take it well?”

This guy. “That is all.”

“What did he say to you?”

You ignored him, looking back down at the stupid problem you were struggling to do. “Y/n, I’m talking to you.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yoongi, I’m busy, OK?”, you replied, completely ignoring the question.

“I’m asking you something .What the hell did he say?”

You swiftly stood up, turning to face him, determined not to cry. “He admitted he did it before I could break it off.”

His face fell. “You didn’t do it, did you? You didn’t fucking do it.” His soft tone put you on edge.

“How could I? After what I did?” Yoongi didn’t hesitate to shut your bedroom door behind him the minute you started hinting at last night. “What if he...found out? Oh my God. You told me about him. What if you told him about me?” Maybe the paranoia was getting to you, but hey, you never know.

“You know I wouldn’t fucking do that.”

Your shoulders heaved as even breathing became laborious. “Yoongi, please go. I’ve got a lot to do and I can’t even think straight right now.”

“Sure. Once you drop the attitude.”

You raised a brow. “Excuse me?”

“Did I stutter?”, he replied. You knew this wasn’t friendly banter. He was mad. You were mad. This was very real.

“I don’t know. I stopped listening.”

He suddenly strode to you, and for a second, you thought he was going to hit you. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I think I’m someone who hasn’t got time for this right now Yoongi.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“What, Yoongi? Well what the hell else am I supposed to call you?”

“I’m Korean. Be polite and used the right fucking mannerisms.”

You laughed, although there was no amusement in it. “That hasn’t been a problem before.”

“OK”, Yoongi growled, squaring up to you. You had to admit, it was pretty intimidating. “Know your fucking place.”

You scoffed, stepping back slightly. “You know what, I was starting to think you were alright.”

“And I was starting to think you weren’t such an annoying brat!”

“We made a mistake!”, you blurted out before you could stop yourself. There was a pause. Both of you glared at each other, shoulders heaving from shouting so much.

“How dare you”, he said softly. Dangerously. “How dare you? A fucking mistake?”

You couldn’t look at him anymore. You looked behind, getting your phone and tried to get to your door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”


“No.” He tried to grab your wrist, but you pulled it away.

“Don’t touch me, Oppa”, you replied, pushing past him. Just before leaving him there, you turned one final time. “You’re an ass. And you can go kiss mine.” You slammed the door shut behind you, your blood boiling. You had had enough.You were going to go out for a walk to calm yourself down.

Yoongi couldn’t do anything at this point- he was just as wary of your parents presence as you were. As you unlocked the front door, your mother emerged from the kitchen. “Y/n, honey? Are you OK? You haven’t even eaten, and ever since Jungkook left, I haven’t seen you. And I just heard shouting.”

You forced a smile. “Everything's fine mum. I have a lot to do.” You motioned to the door. “I was heading out for a walk. Need a break. I’ll grab some food too.” She just nodded and went back to the kitchen.

Ever since you had gotten older, the independence and freedom she gave you was astounding. But you knew she still felt guilty about the divorce, and so you got free reign most of the time. You walked out, the cool breeze instantly calming you, unaware that your step-brother was watching you from the window.

You lost track of time. As promised, you bought some food, wandered about aimlessly in the nearby park, not wanting to go home yet. All the hard work that had gone into calming yourself down would be ruined the moment you saw him.

When it was started to get dark, your mother’s call interrupted our thoughts. You answered with a sigh, knowing she would ask you to come back.

“Hello? Mum, I’ll be heading back soon, I’m jus-”


You stopped. That most definitely wasn’t your mum’s voice.

“What the hell do you want?”, you asked, annoyed immediately, although remembering to keep your voice down as you were out in public. Fragments of your argument came rushing back to you and your brows furrowed.

“Come back.”

You didn’t respond, although you could hear the sound of his steady breathing- and the television in the background “Look, I went too far”, he pressed on. “I’m sorry.”

You acknowledged his words. But you were stubborn. And you were also in a bad mood, because of the whole Jungkook situation.

“Why do you have mum’s phone?”,you asked in a disapproving tone.

“How else would you have answered me?”

You were silent. He was right of course. You were hell-bent on ignoring him, and he knew that. You both stayed on the line, although saying nothing.

“Do you forgive me?”, he said after a while. You could listen to that voice all day. You found yourself saying “Yeah”, somewhat reluctantly. And you were even more hesitant to add, “I’m sorry too.”

You hung up then, turning around to make your way back. You couldn’t help but think that was the second time in one day, you had been a pushover. First with Jungkook, then with Yoongi. Your questionable boyfriend and your somewhat possessive step-brother.

As you let yourself in, you were surprised to find Yoongi sat on the stairs, waiting. “Don’t walk off like that again.”

You rolled your eyes, although a small smile was playing on your lips. “You’re not my mother.”

“No, but I am your-.” He stopped, not knowing how to end that sentence. He refused to acknowledge you as a step-sibling. But you weren’t in a relationship, despite having slept with him. So what were you two? The word festered at the back of your mind, and you internally grimaced.

Fuck buddy.

No, you corrected yourself. That was a one time thing. You had been convinced you and Jungkook were over- it wouldn’t happen again. Your mum and step-dad came out of the living room, and Yoongi abruptly stood up.

“Ah y/n!”, your step-father boomed. “Finally home!”

You just blinked at him. You glanced at the stairs where Yoongi had just been sat- he was no longer there. “Well, anyway, we’re off to bed, so don’t stay up too late!” You glanced at the clock. It was only half eight.

You shrugged. Sometimes, these people didn’t feel like your parents or guardians. They just felt like a random couple, living under the same roof. Not that you were complaining- you could handle yourself just fine. Or so you thought.

You could hear your mother and step-father, freshening up, and getting into bed, and someone closing the light, as you sat in the kitchen with a glass of water. Your mind kept going back to this morning. Had you done the right thing? You were second guessing yourself. Jungkook had texted you a few times today, but you hadn’t even bothered to open them.

As soon as you heard footsteps padding downstairs, you stiffened. It could only be one person. And sure enough...

“Did you mean it?”, he asked as soon as he walked in, continuing the conversation from earlier. He glanced at where you were sat and picked the seat opposite.

“Did I mean what?”

“When you said it was a mistake?”

You placed the glass down, sighing. “Does it matter?”

“Yes, it fucking matters.”

You met his intense gaze adamantly, refusing to back down even with his silent intimidation. After a moment, you replied with “What do you think?”

He leaned back in the seat, tilting his head, the tiniest of smiles playing on his lips. “I call your bluff, beautiful.” You stayed still, not wanting to let on how deeply the name affected you.

Your eyes scanned his mesmerising features, and you lost track of how long you were staring at him.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

You blinked a couple of times, processing what he said, before clearing your throat and abruptly standing up, slightly embarrassed. You had been so mad at him earlier, and here you were practically undressing him with your eyes.

Before you could get past him however, he stood up just as abruptly, blocking your path. “And where do you think you’re going?”

Away from here, you thought, but said nothing. “Was there anything else you wanted to say?”, you asked stoically. You were tired- today had been a long day.

He smiled, although it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You’re acting so cold. This is about that twat Jungkook, isn’t it?” You let out a frustrated tut, shaking your head. “No it’s not about Jungkook. I just want to rest, OK?”

Yoongi’s feather like touch skimmed your sides and rested firmly on your hips. Your mouth went dry at the small action, and you thought about downing the rest of that glass of water, before he whispered the words “Why don’t I tire you out?”

You stared at his pink lips, looking too sweet for the dirty words that came from them. His grip tightened on your hips when he got no response. Before you could even think properly about what you were doing, you were softly kissing him. He let out a satisfactory hum against your mouth, pleased that you’d given in.

Just as as you were getting lost into the kiss, an image of you with Jungkook earlier flashed through your mind, and you hastily stepped away from Yoongi, immediately feeling guilty. He tried to control his ragged breaths as he stared at you, confused.

“I’m sorry”, you muttered, not meeting his gaze. “Everything's just really fucked up right now.”

You noted the dangerous glint in his fiery gaze as he ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. He was mad or horny- or both. “What’s fucked up, y/n?”

“My boyfriend cheated on me. I slept with my step -brother. And now I’m conflicted between the two. That’s what’s fucked up”, you replied, thinking it was really obvious.

Just before he could respond, his phone started buzzing, distracting him. Just as he answered, you tried to sneak past him, he advertently grabbed your wrist. You rolled your eyes, but stayed put, listening to him hiss angrily on the phone.

“So? I don’t give a shit”, he spat, and your eyes widened, wondering who he was talking to. After a couple of minutes of angry exchanges, he ended the call with, “...Fuck you. Don’t call me again.”

After he pocketed the device, he pulled you by the arm, so you were closer to him.

“Who was that?”, you asked, curiosity getting the better of you.

“Just someone”, he waved the question off and your eyes narrowed. His eyes flitted down to your pursed lips, and back up again. “Please baby. Please let me make you feel good. We both want to...”.

Suddenly gaining confidence by the hint of desperation in his voice, you reached out and stroked him right where he needed you, making him hiss. “I fucking hate you, Min Yoongi”, you sighed, as he attached his lips to the crook of your neck, determined not to make a sound.

He looked back up to breathe, “Show me how much you hate me.”

Even he wasn’t prepared for you pushing him up against the wall to kiss him with such vigour that it made your lips tingle. All of the day’s frustrations came out in that one angry, albeit sloppy, make out session. The smacking sound of lips could be heard throughout the kitchen, but you were honestly past caring.

As he started to play with the hem of your shirt, alarm bells were going off inside your head. You couldn’t do this here.

But he clearly didn’t give a damn. He bucked his hips into you, making you gasp sharply. Without warning, he grabbed your hand and rushed wordlessly into the living room, pushing you down on the couch.

He gripped your thighs, hovering over you, eyeing you hungrily. “Fucking hell y/n”, he breathed. “Why the fuck do you do this to me?” You had no opportunity to respond as he pressed his lips feverishly against yours. He elicited a low moan from you as he sucked harshly on your bottom lip.

He pulled away and removed your shirt swiftly, as you were trying to control your breathing. As he removed his own shirt, you jumped up and pushed him down in your place.

He smirked up at your eagerness, and watched on as you rid yourself of your jeans. You both knew once again you would have to be quiet. He motioned for you to sit on his lap, and you complied.

“You act like you don’t want this, but you fucking love it”, he growled quietly in your ear.

He expertly unclasped your bra and it took all you had not to moan when he started

laying open mouth kisses on your chest, taking his time with you. Your hands snaked over his chest and stopped at his shoulders, gripping them to the point of leaving marks.

You shut your eyes, and looked up,bringing your hands to his head and hugging him tightly to your chest. “And you act like I belong to you...when I don’t”, you retorted breathlessly. He pulled away then, his swollen lips pressed in a thin line.

“That may well be”, he replied slowly, his hands snaking down to your underwear, making you shiver. “But I’ll be fucked if you belong to him.”

You reached out and slipped a hand under his waistband, squeezing his cock in warning. “You don’t get to decide that...Oppa.”

“Fuck”, Yoongi breathed in disbelief at your retort, but you where busy sliding our underwear down and releasing his erection from the confinement of his boxers and sweats.

“What do you want me to do Oppa”, you purred, trying to forget everything and focusing on the pleasure. “Do you want my mouth? Or do you want me to ride you?”

He smacked your ass, making you jump. You had to cover your mouth not to yell. “Such a dirty girl”, he snarled under his breath, the sound turning you on even more, if that was possible. “Such a dirty slut, aren’t you?” He motioned at his erection. “See that? That’s your fucking fault.”

He gripped your hips once more, angled you directly on top of him. “So fix it.” Without warning, you easily slid on him, taking him inch by burning inch. “Oh fu- you feel so good...”, he murmured, his hands gripping your thighs to the point of pain. You rolled your hips slowly into him, and he cursed softly, not knowing what to do with himself.

You continued to do so, despite his quiet pleas to go faster. He growled in irritation, lunging forward to flip your positions, hitting you deep in the process. He clamped your mouth shut when you moaned loudly.

You bit down on his fingers when he started pounding into you ruthlessly. “No one can fuck you like this, right?”

You nodded breathlessly, too far gone to reply verbally. He didn’t let in though, and he continued to rock into you.

“Jungkook can’t, right?” You shook your head, and he gave you a satisfactory smirk. The sound of skin against skin was all that could be heard as he practically fucked you numb.

“Do you want to know who called?”

You met his predatory gaze and whispered “Yes.”

“That was your precious boyfriend, calling from Sana’s phone.”

It took you a moment to process what Yoongi had just said. “B-bullshit”, you stuttered as he picked up pace, getting closer and closer to his release.

Yoongi just chuckled breathlessly, although there was no actual humour in it. But your sole focus right now was chasing your release. Everything else could wait.

“Fuck”. you let a drawn out moan, still being as quiet as you could. “I’m close Yoongi.” You could sense he was too, from his laboured breathing and occasional grunts.

Just as he reached his own climax, he pulled out, leaving you gasping in a mix of rage and pure disbelief. You stared, stunned, as he pulled his boxers and sweats back up hastily, never breaking eye contact with you.

“What...what the fuck are you doing?”, you asked, unable to move yet from how hard he went.

He leaned down to cup our cheek, the action sincere, although you didn’t miss the mischievous glint in his eyes. “Never deny me again, love. Consider this a punishment.”

You jerked away from his touch, grabbing the nearest item of clothing. “You fucking b-”

“-Ah-ah”, he stopped you, pushing you back down onto the couch. “Language baby.”

He released you and picked up his shirt. As he slid it on, you muttered, “This isn’t over, you sadistic fuck.”

He replied with a simple “Good”, and kissed you on the lips one last time. And then he was gone, leaving you to figure out how the hell you would get upstairs with dead legs.

Jungkook sat there angrily, trying to remain calm for the sake of the girl sobbing next to him. This was all so fucked up. His ex best friend was such a fucking dick. Of course Yoongi had to throw away a perfectly fine relationship, just because he got bored.God knows what whore he had replaced Sana with.

He wanted to see Yoongi suffer for what he did to Sana- but how could he confront y/n’s step-brother when the two of them weren’t exactly on speaking terms either?

And not only that, but y/n didn’t know much about any of Jungkook’s friends, including Sana.

He had tried calling Yoongi on Sana’s phone, and was met with such hostility, that he wanted to go and punch him right in the fucking face, there and then.

He stroked his friend’s back as she cried on his shoulder, drunken sobs about how Yoongi had left her, and how he never saw her as a girlfriend, but as a sex object.

“It’s alright Sana. It’s gonna be OK.”


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