Chicago Cubs

Any Chicago fans out there?

I've been a Chicago fan my whole life, alongside my dad, when everyone else in my family has been Giants fans. I've been through the pain of any other fan, watching them struggle for 108 years. But 2016 was it! They made it to the World Series and that was crazy by itself! Then they went out there and busted their butts to win! It sucks being in California and everyone being either a Dodgers or Angels fan. But no one can say anything else about them because we made it finally! We won it all! It only took us 108 years to brake the curse but we did it! Although other fans may not admit it, but Chicago fans are the most loyal fans you'll ever meet. The game was just amazing, and even game 6 we made history this World Series on both sides of the game. I will give the Indians their credit in saying that they fought well, but the Cubs prevailed! Go Cubbies!

And us Chicago fans can finally say something I didn't think we would ever be able to say, The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions

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