Chunji - Business Dinner

The warm night welcomed you out into its arms while the sound of your black heels on the pavement was the only sound as you held your head up high trying to find your boyfriend’s apartment. Finding the right street, you turned and walked up the stairs as you reached his door. A groan came from the other side as you pulled out your spare key and slid it into its lock as you pushed the door open.

“Auggggghhh!” Chunji groaned loudly as you just giggled, closing the door as you made your way inside. Following his whining, you found him in his bedroom standing in front of the full body mirror as he tried to tie his tie. Ripping it from his neck he wrapped it around his hands as he unbuttoned a few buttons on his white shirt.

“Need some help?” You cooed sweetly as he turned around, a little stunned that you were standing right there. Moving from your place in the door way, you walked up to him as you grabbed his tie from his hands as his grip loosened as the silky fabric moved from his hands.

Lifting the tie over his head, you let it hang from his shoulders as you eyed his undone buttons, smiling softly you buttoned them with care as his eyes moved over you.

Your hair was up in a beautiful bun with a black flower just on the side as beautiful silver starts hung down from your ears, a lacy off the shoulder dress hugged your curves tightly without revealing too much. Your makeup was light yet flawless as he smiled softly as you buttoned the few buttons.

Grabbing his tie next, you flipped up his collar as you positioned the tie around his neck, step by step you tied the tie with care as you kept your eyes on the work that you were doing. Finishing up, you folded his collar back down before straightening the tie and patting your hand on his shoulder.

“Jagi…” Chunji gently called as you grabbed his coat from the bed.

“Yes?” You turned around and handed it to him with a smile.

“What is this all about?” He asked sitting on his bed as he slipped on his shoes and tied them.

“It is just a dinner with my co workers.” You said looking at your appearance in the mirror.

“Then why do they want me to come along?” He said getting up as he slipped on his jacket.

“They wanted to meet you.” You smiled as both of you headed over to the door.

“Why?” He asked as he opened the front door for you.

“I talk about you a lot at work and they want to see you.” You blushed as your fingers played with your purse that you held in your hands.

The short walk was silent from then on as both of you walked to the restaurant that was a few blocks away. Chunji held the door open for you into the nice restaurant as you walked up to the only person that coordinated the spots in the restaurant.

“Are you here for the company meeting?” She asked as you nodded, “Follow me please.”

She lead both of you over to a secluded table as ten guys in suits sat around the table.

“Ah _______ you made it!” One of your coworkers pointed out as the rest of the heads turned to look at you.

“I did” You smiled bowing, “I would like to introduce my boyfriend, Lee Chanhee.” He bowed to the guys at they bowed back.

“Please take a seat we were just about to order.” Another man said as you smiled, Chunji pulled out your chair for you as he took the empty seat beside you.

Taking a good look around the table, Chunji began to feel uneasy. They were all male, they were the people that you worked with. Taking in what the guys looked like, he saw that some of them were taller than him while others had more muscle and looked better in suits than he did. Fidgeting in his chair he looked over at you as you made conversation with most of them, making them all smile and laugh.

Once all of them had ordered and the food was arriving the talk turned to business as

Chunji began to feel awkward again. Sipping his water, you noticed how silent and distant he was from everyone. The conversation turned from you as the boys talked, taking advantage of this moment, you leaned over to Chunji’s ear.

“Are you okay?” You whispered as Chunji nodded.

“I just have a lot on my mind.” He whispered back as his hand gently slid into yours.

“Do you want to go home?” You asked as he shook his head.

“I can stay here until you are done.” He whispered again as you nodded.

“So Chanhee.” One man spoke. “What do you do?”

“I am a vocalist for the group Teen Top, sir.” Chunji said as some of the guys ah-ed while some looks turned cold.

“They are about to release another album.” You added as the looks turned warm and back to you with a smile.

“Good luck on your music then.” Another remarked as he bowed.

The night wore on as the men brought out some suju and began drinking, taking one drink just to be nice, you played with the small glass as the men around the table started becoming drunk. Chunji became worried for you and what they might do.

“______, I think we should go home soon, it is getting pretty late.” Chunji showed you the time as you nodded. Clearing your throat you began to catch some attention from the guys as they turned their heads, one by one, over to you.

“Thank you for dinner, I best be heading home.” You stood up as the men followed suit.

“You have to leave so soon?” One of the guys whined as you nodded, Chunji picked up his jacket as he hung it over his arm.

“Just stay a little while longer.” The guys whined.

“We have to get home, but we should do this again.” Chunji defended as he bowed to your coworkers.

“Okay” They said and nodded as each one of them came up to you and hugged you tightly as Chunji’s eyes burned with jealousy for them to have the nerve to hug you in front of your boyfriend.

Biting his tongue, he held back as each one of the guys hugged you. Waving goodbye they bid you a safe journey home as Chunji followed you out. Thanking the waitresses you headed out into the night air that nipped at your exposed skin.

Bringing your hands up and rubbing your arms, Chunji shuffled off his jacket as he placed it on your shoulders as you slipped your arms through the sleeves. Chunji walked slightly behind you most of the way home as you kept glancing back at him. Stopping, you held out your hand as he gently grabbed it, yet he stayed behind you.

“Is there something wrong Chunji?” You asked as you stopped once again, his free hand was in his pocket as his head slightly lower as his shoulders shrugged slightly. Moving your eyes around his face, you could tell that something was wrong.

“You sure there is nothing wrong?” You asked as he nodded. He began to walk as you held your ground, looking over his shoulder wondering why you weren’t moving.

“Something’s wrong isn’t it?” You were the one to hang your head low this time as Chunji looked around to see no one on the streets, the street lamps and the slowly changing lights were casting their light onto your faces. Chunji let out a sigh as he looked back at you.

“Do they always hug you?” He asked quietly as your head lifted a little.

“Sometimes” You answered, his head nodded gently before biting his lip.

“Let’s get you home, it is getting cold.” He said pulling you along as you complied and walked beside him, but you could tell that something was eating him up inside.

“Chunji, if something was wrong you would tell me right?” You questioned as he looked over at you.

“Yeah” His simple phrase was for a loss of meaning as you knew something was really wrong now. Both of you fell silent as he escorted you to your place. Pulling at his tight tie, he undid the top buttons as he kept his eyes open as his mind wanted to tell you how jealous he was of your coworkers.

“Thank you for walking me home.” You broke the silence as you opened your front door and gently took off his jacket and handed it back to him. He nodded, licking his lips gently as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“_______?” He questioned with his eyes looking down to his shoes.

“Yeah?” You questioned back as his hands fidgeted in his pockets.

“I-I don’t know how to say this nicely so I will just say it.” He took a deep breath, glancing up at your quickly. “‘I’m not right for you.”

“What do you mean?” You asked him quickly as you felt your heart sink.

“I mean, I am not successful, I can’t give you the things that they can.” He said sadly, his words coming together slowly.

“Why would I want the things that they have?” You asked again as you cocked your leg easing your tired foot from the pain of your heels.

“They have money and a long term job, security for you.” He pointed out as you slipped off your shoes.

“I don’t want any of that. I want you.” You remarked.

“They are so smart and they work with you and you can talk about work with them and you don’t talk about work with me and I just don’t know, if you can be happy with them then I will give you my blessing.” Chunji said as tears stung the edge of his eyes.

“Chunji…. are you breaking up with me?” You felt your heart sink as he nodded. “Just because you are jealous of my coworkers?”

“They are all guys and you were the only girl and you seemed to talk with them like you are friends.” Chunji pointed out as you took a few steps to stand in front of him.

“I am their friend.” You said softly as your hand gently snaked up around his neck. “I love you though, I wouldn’t trade you for all of them or for any guy in the world.” Looking into his eyes, his eyes twinkled at the fresh tears as your fingers gently slid onto the back of his neck as you stood on your toes and tilted your head to give him a kiss.

Once your lips touched his, you could tell the he was hesitant but once you moved a little closer to him, he kissed you gently as you felt his hands on your back as the kiss became long yet sweet with a deep passion laced through the kiss.

“I hope you don’t do this with your coworkers.” He mumbled against your lips as you

smirked and shook your head gently as you kissed his lips once again, lifting your foot as the kiss deepened, healing both of your doubts and jealous views.

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