First Love Monster. . . final impression

Well to be honest, I still feel the same for the most part xD I'm still confused mentally at why this is even a love story xD It's definitly a unique and weird anime. Overall the characters were pretty fun and entertaining, and the storyline is really well done. The show is definitly an awkward comedy, that basically takes all the things that would be considered weird or socially inappropriate and makes them into characters and events. It's fairly light hearted, although the love story is weird. It's cute in a weird way that kinda makes you feel guilty for thinking it's cute, as in reality you would most likely be deeply disturbed by it. If I we're to give it a star rating out of ten I'd probably give it a 7 because it was so weird, but if you want to ruin a friend's life and make them feel deeply disturbed, some of the things in this show will definitely do that xD I'm totally gonna use this as torture for some of my friends who told me to watch an anime that I couldn't even get past episode 4 because it was so disturbing xD anyway it was fun and enjoyable but I probably wouldn't watch it again xD as I said in my earlier card, this really isn't the type of anime I enjoy watching xD honestly when I read the description, this was so far off from what I thought it was gonna be, I have no regrets it was cute, in its own weird way xD @dildil15

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