Catch Me When I Fall (Chapter One)


“No, you can’t. I promised you.” He leaned over the edge to try and grab her.

“I’m sorry Lu…. I can’t this time.” She pulled her arm away from him, he took a step towards her.

“I’ll always catch you when you fall.” He said, she looked up at him.

“Not this time.” She said, she stepped off from the ledge, he tried grabbing her as she fell… but it was too late.

“I.. I…-“



I heard the director say as I peeked my head over the fake ledge.

“Okay Luhan, you really need to get your parts down. Were a day late on production, this part is our opening.” The director said to him, Luhan nodded his head and apologized. I scoffed at it him, and looked up to see him glaring at me. I looked the other way, and pulled myself up over the ledge.

“Hey, It’s worse enough that it had to be you I’m working with.” He said towards me and walked off. I rolled my eyes at him, and walked over to my assistant.

“Oh, um Haeri, your brother is in your waiting room.” She said I nodded and smiled.

“I know this is still new to you Minhee, but you can talk freely.” I said smiling, she smiled and nodded.

I was heading back down to the dressing rooms, and passed Luhan on the way, I just rolled my eyes and walked past him. All of a sudden I got pulled back and slammed against a wall. I looked up to be met with doe like eyes.

“What do you want Luhan?” I asked trying to pull away, but he held me there and placed his hand above my head.

“Hey Haeri, why don’t you just give up, and come with me? I bet it’ll be amazing with you being with me.” He said stroking my face with his finger.

“Why don’t you just give up and come with the fact that I’ll never be with you.” I spat back at him and pushed him away. I seen someone come out of a room and pushed Luhan away from me.

“Haeri, is this guy giving you trouble?” He said pulling me behind him. Luhan only scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“It’s only a little fun, no harm done.” He said smirking. “Besides, why would I want her? I could have any other girl out there. You should know that… Junmyeon” He said walking away.

“Thanks Oppa.” I said and hugging my brother. “Why are you here?” I asked looking at him. He smiled and patted my head.

“I came by to pick you up. It is you and Baekhyun’s birthday today remember.” He said reminding me. I nodded

“How can I forget.” I said smiling.

I let Minhee know that I was leaving with Junmyeon. She was okay with it since she had to go back to the office anyways. I smiled at the text, and left the building with Junmyeon.

“I still, can’t believe that you’re working with him.” Junmyeon said, I only looked at him and sighed.

“You know I can’t pick who I want to work with.” I replied back. He reached over and grabbed my hand.

“I’m just worried about you baby sister.” He replied. I held it and looked at him.

“You don’t have too oppa, I can take care of myself.” I said smiling. I chuckled as we pulled up to the dorms. “Besides, I’m not going to let Luhan get to me, even if I did, I wouldn’t do that to them…” I said trailing off and looking up to their dorms.

“Well, let’s go in.” Junmyeon said smiling I nodded and waited till he opened my door.

After we went up the many floors, he opened the door to EXO’s flat. I heard all the boys laughing and having a blast. I smiled when I seen Chanyeol walking out of the kitchen. He must’ve not seen us because he just kept walking straight.

“Yah! Park Chanyeol” I yelled he turned around and smiled.

“Hey Haeri!” He said giving me a hug. “It’s been forever, how are you? I heard you’re doing a new movie, I’ll be looking forward to it.” He said I nodded and hugged him again.

“I am good, thanks and yea I’m doing a new movie. I hope to see all you boys at the premiere.” I smiled

“Hey is that Haeri!!” I heard someone say and a couple started running out from the living room. I laughed when the slipped and fell.

“Yah, you guys need to be careful… seriously.” I said laughing at them and passing them to go into the living room. I smiled when I see him. “Hey Baek.” I said hugging him. He hugged me back and kissed my head.

“Baekhyun-ah I know you haven’t seen her in a while, but please refrain from that when I’m here.” Junmyeon said walking in. I shook my head and sat down next to Junmyeon,

“Where’s Minseok?” He asked looking around.

“Yeah, where is my twin?” I said laughing

“He’s in his room.” Kyungsoo replied. “I’ll go get him hyung.” He said getting up.

I smiled towards Jongin and Sehun when they came back into the living room, we were all talking when we heard shouting and a door slam. I looked over to the boys as they shrugged. So I got up instead and walked down the hallway to Minseok's room, seeing as Kyungsoo was knocking on the door trying to get him to open it. He looked at me and shook his head. I went up to the door and knocked “go away” was all I heard from the other side.

“Minseok oppa, it's me open up.” I said there was nothing for awhile

“Noona I don't -” Kyungsoo got interrupted by the door unlocking. “Nevermind” he said and walked off

I walked into his room that he shared with Yixing, I looked around and noticed that he must be back in China again. I sat next to Minseok on his bed and looked at him.

“What's wrong Minnie?” Asked grabbing his hand. He pulled away from me and handed me his phone. I looked at it and realized they released some of my movie clips onto the YouTube site.

“Why are you working with Him? Why does it have to be Him?” He asked not looking at me. I sighed and looked at him.

“Minnie, I don't pick the cast. I didn't know I was working with him till a week ago at the script reading.” I said to him. He finally looked at me, pulling pieces of my hair behind my ear. “Don't, we promised we wouldn't do this anymore.” I said to him looking away. I heard him sigh and get up,

“Come on everyone is waiting.” He said holding his hand out. I looked at his hand and up at him, he smiled when I did. Before we walked out of the room he hugged me and whispered “I really missed you Haeri.” I looked at him. Him not knowing that I missed him too, but I'm dating Baekhyun. It wouldn't be fair for him or to Minseok.

“Finally hyung, we were about to eat your guys cake already.” Chanyeol joked. I smiled and sat next to Baekhyun, “so noona, how does it feel to be old?” Chanyeol asked, I looked at him and laughed

“Chanyeol-ah you're going to be the same age in five months.” I looked at him, he shut his mouth and nodded. Junmyeon laughed then asked for Jongdae and him so sit closer to me and Baekhyun. I looked at him confused “why?” I asked.

“When is the next time I'll get our ‘92 line all together like this?” He said and took a photo with his phone. I laughed at him

“But, Myeonnie I'm not even apart of the group.” I said to him Baekhyun wrapped his arm over my shoulders, and whispered to look at him.

“Now we take our picture Jagiya.” He said holding his phone out to take a selca. I kissed his cheek before he took it. I could tell he was smiling and blushing.

“Now to get the birthday babies together.” Sehun said getting up. I looked at him and smiled and got up myself to sit next to Minseok. I wrapped my arm around his waist as his went around my shoulder. Past memories was trying to surface but I pushed them back.

After Junmyeon took the picture I hugged him and went back to Baekhyun's side. We were all laughing and having a great time. I missed being with my brother, my boyfriend and all our friends. Until I got a phone call from Minhee.

“Hello?, oh yea I'm still with my brother, but it's my birthday it's the only- yes I understand, I'll be there soon, no need. Okay see you.” After I hung up everyone was looking at me. “I'm sorry guys, I have to go, they need all of us back at the set to finish up some scenes.” I said getting up, all the boys got up as I went to hug them all.

“I'll drop you off Jagiya.” Baekhyun offered and grabbed the keys from Junmyeon.

“Be careful sis, I love you and call me often okay.” Junmyeon said giving me a hug. I smiled and nodded, and followed Baekhyun out the door.

“Come here.” He said when we got into the elevator, I came closer to him as held me in his arms, “three months is too long without you.” He said nuzzling into my neck. “Too bad o couldn't give you your birthday present” he said and kissed my neck.

“Mmmm, yah Byun Baekhyun, not here okay.” I said laughing and pushing away from him. He laughed and kissed my head when the elevator doors opened.

"Why don't you try to sneak out later come over?" I asked him as we got into the car, he gave me his sly smile. and grabbed my head. "Yah, keep both hands on the wheel." I said to him. I could see him smirking,

"I only need one had to drive when I'm wiith you." He said, I smiled. As we pulled up to the studio. He leaned over and gave me a long kiss. I smiled into it and pulled away.

"I'll see you later Baek." I smiled and got out of the car. Once I got into the building I got a text, when I looked at it, it was from Beak.

"Let's make us public." It read. I thought about it, we have been dating for three years now, but how will his fans take it, I was looking at my phone to reply back to him, when I ran into someone. I froze and started apologizing when I looked up

"Wow, never thought to see you again Haeri." He said I backed away and nodded.

"Likewise... Kris."


There it is kids :) the very first chapter. I hope you all like it.

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