[MM] Yoosung Finish~ "Spoilers"

Soooo I just finished Yoosung's route and dude... it seriously pulls at the heartstrings towards the end! I did not know how his story was gonna play out and to be honest... I kinda like it more than how Zen's route ended xD

Also! Look at this! Look at that baby! Can you believe this??? To be honest I think he looks better with his blond hair lol He was so cute and innocent looking~~ Then someone had to go and ruin it... -glares at Rika the hoe-

Although back to what I was saying about his ending tearing at your heart... there is a part where you're like... OMFG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??? WHY CANT I SEE YOUR CUTE FACE??? TF HAPPENED?!?!?!?! An then you see him and he's all like don't worry I'm fine and I'm like... NO YOU ARE NOT FINE DUMBA$$! But I love you anyways.....😤



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