Chapter Three Levi's POV

I felt pain running through my entire body. Fuck, everything hurts. I turned to look at my sister Isabel and she was crouching on the floor with her arms around her stomach trying to protect her baby. There was a friend of ours, Michiko who was trying to protect her as well. Which was hard since we were all so badly hurt. I turned back to the vampire who just wants our blood. We have been trying to get away for what felt like forever. The vampire then moved before I could see and I then saw Michiko hit the wall and then fall to the ground. "What the hell is your problem. Get the fuck away from us!" I yelled at him. He then got close to me and pushed my head to the ground before he grabbed my arm and started twisting it. I could feel before I heard the sound of my arm breaking. I tried to not make a sound. Then suddenly the pressure around my arm disappeard. I looked up and saw a small girl standing in front of me. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" the vampire yelled at her. I then heard Isabel and Michiko whimper causing me to turn around. I saw another human who I had never seen before help them both to their feet. "That's exactly what I would like to know." The girl infront of me replied. I don't think she knows what she's getting herself into. "If you couldn't tell I was about to eat. If you would like to share then you can have the two females. The male smells too good to give up." he says. I try to move to try and protect Isabel and Michiko when I see the girl have the vampire pinned against the wall with her hand around his throat. A growl leaves her mouth which really surprises me. I couldn't really hear what she said to him probably because I started to feel the hallway begin to spin. The human whos name I did not know came closer to me and helped me get to my feet. My head started throbbing,  before I could stop myself, I started to lean against her. "Madam please stop! You'll kill him before you get any answers from him. Please, your mate is bleeding heavily and has already lost a lot of blood. He needs your immediate attention." she said as she moved away from me and towards the girl. The girl turns and growls at the human. She walks back towards me before the girl, no vampire, turns back to face the other vampire and says something to him. The human is supporting me again and I start to think to myself. She said 'He needs you immediate attention'. The fuck, she had better not be talking about me because I swear I'll fucking kill that kid before she touches me. I then see the girl vampire standing next to me, she wraps her arm around my waist and pull my arm over her shoulder. "Fucking vampire better not try shit" I mumble quietly I lean against her when I start to go in and out of consciousness. The next thing I know is that were in a white room with beds along the wall. "He won't be needing me will he?" I hear the doctor I prosume say. The vampire looks up at me. Oh hell no! Without much though I punch the vampire in the stomach with every ounce of strength I have left. "Fucking vampire" I say under my breath. Suddenly, I feel a large amount of weight pushing me down to the ground. A growl is heard through the room and the weight on me is gone the minute the growl is registered. I get to my feet and see five guards on their knees and necks bared. I was very confused. "Quite the punch you got there" the vampire said as she walked back into the room slightly rubbing where I had punched her. What the hell is she? There is no way she could have recovered from that punch so quickly. "Who the hell are you? You're definitely not a normal vampire." I ask  her. There is something about her that freaks the crap out of me. "If you must know, I am Natalie Fujiwara. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" she replies with a smile. Fuck! My eyes widen for a second until I see her smile and let out a laugh. I then glare at her. You can't be serious. The ruler, the strongest vampire ever just fucking saved our lives and I just punched her through a door. Great! Life can not get any worse. "Levi. Levi Ackerman" I don't know what she is capable of so it's best I don't keep her waiting. "Well Levi, I don't know if you've noticed or not so I'll say it so that everyone here can relax and stop thinking about hurting you, you're mine." she said. The fuck does that mean? Before I can even think about saying anything I can feel her aura consume the entire room. I have never felt anything this strong before. There is no way a vampire can be this fucking strong. The next thing I register is that I am eye to eye with this freakishly strong vampire. She then gets closer to me neck and I swear she is about to kill me when suddenly whispers into my ear. "You're my mate." I am so screwed. I shudder at the feeling of her being so close to me. Next thing I know is that she's kissing me and I have to say that it felt so good. It's as if my entire body wanted this, I couldn't even get myself to willingly pull away. I then felt her push something warm into my mouth which I swallowed until I felt my arm heat up and tasted iron. She's giving me blood! I stepped back and tried to spit out the blood that was still in my mouth. My arm started to get hotter making me fall to my knees and cradel my arm to my chest. "What the hell did you do!" I yelled at her She just stared at me and wiped the blood on her lips off. "I gave you my blood." she said as she moved to sit in a chair, her eye never leaving me. I felt like I was going to throw up. The heat surrounding my arm got worse, then suddenly it was gone. I let out a sigh I didn't even know I was holding. I moved my arm and it felt normal. There was no way. There was no way in hell that it can be healed. I did a quick mental evaluation of my body. I didn't feel light headed anymore and nothing hurt, the only thing I became aware of was my hunger. Damn I was starving. I can't believe I didn't realize it earlier. Well actually I can, I mean we were being chased by a vampire who wanted to drain the life out of us. I then made eye contact with my mate. Wait, did I really just think that? Hell fucking no! This can not be happening.

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