{FF} Favorite Fairy Tail Guy!

I'm not one for the pervy/playboy type, loveable as they can be sometimes (i.e. Sanji, Jiraiya, Miroku, Kon, just about every anime has one!), but I always had a soft spot for Loke, probably partly because of my weakness for gingers!

He was really mysterious early on, but his little arc remains one of my favorites to this day! (LoLu was one of my top Lucy ships before I eventually settled on NaLu) Now that the cat's out of the bag, it's always fun to see him be his unfiltered, light-hearted self (though I still appreciate his seriousness, as it's still sometimes called for)!

And, much as I love his confidence as Leo, it was super sweet to see his old self return to partner up with Gray for the S-Class trial!


Yeah, Loke is definitely one of my top favorite Fairy Tail guys! I just wish he would pop up more often! Sorry I was a little late this week! I got a little busy and kinda forgot it was Friday! Tagging my Fairy Tail nakama!@AdamDean@AimeBolanos@alicedragneel@alliepetey@assasingod@BelleofRay@BlackoutZJ@graysama@hikaymm@HunnaBallue@InVinsybll@JackiStyles@JessicaFerrier@JohnMcCullough@KageTsuki040910@kell13@Mikazuki1@NathanBryden@NikolasSatterwh@PASCUASIO@princesslucy@PRroxx05@SAMURXAI@stupidgajeel@SuperWolverBat@TaehyungV@TBird@thunder1254@trustfundkid@tylor619@YessicaCardenas If you would like to be removed/added to this list, or if I screwed up your name or something, please let me know!

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