~Afraid Of Me~Chapter 9

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No.These months have been horribleLet's go out back and talkWhat do you meanTell me

Isn't Gia 8 months nowWhat do you mean. She's carrying your child. You need to be there with her all the way."Park Jaebom! You will come here and talk to me

~Gia's House~ Gia called me like a few minutes after talking with Mom.I agreed to come over since yes it's my child and I want to be apart of planning the shower.Since we already know Gia thinks I don't want her at all. "Have you two talked about a theme yet?"Keyshia asked. "Maybe a reveal party."Gia suggested handing me a water."Jay knows the gender of the baby.I gave him the envelope." "That sounds fun.Maybe we can have everyone be on teams and maybe they can write down some baby names for ideas."I said. "Don't forget the baby's Korean name."Mom said. "I won't." "Can we do a Jordan theme?"Gia asked. "How can you do that for a reveal party?"Mom questioned. "Two small cakes maybe." "Gia." "Fine.Lets just do pink and blue.Like everyone else." "I think the Jordan's idea is a good one.I think we can make it like a reveal.Order a blue and pink cake."I said. "See Ma." "Ok. It's your party.What other ideas you have?" "Outside.I already know everyone is going to try and watch the game.I do want a red and black table theme though." "Again.Your party." I don't think Keyshia or My mom like the idea.Im sure it will turn out right. "What about food?"Mom asked. "Lets barbecue."I said. "And Korean food. Me and the baby need that in our lives."Gia said looking at her phone. "We should head out and get most of what we can since we got a week." "Ok.Gia and I can go get the cake ordered."I said standing up. "And we can go see if we can find most of the decorations."Keyshia said. "I like that plan." Mom and Keyshia left first while I waited for Gia to get dressed since she said just had sweats and t shirt on. "Lets go order this cake."Gia said coming into the living room. I noticed she is stuck on her phone.Maybe letting Lonnie know what's going on with the party. We got into my car and headed to the closest bakery. "So have you thought of any names?"I asked. "Well I could but you know the gender.Oh maybe our friends can suggest names." "Yeah.We can see what they come up with." "I wanna see Lonnie and Rico try to come up with a Korean name." "They might come up with something very unique." "Too unique.Imma plug in my phone." "Go for it." Gia plugged in her phone playing a song and charge.She set her phone down and I happened to look seeing a text from Chase.Really.He calls her beautiful and princess.He really trying to get at her or are they together.Hell no! They better not be. Ugh. He ruining everything.And she falls for the whole beautiful and princess thing.Damn. "How's school?" "Oh you know.Nothing special since I decided to take the semester off for the baby." "Then you going straight back?" "Yeah.Well not sure.I don't have a set idea on what I want to do really." "Well you have time." "Very true." I pulled up to the bakery and we both got out going inside. "Hi.Can I help you?"The lady said. "We want to order a cake for our reveal party." "Can we get a two tier?" "Yeah.And type of decoration?" "We want to have a Jordan theme." "Alright and when do you need it by?" "Sunday." "Ok and the gender of the baby so we can color the cake in the inside." I went over writing it down since I still haven't told Gia.She hasn't asked so she'll pretty much find out when everyone else does.I paid the lady and noticed Gia smiling and giggling at her phone.Chase.I hate him.


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