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What's good crew?! Its your girl Cici logging back on with the Media Monster squad! So this week it's time to be in your fee- fee's.. Everybody got them days were you just wanna lay in bed and blast your music and cry . So I got some songs for yall that you need to add to your "Fee-fee" playlist. Sorry for the late card everyone been hella sick. Okie Dokie *rolls up sleeves* Let's do this. Media Monsters Squad CEO:@amobts Media Monsters Team:@Qilin94@KokoroNoTakara @Helixx @Thekreviewer@nimm14 Monster Bloggers:@PrettieeEmm@SimplyAwkward@BBxGD@VeronicaArtino @CynthiaForeman Executive Media Team@stevieq @SugaKookieV None of these images belong to Media Monsters

THE PROMISE - JAY PARK Wah ha this song will straight up put me in my feels. When I first heard this song, of course I didn't know or understand a word he was saying, but I didn't need to. Jay was singing the song with so much emotion and feelings I didn't need to understand what he saying to have this song move me to tears..

MISS YOU - DOK2 FT. JUNGGIGO I miss you.... I miss touching you.... I want to feel you... If that doesn't want to make you make to go into some deep feels I don't know what will.... For us single people it makes me feel like that your so lucky you have someone to miss. Therefore It makes me sad cause I have no significant other to miss and long for. This why this song put me in my feels.

WWWWWAAAAAHHHHH HEARING THIS FIRST FEW SECONDS OF THIS SONG MADE ME CRY. PLUS IT DIDN'T HELP THE FACT THAT I'M SO IM MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.... LIKE OMG THIS SONG I JUST WANT TO GET UNDER MY COVERS AND JUST CRY, BLAH..... anywho back to reality, besides that her voice is so sweet and kind! Its like she saying "come and lay your head on my shoulder and cry baby girl." I really love this song โค its lit

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