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Hello my fellow Storia! Its Melissa, one your History mod supporters. I'm in charge of short Imagine if Saturdays. I'm sorry to be running behind.

Imagine if you were having a very bad day. Everything seems to go wrong for you. If you can imagine anything that could go wrong, it probably could happen to you on that day. Just when you think your day couldn't get any more worse, it does or does it?

Your day starts rough, right from the get go. Your alarm didn't go off, so you woke up late for work. You were running behind because you couldn't find your car keys. Then you noticed that you had a flat tire. After fixing your tire issue, you decided to stop for some coffee and donuts. The coffee shop gave you the wrong coffee and wrong kind of donuts. You spilled coffee on your pants, because some jerk cuts in front of you on the highway. You are super late for work now. To make it worst, there is a special guest visiting your company. This visitor is going to be the new spokesperson for the company. You wanted to make a good first impression, because he is an kpop idol from the group History. His name is Dokyun.

Your day gets worse. You get in trouble for being late. Your computer crashes as soon as you started it. You had to go buy a new pair of pants before the meeting with the new spokesperson starts. Your supervisor orders you to look more presentable for the afternoon meeting. Just when you think your day is getting better. You rearened the car in front of you, because you were fixing your make up. After all that drama with the accident, you get a ticket and a repair bill from it. You rush into the building, because of course you are late, or so you thought. You rush to the meeting room. You see your supervisor and other people from management. Your boss says you are so lucky that Dokyun was running late for the meeting. You all file in the meeting room to await the arrival of the new spokesperson. You were getting pretty excited about the meeting Dokyun. He was your favorite member of History. It would've been your lucky day, because you would be responsible for his care during his stay.

The doors open, its your supervisor's Secretary. She walks in and heads to your supervisor. She hands him a slip of paper. He reads it for a few seconds, and throws it down on the table. He stands up and says to the group. I got some bad news. Dokyun can't be our spokesperson at this time. We will need to start searching for his replacement as soon as possible. This meeting is adjourned to further notice. After saying all that, your supervisor and his Secretary start walking out of the room. Just a few minutes later, the others started to follow him out. You stay behind because in are in shock. You just realized your day just officially became the worst day ever. Well That's it for Short Imagine if. I hope you enjoyed it.

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