It's this precious boys birthday! Yaaaaay he's turning 19 Today!!!!

If you don't really know who this cuteness is lemme help you out Stage Name: THE8 (디에잇) Real Name: Xu Ming Hao / Seo Myung Ho Nickname: Little 8, Fairy Team: Performance Birthday: November 7, 1997   Height: 179cm  Specialty: Break dancing, Martial arts, Tumbling Hobbies: Break dancing, Martial arts.

Him in flower crowns with that curly hair is the best!

He can honestly rock any hair color too!

Him with the members are adorable especially Jun.

His Ayego is on point.

This is there most recent song 'VERY nice'. A nice upbeat song which is my favorite to dance to!

Just the normal anime and K-pop loving Bostonian girl lol ( ^ω^) also Im Jaebum is my future husband
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