So I found this on google😂😂

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT WATCH POKEMON OR DONT KNOW THE NAMES:This may be a little far fetched, but I was thinking of a film I want to make that will staryu and starmie. It begins as I pikachu under the covers while you snorlax, then I wake you with my wigglytuff between your jigglypuffs. Your a little krabby at first because you feel drowsy. But you start to lickitung my fearow until I squirtle in your meowth. Its your first time so you can't help but koffing out the muk. You're already wheezing but, we're not done yet because my cubone is still hard as onix. You then procced to rhydon my lapras like a horsea until abra, kadabra, alakazam! I pull out my weedle just in time for me to blastoise all over your tangela.

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