K-Pop Group Position Quiz!

Hi Hi!!! Another Quiz to Check Out!!! Hmm I think I'm going to post just one quiz a week after this. They are fun to do in spare time and its fun to see what other people get. if people get the same cards and or different once and such. ♥

So Today the Quiz is What kpop Group Position are you?!

K-Pop Group Position Test!

My results were Maknae!! Lol I love this, granted I'm a bit older then most maknaes in groups, BUT I'm young at heart! I think that will count lol. As long as cute and do my aegyo I can work with this role !!! ♥ Comment with your results if you like!!!

Couple Maknae babies looking cute! (Got Kooki from BTS, Sanha from Astro, Tzuyu from Twice, Yeri from Red Velvet !)

I'm going to create a tag list for future Quiz cards, if you would like to be added leave a comment and let me know please. ♥ ♥ ♥ Fam tag! @SugaKookiV@JaxomB@merryjayne13@FromBlue2U@Tigerlily84@Szewwy@MaritessSison@kpossible4250@kpopaddict16@raenel@SerenaArthurs@Starbell808@SimplyAwkward@Kpopandkimchi@IsoldaPazo@SindyHernandez@Taekookimonster@ESwee@KaiLuhan4ever

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