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The first behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Heirs starring Lee Min Ho has been released, and it reveals tantalizing details from the California shoot. Star Park Shin Hye shows her beautiful smile on the outdoor set, alongside DramaFever's Hyun Park. The two met as Heirs was filming on a California almond farm which serves as the setting of some scenes set in the United States. The Korean drama is the most anticipated of the year, bringing together two stars whose series have created fans around the world. Park Shi Hye is best known in the United States for her role in the acclaimed musical romance Heartstrings. Lee Min Ho is famous around the world for acting in such classics as Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and City Hunter. His most recent television role was as a time-traveling royal guard who travels to the present day in search of a cure for the ailing queen. Heirs places him back in the "Boys Over Flowers" world of privileged, young and beautiful people in a romantic comedy with a stellar cast and from the pen of esteemed writer Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden, Gentleman's Dignity). Look for much, much more exclusive content from the set of Heirs coming soon to DramaFever News! CREDIT LINK: >

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