King of Legs

Namjoon is the tallest member of BTS, coming in at 5'11". Like damn kid and those legs.

Gorgeous from the back.

Gorgeous from the front.

Gorgeous from the side

Gorgeous squatting

Gorgeous dancing (I'm sorry but the face Namjoon is making here is too funny, cause Jin looks super shocked!)

Gorgeous with tall socks

Gorgeous sitting down

Namjoon, never hide your legs. EVER! They are so gorgeous and I love them! MELODY MOD SQUAD:@LemonLassie@AimeeH@StephanieDuong@IsoldaPazo@MandyNoona@Bangtanss@Helixx@MelissaGarza VIXXEN SQUAD: @StephanieDuong@JiyongLeo@AimeeH@Helixx@LemonLassie@resavalencia CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji-@JiyongLeo Helixx-@Helixx Mandy-@MandyNoona Stef-@StefaniTre Stephanie-@StephanieDuong Sol-@IsoldaPazo Lemon-@LemonLassie Vinny-@twistedPuppy Aime-@AimeeH Stephany-@Stephany123 Michelle-@Bangtanss emily-@ercurrent VINGLE FAM:@SugaKookieV@ZitaMahoney@KaitlynHewitt@AbbyRamey@NaughTAE@princessunicorn@BrennaTran@SugaOnTop@bbyitskatie@CrookedShadow@ToppDogg@BBxGD@lovetop@Emealia@KpopGaby@ashleyemmert@KeziahWright@twistedPuppy@Ercurrent@JaiiPanda@Sailynn@AmberFranco@sarahdarwish@LocoForJiyong@MadAndrea@SimplyAwkward@PolarStarr@kpopandkimchi@SleepingChim

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