A Skool Luv Affair pt 14 A BTS screenshot fanfic

hello everyone!!!! i know its been ages since ive updated this fanfic but i have not abandoned it. ive just been extremely busy between work, school, mama voting, working on the what am i to you series.....ive just been unable to write for this one but with bts coming out with their short film for their seasons greetings and seeing notifications that people are still liking and clipping this story, i felt insfired again. so even though this one is a bit short. .... i welcome you back to skool.


*Jin* If I knew Jungkook as well as i thought i did, i knew he would be waiting for me to leave my room so he could see her. I rounded the corner and waited. I watched him dart inside the room. I was right. I knew this was going to be hard but i was going to have to share her. At least until she was sure who she wanted, but we were all going to have to talk. The last thing i wanted was for her to feel overwhelmed. I stepped into our living room to make the call. After her ankle was checked and she was resting i would have to call a meeting. We all just needed to get our feelings for her out in the open and think of what was best for her. I sat on the couch in the living room amd waited for the doctor to get here. After what felt like an eternity , taehyung came in followed by the doctor. We both led him to my room. I tried to mentally prepare myself for what i was about to see, but it still was hard. I noticed Taehyung's jaw clench and i knew he felt the same way.


*Present* After agreeing to let him help me, i noticed jungkook start to relax more. He climbed into the bed, rested his head on his hand , and stared at me. He looked adorable. "What are you doing?" I laughed. "Memorizing your face." He smiled. I felt my cheeks blush. "Why?" I asked suddenly feeling extremely self conscious. I had been sleeping all day, my hair was probably a mess. I hadn't washed my face or redone my makeup amd here he was staring at me. He looked like an angel. Not a single flaw anywhere. He smiled. "Why?! Because you're absolutely beautiful." I couldn't help but laugh. "Dont lie to me. I probably look like a train wreck." I said as i tried to cover my face. I felt his hand on mine as he grasped my fingers and peeled my hands away. He kept my hands in his but inched closer to my face. He bit his lip and i felt my heart skip several beats. I began to worry. What if my hands started to sweat? What if i had eye crust? Oh my God what was i doing just sitting here? "Nope." He said suddenly, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Nope?" I asked tilting my head in confusion. He used that opportunity to lean in and kiss me. This was different from the timid , shy jungkook that had started to show me he liked me. He let go of my hand and snaked his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him. I found myself clinging to his shirt and kissing him back. i was so caught up in the moment that i forgot everything and tried to turn to close the gap between us when i felt an extreme pain that left me gasping for air. Jungkook immediately shot up to tend to my ankle. He grabbed the pillow he had been leaning on and added that ti the pillows i already had. He also readjusted the ice pack that had fallen off my ankle amd onto the bed. He looked at me worried and unsure. I had lost the confident jungkook and gotten the timid, shy kookie all over again. "What do you need me to do?" He asked looking for any other way to help me. There really wasnt much that he could do, but i knew how bad he wanted to help. I tried to mask the pain as i sat up and inched further down on the bed. I patted the now empty spot behind me. "Just hold me." I whispered. Immediately he hopped back into the bed and carefully placed a leg on each side of me. As soon as he was in place i leaned my body back, resting my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. He wrapped his arms around me and began to hum. I was mesmorized by the sound of his voice. "Hey!" I asked suddenly remembering. "What did you mean when you said nope earlier?" I felt his chuckle vibrate through his chest. "You were doubting yourself. I was answering the questions in your eyes..... nope. There's not a single thing wrong with you." I smiled. This boy definitely knew how to get to me. I snuggled back into him and concentrated on the sound of his voice. I was so caught up in it that i didn't even hear the door open......

yes namjoon i know, i know.....its another cliff hanger yes yoongi i already warned you this chapter was short.....but dont worry. i will continue it and hopefully a lot sooner than last time. well everyone.....though suggestions. comment below bc i wants to know. if i double tag you i apologize and if you woild like to be added or removed just let me know. tagging some awesome peeps: @AudreyJelly@Mikim000@luna171@VeronicaArtino@Helixx@bbxgd@micahirene @amobigbang@mandynoona@MadAndrea@nenegrint14@ChelseaGarcia@destiny1419@baileykayleen@MorganElisabeth@BreeMassey@Saeda1320 @ladygdragon@sugafree @jojojordy2324@byeolbit@JinsPrincess86@parktaemi@celeste2655@Atamshair@B1A4BTS5ever@Miss148@honey5oo@ponouvang123@AimeeH@StephenyAcevedo@ARMYStarlight@StephanieDuong@ChaErica@KpopGaby@reyestiny93@NykeaKing@mitchix5@britneyamanda@Katherina2078@DianaBell @solodaywithB1A4@xoxoaudra98@Maxxie12@KaceyDodge@DulceZelaya@saraortiz2002@xxtina@EmilyPeacock@IMNII@Jiyongixoxo@KpopQueenBee@danidee@BriannaN@Marblue143@amandamuska@ashleydj1oo@xsandas17@ChelseaJay @Selfishmachine @Rebecca22@sarahdarwish@LauraEspinoza@btsgotshinee@VikaAlex@SokharChea@bambamisbae@DinaEXo@tinaechle@ravenator143@MomoChemie@nnatalieg@sunggaray@Bockah1327@Cindystran@KatelynSummerso@hyunsaeng638@nightshade18@herrerawanessa9@KpopJunkiesTV@BluBear07@creames@beckiboop1996@SuperJuniorelf@KdramaKpop1018@JessicaChaney@misssukyi@Rocky1903@ninjamidori@Kpossible4250@anniemimis@AnnaArai@GossamoKewen95@Exoexo@EsmeraldaCayeta@igotswag@SarangRavi@kpoplover1995@DemiseiaGardner@BBxGD@CreeTheOtaku@DawanaMason@FalseLove@catchyacrayon@clandrea170@glo86@tinaechle@JackieG1617@emilyanpham14@LexTay327@MissyKim@Mercedesbenz98@jennymedina@SerenityPierce@aabxo@NancyNongvilay@DasiaB@Sisicup@Ticasensei@KaeliShearer@AnnieGoodman@juunnee@taetaejojo@kieusero@kissofdeath316 @annemimis@Starbell808@sunglrll99674@KhouYang@PrettieeEmm@Ercurrent @Mercii@staceyholley@ChelseaAustin@SaiT@Emealia@sarahdarwish@herreravanessa9@AlloBaber@LaynicornLay@thePinkPrincess@RihannaTiaMay@KatieRussell@SugalessJams@ILikeHisFace123 @SugaOnTop@katiems@DesireeChucklez@jaebug@moonchild03@terenailyn@xsandos17@SarahVanDorn@11erinmims@kpopandkimchi@glo86@Tigerlily84@PrettieeEmm@ChelseaJay@KellyOConnor@poojas@KDramaKPop1015@VIPforever123@fallchild@CreeTheOtaku@MorleeCorielus@JaxomB@luna1171@AgentLeo@Roxt1903@amandamuska@GDsGF@sherrysahar@kpopdeluxegirl@CheyenneJesse@KaceyDodge@MyaIsNotSexy@abiersack666@Taehyungkey@BtsIsLife@Bitterlimelight@KpopQueenaBee@Rhia@Kieuseru@sherrysahar@VIPFreak2NE1@yewookyu@Kyokeo@RainaC3@terenailyn@LilySilver@KeziahWright@Dabaesaplayer@ShimJooKyung@SamanthaRae19@DawanaMason @AlloBaber@JasmineWilliams@VixenViVi @Exoexo@shantalcamara@bangtanella@taetaebaozi@torchix@JohnEvans@DestinaByrd@LenaBlackRose@NalaniCerteza@BlueBear07 @Marilovexoxo@chinabarrier16@MalihaAhme@AmbieB@Vkookie47@PassTheSuga@stevieq@JasminMartinez@KwonOfAKind@CarleB@jessicacheung97@shannonl5@LAVONYORK@Kuzuri96 @Ercurrent@PandaSoapy@PatriciaS@tinathellama@CrystalGuerra@thekreviewer@pharmgirlerin@EliseSledge@TracyLynnn@drummergirl691@CindyHolguin@ChelestiEdwards@JasminMartinez @dchapple45 @EWillsea@JessicaVang@KayLeeRose94 @shantalcamara @kpopbunny9@axosrain@kiyofugi@mellyortiz @MaritessSison@AlysonLR @IsoldaPazo @Maaari @KeraDelatorre  @SamanthaAcosta@Saeda1320@EmmaJolie @NaimaJeune@JessWang90 @SindyHernandez @KiinLyr @kanatm @Foxxyjinxx @batgirl225319@AbbyRamey @IsisMayaVelasco@FromBlue2U@moralesdaisy199@Mavis2478@naehudnall@QueenLele @YessicaCardenas@hayoungforever@TracyLynnn@JasmineGregory @ashrose33@YeseniaF

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