False Innocence Chapter 38

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Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst

Warning: Language

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False Innocence Collection

Taehyung POV

“Tae your friends are here at the door. Go greet them,” his mother told him from his doorway. Annoyed, Taehyung sat his comic book down on his bed then headed toward the door. When he saw Jungkook he smiled widely and was excited to see him then he saw [Y/N]. His smile quickly faded and his heart began to hurt when he saw her. Taehyung’s pace slowed as he approached them at the door. “Yo man what’s up,” Jungkook said with a wave. Taehyung flashed a quick closed smile in response. “We hadn’t seen you at school lately and we were worried. You doing okay,” Jungkook continued.

“Yeah I’m fine. But I need to go. Sorry I can’t hang out.”

Taehyung started to walk away when [Y/N] called out to him, “Tae, can I talk to you for a second.” Taehyung turn to be met with sorrow filled eyes and he could feel himself breaking. “Please, it will only take a second,” [Y/N] pleaded. “I’m sorry but who are you,” Taehyung asked coldly. [Y/N]’s expression quickly went to shock when she heard his words. “Taehyung that’s a bit of a cruel joke,” Jungkook said.

“Is she your girlfriend Jungkook?”

Jungkook scoffed as he looked away briefly. Taehyung was expecting Jungkook’s clenched fists to be swung at him but Jungkook never made the move. “Taehyung what are you playing at,” Jungkook said through clenched teeth. “If you came here to fight Jungkook then I want nothing to do with it,” Taehyung answered as he slammed the door shut on his friends. “Hey! Taehyung,” Jungkook yelled through the door.

Taehyung leaned his back against the door and slid down it’s smooth finish. Resting his face in his hands he could hear the muffled cries of [Y/N] on the other side. “It’s okay [Y/N]. Don’t cry. I’ll figure out what’s going on.” “It’s okay Jungkook. He obviously doesn’t want me around anymore. Let’s go.” Hearing the faint footsteps get further away only made Taehyung’s heart hurt more. “I know you are sitting by the door Taehyung,” Jungkook called from the other side making Taehyung look up from his hands. “I won’t let you continue to stomp all over her heart like this. I let you pass the last few times you screwed up but not this time.”

‘This is the right thing to do. This is the right thing to do. This is the right thing to do.’ The same sentence ran through Taehyung’s thoughts as he started to his room again feeling broken. “Are they staying for dinner,” his mother asked from the kitchen. “No and next time if people stop by just tell them I’m busy,” Taehyung answered back annoyed. He slammed the bedroom door behind him after he entered his room and collapsed to the floor crying.


You weren’t crying because Taehyung broke your heart again. You were crying because you let him break your heart again. You had let him back into your life and he took advantage of you again. “[Y/N] wait,” Jungkook called after you but you refused to stop moving. You angrily wiped at the tears that streaked your cheeks and took in a deep breath. Jungkook gripped your shoulder and forced you to turn and look at him. His sympathetic stare only made you more angry with yourself. “I don’t need your pity Jungkook,” you shot at him. Jungkook flinched a little and slowly removed his hand from your shoulder. “Sorry,” you said after realizing you probably hurt him. “I’m just...”

“I know it’s okay [Y/N].”

Your eyes started to fill with even more tears and Jungkook pulled you into a hug. As you cried into his chest, Jungkook smoothed your hair and repeated the words, “Shh it’s okay. Let it out.” You squeezed the hem of your skirt in your fits as your tears fell. “I’m so stupid,” you said through your tears.

“You’re not stupid [Y/N].”

“Yes I am! This is who he is! I shouldn’t have gone back to him!” Jungkook didn’t answer. “He’s a liar, a cheater. He does what he wants and then drops what he doesn’t want. He dropped me. He doesn’t want me anymore.”

“[Y/N] that’s...”

“No Jungkook.” You pulled back from him to look him straight in the eyes. You took in a deep breath to calm yourself down. “Don’t try and tell me that he actually cares about me. If he cared about me he would at least have some decency to tell me he wants to break up.” Jungkook smiled slightly. You took in another deep breath to help stop your tears. “I’m fine Jungkook.”

“Are you sure?” Jungkook laughed slightly as he wiped a stray tear from your cheek. You looked away from him in embarrassment.

“Yes I’m fine. I’m going to go to the bookstore. Want to join?” You sniffled as you wiped your nose with the sleeve of your jacket. Jungkook laughed and threw his arm around you, “Yes I would love to join you.”

Both you and Jungkook arrived at the bookstore and separated briefly to go to different sections. After grabbing the reference book you were looking for you walked around and found yourself in the comic book section. ‘It’s been so long since I’ve read one of these,’ You thought as you happily looked at the spines of each book. A title of one caught your eye and you pulled it off the shelf to get a better look at it. “Orange? What kind of name is that,” you asked yourself as you opened it to the first page.

Page after page you read the comic book. Even though it was the first book out of who knows how many you couldn’t stop reading. One book was finished then you put it back on the shelf and grabbed the next. You were about half way through the second book when Jungkook startled you. He gripped your arms suddenly making you yelp and drop the book you were reading. His laughter was contagious and you also started to laugh with him. Jungkook bent down and picked up the book and stared at it. “You read comics [Y/N],” he asked as he flipped through the pages. You could feel your cheeks flush as you felt embarrassed as if someone had discovered a secret of yours. “Well... I um... “ you started. Jungkook smiled at you and handed the book back to you, “That’s pretty cool. Most girls seem to think they are too good for comics but they are just good stories with pictures.” You smiled at him as you took the book back from him. “Are you going to buy it,” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nah, It’s good but if I buy one I will want to buy them all. There’s a lot to the series.” You placed the book back on the shelf. “Besides I don’t know if it has ended or not. I’m not a very patient person so I wouldn’t want to wait for the next one to come out.”

“But you liked it?”

“Oh it is very good!” Your face lit up as you spoke about the book. “It’s called Orange and it’s about time travel kinda. I wasn’t very far into it but I would like to continue reading it.”

“Then why don’t you get a couple of the books.”

“It’s okay. I have this I need to read.” You held up your reference book and Jungkook made a disappointed expression. “I need to go pay. I’ll meet you at the entry.” You walked away toward the register but heard Jungkook following behind you. “You don’t have to go to the register with me,” You said as you face forward. “I know but it’s better to be next to you than by myself at a door,” Jungkook answered back. You rolled your eyes and continued to the register.

After paying for your book you and Jungkook headed out of the bookstore. It was dark and cold outside. You buttoned up your coat and stuffed your free hand into your pocket while your other hand held onto your book bag and your new purchase. Jungkook removed something from his bag and wrapped it around your neck then took the items from your hand. “A scarf,” you asked as you looked up at him. He nodded with a smile, “Can’t have you catching a cold. I’ll hold this so you can put your hands in your pockets. I’ll walk you home.”

“What about you Jungkook? Won’t you be cold?”

“Nah I’m fine. You have your legs exposed because of your skirt. You’ll get colder faster.”

You blushed at the idea of Jungkook noticing your bare legs. “Well thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As the two of you walked to your home conversation was small and few. You weren’t feeling so distracted from the events that happened at Taehyung’s house and all of the feelings you were wanting to avoid were rising within you. ‘I just need to keep my cool until I get home,’ you thought as you walked silently next to Jungkook. “Hey [Y/N],” Jungkook said after a long silence.


“Will you still be my tutor? Even next term?”

“Of course, why would I not be your tutor?” You laughed lightly at his request. He simply shrugged in response. “Well don’t even worry about it. I’ll tutor you as long as you need. Okay?” He smiled down at you and you tried to smile back. You looked up and noticed you were only about a couple blocks from your home. “I can continue from here on my own,” You said as you started to take off the scarf from your neck. Jungkook grabbed your hands to stop you. “No I’m walking you all the way home and you will keep that scarf on,” He said as he squeezed your hand lightly.

“Geez bossy.”

Jungkook took his hand back from yours and you placed your own back in your pocket. Just as you had said in a short distance you had arrived at home. You stood outside the gate and removed the scarf to hand back to Jungkook. He took the scarf while you took your things from him. With a wave you started to head in but Jungkook stopped you. “[Y/N]...” You turned to face him from the other side of the gate. “Are you sure you are okay,” he asked as he squeezed the scarf in his hands. You could feel the tears pool in your eyes as you spoke, “I promise I’m fine. Thank you Jungkook. It’s late you need to get home.”

“You can always talk to me [Y/N]. I’ll always be here.”

You smiled at him before you turned away from him. Your tears fell as you reached for the door handle. You didn’t wipe them from your face because you didn’t want Jungkook to see you, you knew he was still watching you. As soon as the door clicked behind you as you entered into the home you started to sob. “[Y/N]! What’s wrong,” your mother cried as she ran up to you. Unable to speak you grabbed onto your mom and cried, “M-mom...” Your dad entered the room and asked your mom why you were crying but she quickly shooed him out of the room. “Sweetie let’s get you out of the entry way and into the house. Come on,” she said as she pulled you away from her and wiped your tears.

Your mother helped you up to your room and laid you in your bed. She stroked your hair as you cried into her lap and told her everything that happened. You could feel that your heart had completely broken this time. There was no going back. “Mom, what did I do wrong,” you asked through your hiccups. “You did nothing wrong. Sometimes boys are stupid,” She answered back then leaned down to kiss your forehead. You could feel your cries slow down and your eyes become heavy. “I love you mom.”

“I love you too. Just relax [Y/N]. It’s okay.”

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