Okay so part of my BTS series I give you this one shot. (Just bare with me if your waiting for the last chapter to the Jhope one)Mr. Kim Seokjin(Who I am secretly having major love issues with but shhhh, dont tell Xiumin.)I hope you guys enjoy this.. I hope I didn't make this too sad or anything, oh and I did use some of the lyrics from "Awake" in this... so tell me what you think.Main Characters:Other Characters:Warnings:Plot:

So Enjoy!

BTS Seris Read List:Here

Jin: Awake

Suga:First Love

Jhope:Memories Of A Broken HeartRapMonster: (--) Jimin: (--) V: (--) Jungkook: (--)

Its not that I believe it, but that I want to try holding out because this is all that I can do, I want to remain, I want to dream more, even so, what Im saying is, that its time to leave."Um, my apartment is 124 if you ever want to hangout or uh… yea, Ill just see you later okay."


sooooo to be honest... it was kinda but not really hard to write some of it, but I hope that you all like it still.tell me what you think? Its my first time writing a story like this, but please I would love for some feedback ^^Awake is my favorite song. the begining and chours part had me thinking and I wrote my point on the meaning in my own way. I know Jin probably had it written on a whole different meaning.My Kpop Fam@EmilyPeacock@BBxGD@evievelyn@RochelleRose@BiasKpop@CallMeMsDragon@everiemisfit@stephany123@TracyLynnn@jyesung72@makidabebe

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