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Characters Kwon/Lee Haeul - 19 years old - Seoul High school - Part of the Kwon family - Concealed identity due to situation - Only Daughter of renowned gangster couple, G-Dragon & Sandara - Siblings: Kwon Daehyun; Leader of Monsters. - Have a crush on Suho - Very tough but not tomboy - Great fighting skills - Can beat up anyone but can never hurt animals - Unexpectedly shy (Only when with Suho) Kim Joonmyun/Suho - 19 years old - Seoul High School - Part of Exo but unknown to many - A nerd - Siblings: Kim Jongin(Kai) and Kim Jongdae(Chen) - Eldest son of Kim Heechul and also Heir to SM cooperation - Bullied sometimes but conceal it from his brothers - Only friends are Exo - Very clueless about love, relationships and girls - very innocent for his age Exo - Consists of 9 members with a hidden member, Suho - Suho [19], Xiumin [19] , Lay [19], Baekhyun[18], Chanyeol [18], Chen [18], D.O [18], Tao [17], Sehun [17], Kai [17] - Are the kingkas of Seoul High - Kept mostly to themselves - Loved by almost all girls in the school - A gang working under SM, Part of the big3 Monsters - Consists of 5 members - Kwon Daehyun( One)[21], Lee Soohyun( Shadow)[24], Kim Leon ( Rion)[20] , Kim Junyong ( X )[22] Choi Minhyuk ( Black )[21] - Work for YG, part of Big3 - All are in their 20s, in college - Very protective of Haeul Big 3 - YG, SM and JYP - First Generation: Yang HyunSuk (YG), Lee SooMan (SM)& Park Jinyoung (JYP) - now handled by second generation; Kwon Jiyong (YG), Kim Heechul (SM) and Ok Taecyeon (JYP) - The 3 strongest alliance groups. - Always help each other when in need. Other characters will be revealed as the story progress :) tagging some friends~ @twistedPuppy@VatcheeAfandi99@Sammie9952@B1A4BTS5ever@resavalencia@moose1998@vipgirl5@locoforjiyoung@xxchicharitoxx@AubrielPope@LemonLassie@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KAddict@amberg1711997@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@salo@janessaakemi@LisetteZapata@mrsjeon@swarrier16@JuanitaBooRiv @xoxorittie@LunaCordero@merryjayne13@alyssadonell@TerraToyaSi@MariRi@CallMeMsDragon @Isolate@amandamuska@AmberRelynn@TheEnlightmen@EmilyPeacock@RebeccaLondon@kisashimizu16@Tamaki1618@SkyBlast@StephaniePoore @OhltsJas@tiffany1992@Polarstarr@firstladyfamog@minimanim3@AnnieGodman@Winx9119@KhrystinaLee@Raz4L@KarenGuerra93@lizbethruiz617@Gaarita100@Chace@Kimnam94@FaithMarrison@JuliaVIP@Kpossible4250@NellybugJohnson@MelissaGarza@BangtansWife95@amberg171997@strawberrylover@EmilyGardner@Parktaemi@romsalina @KwonOfAKind @micahirene@KaeliShearer@ChandraTorres@ManiGray@kpoplover492@hayoungforever@vlargo@otakukpoper@mariadelzam@CristinReynolds@Exoexo@leviniax@HyunnieKim@adorably@Zoelove@3SecoundsOfHope@BrandyJones@MaelStormVIP@NikkoNole@VIPFreak2NE1@cagonzales9696@ShifaKulsoom@Abigailh758 @xMangaLover @HeichousRegalia @IsisMayaVelasco @GreciaFlores @FromBlue2U @RandomName @dianalakoreana @RandomName @Princess2425 @RKA916 @MichelleRosa @IDK2018 @SweetDuella @KPandaLover@loljan17 @BridgetJara @Kitty17 @ShinoYuki @Hongbinhyung @LemonLassie @AliceChess @Izzy987 @yaya12 @BiasKpop @Kenzielogical11 @Baekyeol27 @dreemer13@QueenPandaBunny@KhouYang@BTSxEXO@Princess2425@AngelaDarkness@LunaFergus@InfinitySky@tiffany1922@Kyokeo@Momina427@imiebegay14 ( please tell me if you want to be untagged i will gladly untag you so please just be polite and ask i would do it if you want to be tagged in my cards tell me and i would be glad to add you on my cards thank you)

I'm a kpop freak, no literally a kpop freak ask me anything related to kpop and I might know ik ik it's useless blah blah blah idc I luv kpop n always will anyways I'm Angela annyong ~ im a fun person once u get to know me yes I think dirty sometimes but wat can we do were human beings not robots hehe anyways yes I'm not Korean Vietnamese or Thai I'm Hmong not many people know about us, but I'm learnin Korean n Thai my fav languages bc I also watch k-drama n Thai-dramas my fav kpop groups r EXO BTS T-ARA and INFINITE TEENTOP + B.A.P so DON'T I repeat DON'T even think about saying things about thm haha anyways yes well tats all I luv South Korea n idk y but yea haha anyways gtg later biii~
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