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Hello my fellow Storia! Its Melissa, one of your History mod supporters. My Saturday feature is Short Imagine If. I write imagine if scenarios. This week was hard for me to think of a good scenario. Thanks to@twistedPuppy and

Imagine if you had to go home for Thanksgiving. You found out that cousin that bullies you is going to there with her younger and so handsome boyfriend. You can't show up by yourself. She will definitely ridicule you about still being single. So you ask a friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for Thanksgiving. Imagine if your friend wants to really be your boyfriend.

Imagine if you had to go back home for Thanksgiving. Your mother just informed you that your evil cousin is going to be there with her younger boyfriend. You know you got to bring someone with you. She wouldn't let the opportunity to ridicule you about being single. You were mulling over it when your good friend Yijeong spots in a cafe. He walks over to you. Hey Y/N! what's up? He asks as he sits in front of you. You were startled by his presence. Oh Yijeong! You scared me. You said while sitting up straight. I have a huge problem Yijeong. I have to back home for Thanksgiving. And I just found my evil cousin Melissa is going to be there with younger boyfriend Kyungil. Its driving me crazy. I so don't want to go home for Thanksgiving. You rant to Yijeong At least you got a home to go to for the holidays. I'm stuck here by myself for Thanksgiving. Yijeong says sadly while stirring his coffee. As he was saying this, you get a great plan in your head. Why not bring Yijeong home for Thanksgiving. He can pretend to be my boyfriend. He is a boy and a really good friend. It really could work out. At least, it'll stop Melissa from ridiculing at every little thing about her life. I'm sorry YiJeong for being insensitive. You said while getting a hold of his hand. How about you join me and my family for Thanksgiving. You can protect me from Melissa, if you come. You ask pleadingly How can I help protect you? He asks By pretending to be my boyfriend. Then Melissa will have to back off. With a boyfriend as cute as you, shell have no reason to pick on me. You said Yijeong was stunned at what you said. Y/N thinks I'm cute He blushes while thinking about it Too bad you are my friend and younger then me, Yijeong You said sitting up Just when Yijeong was feeling high, you dragged him back down by friend zoning him. So do you want to join us? She ask with pleading eyes. Ok, I'll join your family for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll surprise on how good a boyfriend I can be He says with a wink The day of Thanksgiving has arrived. Yijeong was acting really strange. He was a perfect gentleman the whole trip. He would carry her luggage to the car. He would open the doors for her. He was being the perfect boyfriend. This trip to her Hometown, has her looking at Yijeong in a different way. He would be a perfect boyfriend. Besides his age, they have a lot in common. They know each other very well. They both see the other's bad sides and still stay around. So she made a decision. When they pulled up to her family home. There were already family members. Yijeong parks the car down the street. He opens your door for you. Yijeong, can I ask you something? She asks while getting out to stand in front of him yes Y/N? Do you want to be my real boyfriend? She asks while getting a hold of his hand Yijeong was so surprise by question. He thought it would take longer to convince her how good he is for her. Before he could answer, Melissa who must've been on a look out for Y/N suddenly appear with her boyfriend Kyungil. Y/N aren't you coming in? The family is waiting for you. Always the last one to arrive aren't you Y/N She says smugly while tugging her man next to her. She finally noticed Yijeong Who is this Y/N? You look at Yijeong for the answer. He knows what you are asking. I'm her boyfriend and my name is Yijeong. its a pleasure to finally meet some of family He says with a bow toward Melissa and Kyungil Are you for real? Aunty said you were still single and alone. She wanted Kyungil to introduce you to one of his friends. Dokyun? right sweetie? She asks Kyungil Yes sweetie, you said Dokyun would be perfect for your single cousin. replies Kyungil Well thank you for your well intentions but mom doesn't know yet. This was a surprise for her. To know I got someone to take care of me now. You and Yijeong stated walking towards the house. You leave Melissa fuming in her rage over your happiness. Kyungil tries to calm her down. You don't pay attention to her any more. You were so happy about being home with someone you care about. Well I hope you enjoyed this week's Short imagine if. If you have any suggestions for imagine if, please comment.

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