Who are you, and what have you done to me!?


Jang Dongwoo.....

You majestic being.

How can you be so gorgeous yet wreck me whole everything!

Your smile is so DAMN contagious!

Awe patghatagsgs You and this kitty cat! Excuse me while I go die.

Then you pull the sexy!

Like, Nosebleed!


Ok I'm done.


I want to create and Infinite taglist, let me know if you want to be added. I have more to spam. But I dont want to put it all in one card haha MELODY MOD SQUAD:@LemonLassie@AimeeH@StephanieDuong@IsoldaPazo@MandyNoona@Bangtanss@Helixx@MelissaGarza VIXXEN SQUAD: @StephanieDuong@JiyongLeo@AimeeH@Helixx@LemonLassie@resavalencia CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji-@JiyongLeo Helixx-@Helixx Mandy-@MandyNoona Stef-@StefaniTre Stephanie-@StephanieDuong Sol-@IsoldaPazo Lemon-@LemonLassie Vinny-@twistedPuppy Aime-@AimeeH Stephany-@Stephany123 Michelle-@Bangtanss emily-@ercurrent VINGLE FAM:@SugaKookieV@ZitaMahoney@KaitlynHewitt@AbbyRamey@NaughTAE@princessunicorn@BrennaTran@SugaOnTop@bbyitskatie@CrookedShadow@ToppDogg@lovetop@Emealia@KpopGaby@ashleyemmert@KeziahWright@twistedPuppy@Ercurrent@JaiiPanda@Sailynn@AmberFranco@sarahdarwish@LocoForJiyong@MadAndrea@SimplyAwkward@PolarStarr@kpopandkimchi@SleepingChim

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