Weak~ Chapter 1

Genre: Angst, Gang! au (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 11,962 words

Summary: The choice between family and love. What do you choose?

Part: 1/?

A/N: Did you all notice anything about the two gangs?

Saturday: 0810 hours.

“Late again”, your boss, Yoongi noted disapprovingly as you trudged into his office, completely exhausted. He had sent you and Jimin on a wild goose chase last night, and you’d had about two hours of sleep.

“Of fuck off”, you growled irritably, plopping yourself down next to Namjoon, snatching the bag of crisps out of the boys hand and grabbing a few. Jimin was currently soundly asleep, his head buried in his arms.

Yoongi slammed his hand down on the table, startling the silver haired boy. “Get your shit together, you two”, he all but growled at the pair of you whilst Namjoon stifled a laugh. “You’ve been here long enough to know that sometimes we get shit wrong.”

“You mean you get shit wrong”, you shot back. Yoongi narrowed his eyes at you but you could tell he was too tired to argue. “Anyway”, he changed the subject, sitting back down. “We have a problem.”

“Fuck. You blocked the toilet again, didn’t you?”, Namjoon mumbled to Jimin, mouth full. You snorted as Jimin whacked him hard enough to send the crisps flying. This was the norm. The four of you lived together, worked together. This kind of shit happened on a daily basis.

“Just fucking shut up and listen. There’s a party tonight. All the rich tycoons who fund us to do their dirty work are gonna be there”, Yoongi briefed the three of you. He looked stressed- and he was normally good at hiding stress.

Jimin raised a brow. “And?”

“And Jin’s lot have somehow found out”, Yoongi snapped, making the three of you stiffen.

“Oh shit”, was all Namjoon could say, relaying what you and Jimin were also thinking.

“They’ve got to have someone on the inside. No other way they could have known that. And how the hell do we stop them killing every fucker there?”, you asked, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“One of Jin’s lot died recently, and they replaced him with some young, new guy”, Yoongi informed you lot, as you listened intently, all jokes aside. This was serious. Without all that funding, you guys were nothing. Not to mention Yoongi would be out for Jin’s blood.

“He might be the one on the inside”, Jimin realised. “Do we have anything on him? Description? A name?”

“I think they said his name was Jungkook. We need to stop him, Jin, Hope and that maniac V from killing our millionaires.” That’s how you all referred to the crooks who gave you money. Your ‘millionaires’.

“And how the fuck do we do that?”, Namjoon grumbled, wiping the crumbs from his hands on your hoodie, and wincing when you kicked him in retaliation.

“We stop them before they attack. Four of them, four of us. I’ll get Jin, Jimin gets V, and Namjoon, you go after...what the fuck’s his name...Hope.” Yoongi turned to you.

“Y/n, why don’t you go after the newbie? Apparently he’s their strongest asset. He’s around your age, and I reckon you’ll put up a good enough fight to stall him.”

“Sure”, you nodded, leaning back in your chair. All you wanted to do was sleep. “What time is this gonna take place?”

“10, but we’ll be there early.”

“There’s some make up in the cabinet I think...if he seems too strong, I’m sure he’ll be a sucker for a pretty face. We have some of that shit for your lips, and that...eyeliner crap”, Jimin offered

You glared at him. “I’ll tell you where you can shove your bloody eyeliner you b-”, You started before Yoongi held up a hand to stop you. “Focus guys. You all know as well as I do that if these people die, we’re pretty much done for. We don’t have enough money to be self-sufficient yet, and we need these people alive.”

“They kill ours, we’ll find a way to finish them”, Namjoon said darkly, his words holding a promise. You and Jimin nodded. “Don’t worry boss”, Jimin added. “We’ve handled them before- we can do it again.” Yoongi offered you all a tight smile, looking somewhat content.

No matter what happened, family came first. And your boss and the other two idiots were your family.

Yoongi had actually gone to the trouble of buying three suits and a red dress with a slit down one leg. The boys were to carry guns as they were concealable, and you were instructed to carry a knife.

You glowered at Yoongi. “Boss, a knife? Jesus Christ, if you want me to end up dead, you could just shoot me now.” Yoongi sighed. “How the fuck do you carry a gun under a dress y/n?”

“Who the hell said I had to wear a dress?!”, You asked shrilly, throwing your hands up.

“Y/n, just please. Listen to me for once. If you go wearing your fucking skinny jeans, you’ll get kicked out. At least look the part.”

You said nothing. “Oh and don’t speak- at all. You need to give the impression of being classy”, Jimin added. You stood up to throttle him, but Namjoon stopped you.

“Jimin, shut the fuck up”, Yoongi ordered. Your boss knew you were still in a shitty mood from last night.

“Right. I have a quick question. How the hell do we stop them if we don’t know their plan? Or even if they’re going at all?”, Namjoon asked, running a hand through his hair.

“We need to be there just in case. I can’t risk a loss as big as this. As for the plan...we’re all smart enough to figure it out as we go along.”

Saturday: 2200 hours.

You all stood there in a line, staring up at the pristine white mansion. The location of the party. Jimin adjusted his bow tie, and Namjoon cleared his throaty. None of you wanted to say it to Yoongi- the chances of finding Jin’s gang in this place was too small. A fruitless task, to say the least.

But from the determined glint in your boss’s eye, you could tell he still wouldn’t give in. “You all know what you need to do? And do you all have your in-ears?”

Namjoon and Jimin nodded, but you didn’t. “I don’t even know what the hell this Jungkook looks like”, you pointed out the obvious.

“Use your initiative”, Yoongi responded.

“If you have any”, Namjoon muttered under his breath. You couldn’t be bothered to hit him for his cheek, so you flipped him off behind Yoongi’s back instead.

A couple of partygoers strolled past, paying no attention to you four. “OK”, Yoongi muttered once they’d passed. “Namjoon, you’re gonna come with me. Y/n and Jimin- you guys come in together, in around five minutes.”

“K Boss”, you both responded. Jimin tucked in his gun properly, and you made sure the garter that held your knife was secure enough.

You and Jimin waited impatiently, kicking rocks at each other for five minutes, before he told you it was time to go in. He linked your arm in his, and you looked at him in disgust. “Oh don’t flatter yourself, we’re going for the couple disguise”, he snapped. not looking too thrilled himself. He was the equivalent of a brother, after all.

“Lemme guess. Yoongi’s smart ass came up with that?”, you scoffed and Jimin chuckled as you approached the door. “You know it”, he murmured, smiling at security.

“Good evening Sir”, Jimin greeted politely, in a completely different voice. The security guard just nodded him through, without even checking credentials.

You stifled a laugh until you were a safe distance away. “How the f...what the hell was that?”, you chortled. “ Good evening sir”, you mocked as he untangled his arm from yours, unamused. “Oh shut up”, he huffed.

“Go do your job. And stay safe”, he added, walking off, leaving you alone with a smile still on your face. Yoongi and Namjoon were nowhere to be seen, so you decided to firstly trawl through the room, to see if you could spot the enemy.

You scanned the room thoroughly, although nobody immediately struck you as suspicious. You were still walking along when a small girl, the size of your knee ran into you. You subconsciously made sure the dress covered your thigh as you steadied


The girl giggled an apology, looking up at you with big, bright doe eyes. “Where are your parents?”, you asked, somewhat concerned that she was by herself- and in such a potentially dangerous situation.

Your stomach dropped when she pointed at a man and woman laughing together, completely oblivious to the whereabouts of their daiughter. They were one of the richest and biggest crooks in the business, sometimes paying tens of thousands to your gang to get rid of rivals.

You knelt down, stroking the little girl’s hair out of her flushed face. It wasn’t her fault who her parents were.“Go to your mummy, OK? Stay with her.” The girl nodded, waved at you with her chubby hands and skipped on. You waited until she was indeed with her mother, before setting off to see if you could find your target.


A large, white marble staircase outside the main party room intrigued you. If you hadn’t seen anyone suspicious downstairs, then you’d try upstairs. Extremely cautious of any sudden attacks, you made your way up, footsteps echoing off the walls, and through the vacant space of the hallway.

You pressed the button of your in-ear, whispering “I’m going upstairs. Couldn’t see any suspicious activity in the party.” Immediately, you heard a rustling noise somewhere nearby. Your hands itched to grab the knife, but you didn’t, just in case it was a false alarm and your cover got blown.

You were taken by surprise when a boy about your age rushed out from one of the rooms, and tried to barge past you. You instinctively pushed him back, taking him by surprise.

He matches the description, you thought, as you eyed him. He had a muscular build, and looked a bit...worried, as a newbie would.

“What the hell are you doing up here?”, you asked, in an unwelcome, cold tone, and he flinched.

“I was just...using the bathroom”, he replied, looking confused, as well as scared. You had to hand it to him- this Jungkook was a good actor.

“That so?”, You stepped closer to him and he stumbled back, making you scoff. “Listen buster, I don’t have time for games. What’s your name?”

“Y-yugyeom”, the boy stammered. “Listen, what do you want? I haven’t done anything!”, he denied shrilly, and your rolled your eyes. He had thought of a fake name pretty quickly.

“Yugyeom? Have to say, that’s a good one. How about you tell me your real name? And I might not hurt you as much as I’d planned.”

You raised a brow at his shaken form, the seed of doubt now planted in your mind. Was it possible you were questioning the wrong guy? Just as you were thinking this, you heard a low chuckle, making you and the boy turn.

Another boy, probably around your age, was leaning on the door-frame of one of the many rooms, his eyes dark, despite the smile on his face. You scanned his handsome features, and upon detecting no signs of fear of nervousness in him, you quickly concluded that you had in fact got the wrong guy.

You turned back to Yugyeom, annoyed to no end. “Listen to me. You’re gonna go down there and act like this never happened. I don’t give a shit who’s son you are- if I find out you let something slip, I will kill you. Got it?”

The boy nodded and hastily scurried off. He got to the top of the marble stairs, before you heard gunshot. The next thing you know, Yugeom’s body was lifelessly falling down.

You immediately turned to the real Jungkook. Your fingers twitched to grab your only weapon, and sensing this, Jungkook chuckled once more, pocketing his weapon.

“So you’re y/n. I heard great things. Though by the looks of things, most of them weren't true. You don’t let witnesses live, silly” You didn’t find that funny in the slightest.

“I ain’t heard shit about you, and that in itself says a lot”, you retorted with a growl, making his smile die a little.

“Guys”, Jimin’s voice in your ear perked your attention. “I’ve found V. I’m on his tail. Any luck with you lot?” Namjoon and Yoongi’s muttered simultaneous ‘No’s’ whilst you remained quiet, seeing as the boy you were after was right in front of you.

His biceps rippled under his black shirt, you noted as he eyed your in-ear. “Where’s your boss?”, you asked in a steely manner.

“Why would I tell you that, sweetheart?”

“Watch yourself”, you snapped, his smirk infuriating you further.

You tried again. “What the hell are you doing in that room?”, you asked, stepping forward fearlessly. You had nothing to be scared of, you knew you could fight.

Jungkook uncrossed his arms and was immediately on guard, watching your every move. “I don’t want to hurt a pretty little thing like you, so don’t test me”, he warned, and you barked out a laugh.

“It’s a test you’ve already failed”, you responded as you shouldered him with all your might, knocking the wind out of him. He was surprisingly quick to retaliate, finding his balance and throwing a punch, which you narrowly avoided.

As you ducked to avoid his fist, he lashed out with his leg, which made contact with your hip. You hissed in pain, and stumbled back, but didn’t fall. Then you waited for him to charge towards you, before you let all hell loose, punching his eye (although you’d aimed for the cheek), and kneeing his throat when he fell forward.

Anyone else would have passed out- but he didn’t. But you took advantage of him being on the floor and jumped over him, heading for the bedroom. You were happy with what you found.

It was a laptop, with the live tracking of Jin’s gang. They were in the building- and they were on the move. You pressed the button in your in-ear, your eyes lit up and a small smile of accomplishment on your face.

“Boss!”, you panted. “Jin’s in the-”

You were so close to telling Yoongi that Jin was somewhere amongst the party goers, before someone grabbed your arms from behind. You let out an annoyed yell, struggling in Jungkook’s stronghold.

“You think that was smart?”, he rasped, his voice raw from being kicked in the throat. “Huh? Real fucking smart”, he snarled, answering his own question, and turning you around to face him. His black eye was already prominent, and he didn’t look best pleased.

Yoongi was repeatedly asking what you had said, and yelling that you got cut off. You grunted in pain when he slammed you against the wall, and your automatic reaction was to reach for the knife strapped to your thigh. Jungkook was holding your shoulders, not your arms, so that wasn’t too hard.

It sent chills down your your spine, when he laughed at the image of you brandishing a knife. “I’m sure a slit throat suits you very well”, you threatened, as Jungkook removed your in-ear, throwing it on the floor and stamping on it. “Want to try it out?”

You held the knife to his throat, but he still didn’t let go of you.

“Go on then”, he challenged, “Do it.” You applied more pressure, but he didn’t even react. In fact, he did something that unnerved you. He started counting down,


“What the fuck are you doing?”, you demanded, still not sure why you couldn't quite bring yourself to end the boy’s life.


“I asked you a question, jackass.”

“Two...One...”, he leaned into you , his lips practically touching your ear, and despite being on guard, you found yourself bringing the knife down to your side in apprehension.

He let go of your arms, and whispered one single word. “Run.”

The distant sound of gunshot was enough to kick you into action. You pushed past the boy, running out and back downstairs, skipping three steps at a time. You were literally bringing a knife to a gunfight, but you didn’t care. You and your gang members had to make it out of there unscathed. You just had to.

Also it’d be good if some of the millionaire's made it too.

The gunfire was getting louder, and you didn’t know what to do. If you burst in, you’d most likely get shot, but you didn’t know if Yoongi, Jimin or Namjoon were in there.

You couldn’t bit back the shriek of pure shock that escaped your throat when the window next to you smashed inwards, showering you with shards of glass.

You calmed down immediately when you saw who it was. “Fucking hell Namjoon!” He grabbed your hand and helped haul you out, your dress revealing more than desired. Once outside, you were met by one furious, and two disapproving looks.


“What?” Yoongi repeated. “What?! We thought you’d been shot, you idiot! I said ‘fall back’ about a hundred times!”

“I...”, you trailed off, realising they were truly worried. “Jungkook broke my in ear”, you mumbled, feeling like a child getting told off. “I thought you might have got...hurt.”

Yoongi sighed heavily, turning around, closely followed by Namjoon and Jimin. You trailed behind, the urge of looking into the window getting the better of you. And you wished you hadn’t. The bodies piled up was expected, but still a shock to the system.

But what you weren’t prepared for was the little girl you had talked to earlier, lying in the arms of her mother. Forever in a peaceful sleep. You swallowed harshly at the sight, before Yoongi’s shout had you snapping out of it.

“Y/n, hurry the fuck up before the cops get here!”

You turned back one last time before catching up to them. The enemy was in there, backs turned. Your upper lips curled in disgust at the sight of the back of Jin’s head, but then another pair of eyes caught yours.


He didn’t react at all, or make it obvious that you were stood there, but he didn’t look away either. You decided to listen to your boss before the enemy killed you- or rather, before Yoongi himself did.

Sunday: 0010 hours

The mood was despondent back at base.

“Well we fucked that up, didn’t we?”, Yoongi growled, somewhat unhelpfully. The three of you knew better than to speak up.

Jimin was rubbing his forehead, as if he was willing a pain to go away, and Namjoon was gloomily staring at the peeling paint on the wall.

You jumped when Yoongi threw something on the floor in a bout of rage. “Fuck! I’m gonna kill them all, I swear to God. They’re all fucking dead.”

“I could’ve stopped this”, you mumbled numbly. “I could’ve fucking stopped this. I just needed to be faster. Fuck.”

“No way. It ain’t on you”, Namjoon sighed. “It’s those fuckers. They got lucky that’s all.”

Yoongi ran a hand through his hair- he always did this when he was overly stressed. “It’s all over the fucking news. It looks like a slaughterhouse.” Your stomach churned at the graphic description.

“We’re gonna have to start selling drugs again to make up for losses. Jimin you still got a contact for that dealer?”

“Yes Boss”, he replied. The three of you didn’t give anything away, but you hated the drug trade with a passion. Those who were crazy addicts would snatch the bags and run. Sometimes even trying to knock you guys out.

But some gangs who were desperate enough made their members turn to prostitution- so it could be worse.

“I’m gonna get someone on the inside to follow these fuckers”, Yoongi snarled, referring to Jin and his gang. “And I’m gonna make sure they suffer.”

“Jungkook”, you mumbled the name out loud, without even realising. You offered and explanation when the three boys stared at you like you’d gone mad. “He’s a character. Someone to watch closely. He killed a boy in front of me, yet even when I beat him, he let me run.”

“Well you know what he looks like now. Next time you see him, put a bullet in his head”, Namjoon replied coldly.

“I will”, you affirmed automatically. You knew you would. Your family was ruined because of Jin’s gang, and every single one of them deserved what they would eventually get.

Monday: 0900 hours

The dealer was quick to respond and supply. You, Namjoon and Yoongi were staring at the countless bags of white powder you had just spent...quite a lot on, not knowing what to say to each other.

That is, until Namjoon burst in. “Boss! Guys!”

The three of you looked up in alarm, wondering what the hell was wrong. “There was a burglary in the local store this morning!”, Namjoon breathlessly announced. You shoulders slumped. Burglaries happened on the daily...so what?

“It was that jackass V!”, Namjoon elaborated, and your attention perked up slightly. Your gang got funding. Jin’s gang...wel they had to resort to measures such as this. Stealing in broad daylight. Maybe that’s why they killed all the millionaires- jealousy.

“I heard him on the phone as he made his getaway. Dumbass didn’t see me and said the location of his base out loud! It’s actually about fifteen minutes away”, Namjoon cackled in oure glee at the thought of payback.

“Wow, we got lucky”, Jimin breathed in disbelief. Well...every cloud did have a silver lining after all. Namjoon told Yoongi the location of the base, and the three of you left Yoongi to think up some plans- he always needed absolute silence when he worked.

“Good job Joon”, you praised. “Did something right for once.” It was such a back handed compliment, but he let it slide, ruffling your hair, which you hated. “Thanks. We should thank that idiot for being so fucking stupid!”, Jimin laughed.

Monday: 0945

V chucked the money he stole lazily on Jin’s desk. He didn’t give a shit about the money. “The plan worked boss”, he announced, bored. “That big buffoon heard me say the address.”

“Good job Taehyung”, Jin purred, intertwining his fingers and resting his chin on his hands. “As a present, I’ll let you have the girl. Do whatever the fuck you want. And tell the other two to stay on guard. Our visitors may pay us a visit at any time.”

V gave him a tight smile. He hated when people used his real name. He was no longer the lost kid, Kim Taehyung. He was V. But Jin always forgot.

“Yo”, he greeted Jungkook and Hope, who were idly sat, watching their massacre being broadcasted on the news. “Plan worked. Yoongi’s gang want us gone, so they’re most likely gonna drop by today. Keep yer eyes’s peeled”, V informed them gruffly.

The younger boys head snapped up at the mention of Yoongi. “Capture or kill?”, he simply asked.

“Kill on sight”, V responded. “No one touch the girl though.”

Jungkook stared at him. “Why?”

“Jin’s letting me have her.” The sickening smile V gave him made Jungkook’s stomach churn. “I’m gonna have her screaming my name and then...BOOM!”, the older boy continued, relaying his perverse scenario out for the other two to hear.

Jungkook thought about the girl. Y/n. Good fighter. But not stong enough for his gang. She would be annihilated if she set foot on Jin’s turf- all four of them would be.

Jungkook vividly remembered the way her eyes locked with his through the window. He saw the way she looked at the little girl. He saw her face fall when he shot that boy.

She just didn’t seem like the average gang member. She...felt too much. And that would be her downfall.

Monday: 1100 hours

“I think we ought to be careful”, you said warily, at your excited members. “V is known for being well-calculated. We don’t know if this is a trap.”

“Y/n, if he saw me, he’s react”, Namjoon assured. “Trust me on this. He has no idea.”

Yoongi called for your attention, stopping your conversation. “Listen. We are going there. Tonight. If it’s a trap, we will fight back. Y/n, I don’t know if you realise this, but revenge is an in built response we have now. We don’t let things slide, especially shit like this.”

You were smart enough to not argue. Revenge to the point of putting your own life in danger was just fucking stupid.

“Just to make this clear, you know, because I seem to be the dumb one. They are probably going to shoot us on sight, yet we have to fight back?”

“Y/n”, Yoongi snapped. “I’m getting real tired of your shit. Either you’re with us, or you can can fuck off and sell the rest of these drugs tonight.”

You scowled, but said nothing. You had a bad feeling about this, but of course, no matter what happened, you would be there for your gang. Your family.

Monday: 2350 hours

Jimin woke you up when you arrived. Namjoon had driven in with no lights on, and parked a safe distance away- far enough so Jin couldn’t hear them, but close enough to make a getaway.

Yoongi threw you a revolver, which you missed in your half-asleep state. As soon as Namjoon turned off the ignition, Yoongi asked all of you to gather round. “Right. The I saw some lights on, so they’re probably still awake. But they won’t be armed, and we have the element of surprise.

You rolled your eyes, but it was dark and your boss couldn’t see you. “Namjoon. Jimin. You two go around the back, see if there’s another entrance, Stick together. I’m gonna check the side entrances. Y/n, you man the front entrance.”

“What?!”, you spluttered. “That’s where they’ll be expecting us to come through. I can’t just stroll in through their front door, Jesus Christ.”

“You’re least likely to get attacked straight away”, Yoongi explained in a strained voice. You had really been testing his patience lately- but this was too much. This was suicide.

You cursed under your breath, and if Yoongi heard, he didn’t let on. “C’mon”, he said, sliding the door open. “Let’s get these fuckers.” Jimin, Namjoon and Yoongi still had their in-ears, but since Jungkook had broken yours, and you hadn’t bought a replacement, you had no form of contact.

Yoongi had offered you a walkie talkie earlier, but you had simply informed him that that was the single most stupid thing he’d ever said- and he said a lot of stupid shit. A walkie talkie would do nothing but attract unwanted attention, so you opted to go in with no communication, and pray for the best.

Namjoon and Jimin slunk off first, and Yoongi and you walked together in amiable silence, until you reached the front entrance of the somewhat intimidating building. Yoongi squeezed your shoulder and whispered ‘Good luck’ before silently running off to scour for another entrance.

The corridor was well lit up and you really didn’t want to just walk in- but it was seemingly empty. You crept inside, gun in hand,fully alert checking behind you every so often.

You didn’t know the layout of this building at all, having never been here before, and what unnerved you was that it was deadly quiet. That surely wouldn’t be the case...unless they were expecting you?

You cursed internally cursed Yoongi again for the umpteenth time that day, your heart beating in your ears. Something wasn’t right. You wished you had that goddamn walkie talkie now.


You cocked your gun and whipped around, holding the weapon up to shoot at anyone who advanced you.

It was him. Jungkook.

He was stood just like the first time you saw him. Arms folded, leaning against the wall. He was in all black, and the figure hugging shirt told you he had no protection on underneath. You could end him.

“I fucking knew it”, you muttered, more to yourself, than to him. Then your eyes widened. Maybe every entrance had someone hiding, just out of sight. You immediately tried to dash past the boy, but he was quick, putting out an arm to stop you.

“You let me go or I will shoot”, you threatened darkly.

“Shoot then.”

His challenge made you stop struggling for a moment. He was seemingly unarmed. You eyed the bluish bruise at the base of his throat, and then saw his now purple black eye.

“Do you think I’m joking?”

“No. I know you’re one hundred percent serious, and so am I. Shoot.”

You held your gun to his chest. What the fuck was wrong with you?! One pull of the trigger, then one of your four problems would be dealt with!

You opted to punch him instead, but he effortlessly caught your arm, mid-blow. “Why won’t you do it?”

You quickly thought up something on the spot. “You let me go yesterday. You could have killed me. Think of it as a returned favour. Now move out of my fucking way.”

“If I do that, one of the other members will get you. And...let’s just say it won’t be fun.” You huffed in frustration, struggling under his grasp. He was stalling you, you were sure. He wanted to make sure you couldn’t get to your members.

“Listen. My family are somewhere in this building. And they are about to get hurt”, you gritted your teeth at the thought. “So I’m asking nicely one last time. Move.”

“No darling”, Jungkook replied softly. “They’re not gonna get hurt. They’re gonna get killed.”

You saw red. You threw an unexpected punch, getting him square in the stomach, and subsequently winding him. He yelled out, blocking the exit, so you ran in the opposite direction, deeper into the building.

“Jimin! Namjoon! Boss!”, you hollered as you ran, realising you were putting yourself in danger, but you didn’t care. “Get the hell out! It’s a tra-umfff!”

Jungkook caught up with you, covering your mouth and muffling the rest of the word.”You fucking maniac!”, he hissed you struggled violently, desperate to help the gang, but Jungkook wouldn’t let you go, for reasons unknown to you.

He pressed you against the wall, your mouth still covered, your cheek resting against the plastered surface. “Shut it”, he hissed. You heard him swear as you heard manic laughter in the distance. V.

“Jungkook! Have you caught that whore for me yet? I hear her yelling!”

You froze. Jungkook realised you had stopped struggling and removed his hand away from your mouth. In fact, he moved away from you entirely. You turned to face him, searching your pockets wildly. Where the fuck was your gun?

Jungkook quietly cleared his throat and you looked at him apprehensively. He was holding it. He had the only form of protection you were carrying.

“Give it back”, you commanded.

“No can do. You’ll shoot him.”

Your breathing quickened as you heard V’s delightful laughter sound closer than before. Why did you always get into such situations? Jungkook stepped back, as if to let you pass.

“Give me the fucking gun. I won’t shoot him.”

“If not him, then someone else. I can’t let you do that.”

“Oh so it’s OK if you kill us, but not the other way round? That’s fine then”, you snapped, looking around wildly to see if anyone was approaching you. You couldn’t leave with no gun. It was too risky.

You held your hand up in mock surrender. “OK. Keep it. I’m going.” Just as you were brushing past him, you kicked the back of his knees with enough force to make his legs buckle. You spotted another revolver in his back pocket which you swiftly grabbed.

Then, you ran.

You ran faster than you could ever remember running. You made it out the building, wondering if the boy had even bothered to follow you, and made a beeline for the side entrance, hoping to somehow catch Yoongi before anything happened.

The side entrance was empty, to your dismay. You ran around the back- and spotted Namjoon.

“Namjoon!”, you hissed, making him jump- and almost punch you. “Where’s Jimin?”

He shrugged. “We heard V yelling, and somehow got split up. I just came back out to check if he was here. Did you get Jungkook?”

“No one’s at the front part of the building”, you lied. “Any contact with Yoongi?”

Namjoon nodded, handing you his gun and crouching down to tie his lace. “He’s on the second floor. No sign of anyone, he says.”

“Tell him and Jimin to get the fuck out of there. It’s a trap. Yoongi should have listened to me. Jin’s lot are all stationed somewhere in the building, waiting.” Namjoon relayed all the information to the two men, and waited.

Yoongi replied straight away, but Namjoon got no response from Jimin. You grew worried, of course. “Namjoon”, you said after five minutes of waiting for a reply. “We need to go back in there.”

“Y/n, you know that’s a bad -”

“-No”, you cut him off sternly. “He could be in trouble. He could be hurt...or worse. If you’re not going, then wait here for Yoongi.” You started marching off, not at all surprised when he followed you.

“I fucking hate you sometimes”, he muttered.

Tuesday: 0030 hours

You rubbed your eyes tiredly, as you and Namjoon crouched behind a wall, checking if the coast was clear. Jungkook and you had met twice in the span of two days...and you were both still alive.

That never ever happened within enemy gangs. Yet you two had done it. You had a feeling there wouldn’t be third time, seeing as you had just kicked him, taken his gun, and ran off.

“Namjoon”, you mouthed. “I can hear something.” Namjoon nodded, to let you know he heard it too. From the grunts, and occasional moans of pain, it sounded like an ongoing struggle.

You heard a distinguished cry of pain at one point, making both you and Namjoon stand up and start moving immediately towards the source of the sound. Because you had heard Jimin.

A couple of corridors later, Namjoon slowed you down, silently telling you that they were around the corner. And that it was Hope who had caught Jimin. Guns at the ready, you both approached him, just as he kicked Jimin to the ground.

Hope turned to the sound of Namjoon cocking his gun. “Get the fuck away from him”, you snarled, absolutely furious, when you saw Jimin writhing on the ground in pain.

The boy, although smirking, knew he was outnumbered, and so stepped away from Jimin. You and Namjoon approached Jimin, Namjoon holding him at gunpoint as you hauled Jimin up. You took out his in-ear and put it on.


“Y/n? What the fuck is going on?”

“Me and Namjoon went back in to help Jimin. Are you out?”

“Yes. What happened to him?”

You paused. “Hope got to him. Beat him. Few bruises, nothing serious.” Jimin glared at you, but said nothing. Namjoon realised that if they didn’t knock out Hope, he could easily attack, so you started helping Jimin limp away as Namjoon hit him on the head with the gun.

“Shouldn’t kill him”, Namjoon muttered as he caught up. “Might start something we can’t finish.” You heard an annoyed yell as someone- sounded like Taehyung- found a knocked out Hope, instead of a dead Jimin.

Yoongi was waiting for you outside, annoyed. “Why can’t any of you do anything properly? All of them are still alive!”

“You’re fucking lucky all of us are too”, you snapped, annoyed at how difficult he was being. Once Yoongi had an agenda, he didn’t give up until he got what he wanted.

Jimin whispered a quick ‘thanks’ as he let go of you, and you handed him his in-ear back. “Boss, they’re all hiding”, Namjoon responded. You all hid behind the foliage as you quietly bickered. Yoongi wanted them dead, whilst the three of you were arguing that there was no point. At least, not right now.

Yoongi noticed the revolver in your hand, and stilled. “Y/n. Where did you get that?”

“It was just there”, you lied nonchalantly. “Swapped it for mine cus it’s better.” Yoongi didn’t give your words a second thought as he eyed the building. “They have got to fucking die”, he muttered under his breath.

“OK. Well we think of something else”, Jimin groaned as he tenderly pressed on the areas Hope had hit him to judge the pain levels.

Yoongi was racking his brains, thinking hard, when he looked at you. “Y/n.”

You knew that look very well. “...What?”


“Me? Me what?”


You narrowed your eyes. “I’m gonna need more than one syllable answers.”

“Jungkook and you fought yesterday. But he didn’t kill you...obviously. So why don’t you get close to him? Find out weaknesses, inside information...Maybe we can finish them that way.”

“You want her to literally fraternize with the enemy?”, Namjoon asked. You noted his disapproving tone.

“I want her to do more than fraternize”, Yoongi replied, and you shuddered at what he was implying.

“When I said ‘think of something else’, I didn’t mean that”, Jimin added, his eyes wide. This was a dangerous game Yoongi was wanting to play.

He looked up, dark, determined eyes boring into you. “You in?”

“I’m gonna get killed Boss”, you replied quietly. “I’m...I don’t think I have it in me.”

“We can try at least. If it gets too dangerous, you stop.”

“No”, Namjoon said firmly. You raised an eyebrow. No one said ‘no’ to Min Yoongi. “Boss, listen. This is stupid. Y/n’s got a temper, this Jungkook sounds like he has a temper...it’s not gonna work.”

“Oh it will”, Yoongi brushed him off breezily. “The only time a gang member let’s someone live is for selfish reasons. They either want a favour, or they want to see that person again.”

“True...”, Jimin pondered. This was not how you had planned the night.

At all.

Tuesday: 0110 hours

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘they got away?’!”, Jin snapped at the two conscious members before him. Hope hadn’t come round yet, and the lump on his head was looking quite nasty.

“The idea was to kill them as soon as you saw them! Fucking hell.” Jin noticed something was off with Jungkook- and then he noticed it.

“That’s not one of yours”, he said slowly, looking at the gun.

“One of them just left it here”, Jungkook lied. He didn’t want to let on that he’d let y/n get away again. That would be seen an somewhat questionable in anyone's eyes.

“Why don’t we exploit a weakness of theirs?”, V blurted out. Jin and Jungkook looked at the boy curiously. “They have a girl, don’t they? Y/n. She’s around Jungkook’s age. If he...I don’t know, set a trap, killed her, the rest of them would come running, and we could end them.”

Jin, to Jungkook’s dismay, was nodding in agreement. “Worth a shot. These fuckers have always been hard to kill...but now we have Jungkook, we might be able to get them.”

V glanced at Jungkook with an almost knowing look, but Jungkook ignored him. He knew he made a mistake letting her get away...again, but he had a feeling she’d be back. Somehow. Someway....And soon.

Tuesday: 0110 hours

“Ok y/n”, Yoongi started to brief you, as soon as he got to the van. “What we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna have Jimin follow him for a couple of days, find out if he has a fixed schedule, and then you’re gonna conveniently bump into him. Get to know what’s happening. But be subtle...I know how good you are at that”, he added sarcastically.

“OK Namjoon take me and y/n back to base. Jimin, get out.”

Jimin’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You want me to start now?”

“No”, Yoongi drawled, ever sarcastic. “We’ll wait until it more suited to you. Yes, now! Get your ass outta here. Namjoon will come for you when you get some useful information.”

Jimin huffed, leaving the van, taking extra care to not slam the door in his annoyance. It was gonna be a long night for him.

Tuesday: 0600 hours

You had restlessly dozed off, sat in an uncomfortable position, and Namjoon had fallen asleep next to you. This was a common occurrence. The majority of the time, the four of you didn’t sleep in beds, you just had a nap wherever you were sat.

You were still in disbelief at Yoongi’s plan. You weren’t up for it, because one, flirting to kill was something you were specialised in, and two, you and Jungkook seemed to have this theme of not killing each other.

With the bruises you had left on him, you were actually shocked that you had been given a second chance. He was a ruthless killer- you’d seen him in action- so this was bizarre.

“Wake up”, Yoongi ordered, kicking yours and Namjoon’s legs with enough force to jolt you awake. “Jimin called. He saw Jin, V and Hope leaving the building. But not Jungkook.”

You were alert immediately. “I don’t like what you’re implying.” Was he asking you to go back there?

“Y/n, I don’t really give a shit about your likes and dislikes”, Yoongi snapped. He hadn’t slept, you could tell. I’ve told Jimin to wait for you Namjoon, so go and get him. And leave y/n there.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to continue spewing nonsense, but his phone rang again, interrupting him. It was Jimin again.

“Boss”, you heard his tired voice. You felt bad that despite being beat up, Yoongi had made him stay. “This boy just left too....it must be Jungkook.” It just occurred to you then that the rest of your gang hadn’t actually seen Jungkook at all. Yoongi frowned. “Why wasn’t he with the rest of them?”

“Beats me. But please, send Namjoon. I think I’m gonna pass out.” Yoongi nodded at Namjoon as a signal, telling him to leave, and Namjoon was out the door in seconds.

Yoongi told Jimin that Namjoon was on his way, then hung up, scrutinising you.

“What now?”, you sighed. He was good leader, the best in fact, but when he got obsessed with doing something, he wouldn’t budge.

“I understand you’re not comfortable with this”, he started. “But if I could think of a better plan, I would. These fuckers are smart y/n. And because of them, we have nothing. You know that. Don’t you want them to pay?”

“Of course I do”, you whispered, looking at his feet.

“Look at me when you talk. I know it’s hard, and you’ve never done it, but I won’t make you do it more than a couple of weeks. It’s gonna take him at least a week to even trust you.”

“Why are you so sure this is gonna work?”, you asked. “How do you know he won’t tell his gang about me?”

“He won’t”, Yoongi said with conviction. “He won’t because he let you live. And he did that for a reason.”


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