If You Only Had 10 Hours in Seoul

I've seen a lot of people with an interesting problem...

They have a long layover in Incheon airport and want to see if they can visit Seoul while they're there.

With the airport railroad, its easy to get into the city to experience Seoul with a short amount of time.

Here's my plan for if you have TEN HOURS in Seoul.

Remember you'll need to do immigration, train travel, security, re-check in, and getting your bags when planning for time^^ Don't miss your flight!


You can walk with my through Hongdae here where I show you exactly where to go!


1. Arrive in Hongdae!

Its easy to get there from the airport :)

2. Visit the street food and shopping street :)

These little food places will only take cash, but there are ATMs in the subway. The clothing places usually will take card if you're spending over 20,000won ($20)

3. Take sticker photos and dress up in hanbok!

These are just a really fun souvenir from Korea and you'll look super cute - plus they're WAY less expensive than hanbok cafe :)

4. Check out the Hello Kitty Cafe!

I just walked in to look at it, but you can stop and get lattes and waffles~

5. Or, people watch in a local favorite cafe :)

This is one of my favorite cafes and its a great place to relax and feel like a local. Remember, you'll be traveling so chances are you're tired - take a rest in Coffeesmith!

6. Visit the park, do some last minute shopping, watch some live performances, and head back the the airport :)

Have a safe flight and come back to Korea soon!~

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