Anberlin- Hearing Voices

Rant to come because I can't seem to make him understand: It takes me forever to fall asleep at night, and when everyone asks me why I say that I don't know. But it's no mystery to me. I know what's running through my head but I don't know how to make it stop. I know I am doing this to myself. I just can't let things go, but I don't think I should have to so soon. I just wish I could sleep. I am tired of tossing and turning and imagining you saying my name. I don't think I have ever heard you say my name. How did you never say my name? I guess I should have known. I shouldn't have expected any less of you. What am I to you? I was there. Nothing more and nothing less. And there's nothing wrong with that, that was all you were to me at the start, but I couldn't get enough of you while you were just playing games. A break until after break, I guess? Tell your girl back home that I said hello and don't forget to cut the crap when you get back. I don't know what you want because you won't tell me, but I won't lose sleep over you forever so you better make up your mind. I'll see you tomorrow Caleb, every Monday and Wednesday as usual, but after that you have a week without seeing me and being reminded of how bad you feel for everything you've done to me and how you've made me feel.

Music keeps the blood pumping through my viens. Love your comments on my cards 🖤 Message me if you have requests 🤘🏼 RIP Chester Bennington
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