I don't known if anyone else noticed this, cuz I looked it up and found nothing, but the characters in Hunter x Hunter match their blood type personality perfectly. Did everybody know this, and I'm just the last one to find out? If so, do tell. Man, I'm finding little Easter eggs and such about this author everyday! Killua- A- Great friends, people who put others before them, and have a hard time expressing their own feelings. Gon- B- Outgoing people who do not have a hard time expressing their feelings. Care for their friends, but to a certain extent. Kurapika- AB- level-headed and rational people usually, but can obtain crazy mood swings. Leorio- O- Competitive people who like power, and are often in a leader position. Tend to make progress instead of making friends. (Last part not entirely true about Leorio...)

I love Hunter x Hunter a little too much. I like a buttload of other animes and cartoons, too.
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