I AM OFFICIALLY OFF HIATUS!? ( Story updates, dream update, ect..)


What's up my cuties!? it's your girl Sasha from the internet bringing you the biz ( this is going to be my intro for now on I think... I think)


Guess What!?

Yes, ya girl is back and fresher than ever! ( I'm pretty sure only a few really care XD I don't have followers tbh so i'm shooting to get more. I'm shooting to y'all hearts) So, I'm going to be giving you guys a bit of an update and what to expect for the rest of the year!


First thing first! As mentioned a bit in my hiatus card, I have been working on my two stories and I will be updating this WEEKEND!

I swear I am... I know I tell you guys not to trust me when I set dates for stories but this time I'm serious!

I have been working hard making sure I plan/rough draft my chapters out during the weekdays and making a final copy during the weekends. I have a good month of rough draft chapters for Broken Pieces of Our Hearts but I've been struggling on writing for Room(Soul)Mates. I kind of lost inspiration for the story since this is the only story I've made that wasn't based off a dream or life experiences but I did manage to get this week's chapter planned out so look out for me darlings.


Also, I know this is a bad habit of mines BUT! I have been working on two new stories while I was having writer's block for my other stories.I wanted to experiment with ways I write my stories so these two popped out of my ass lowkey.

One I have been working on for the longest is about a dream I had about Cjamm ( I have fell for him lowkey XD Musically... I swear ) but I will not publish that story any time soon because I want to try a different method of how I do stories with this one.

I want to get at least halfway done with the story before I publish it so.... yeah XD I don't even have a title for it yet because I don't really have a full direction since I'm just depending it on my dreams. I write a new chapter every time I dream about him. ( another reason I didn't want to publish it yet since my dreams tend to be scattered sometimes so that specific dream comes and goes)

Another story I'm working on is a Simon D x MC/Reader story.It will be at least 10 chapters.( I'm not planning on making it too long but I want a good full story) The title is, " Playing with Fire" . As stated before I've been working on different ways to write stories so this one will be solely based off songs. Each chapter will based off a song or have it's own song. The main song for the story is playing with fire by BlackPink so I think you can somewhat guess what the story will be like. I will have a soundtrack for the story for you guys prepared on youtube. I think it will be fun to try,

Here's a small rough draft of the intro/ teaser:

As a young kid I was always told not to play with fire. As I grew older my mom always told me that loving a man is like playing with fire; you shouldn’t play with it carelessly or someone is bound to get burned. Strangely, it seemed like he didn’t know or maybe he did but just chose not to care and I was dumb enough to play this dangerous game of his. I couldn’t resist the temptation of his fluorescent flame. I honestly didn’t know what I got myself into when I met those half lidded brown eyes and that taunting smile. It was something that I wish I never touched but yet I didn’t regret being burned if it was him.


This isn't the official intro but this is what I am slightly going for and expect a lot of daddykinks , bad boy Simon and of course age gap XD ( I live for agegaps but mainly because I am young compare to most of the Korean artist I like XD) I will be updating this story with my main 2 stories but it won't be a priority like the other 2 so there will be some weeks when I will be a few days behind but trust me ( don't ) I will do my best to get it out every week.

Alright, moving on~~

Dream update:

I have been more actively learning Korean and I have been working on dancing with KMSEOUL. We have an audition for coffeehouse at my school and I will auditioning by myself with Taemin's Goodbye ( wish me luck). I am also planning on doing Vixx's dance cover competition and I will talk more about it when I post my video. I haven't been able to practice my singing since I tend to get a soar throat when the seasons change so my doctor stress that I don't do too much around the changing periods.

I have a few performances coming up and i will vlog that for you guys and all that jazz soon. ( hopefully when I get my new tablet/laptop on Black Friday ) I will also, l start doing daily vlogs/blogs on here and instagram ( maybe youtube) to take document of my dream process. ( hopefully) maybe after Thanksgiving Break. I will make a separate card about that when the time comes


A new person has been added to our little parade and she is a close sunbae of my friend Shaun. She was already planning on going to Korea but for our sake she pushed back her trip to go with us to make it cheaper for us to go since she is practically an adult. So, plane tickets are cheaper also, since we are splitting rent money 3 ways it is way more cheaper than it was before.

Now, my money problem kind of got worse because I ended up having to bail my brother out of jail but no worries I am trying to get a 2nd job to cover my side of the deal. Plus, since it's way more cheaper it will be easy to get most of it in 3 months. I have about 6 months left so wish me luck!!!

Okay last but not least!!~~

I want you guys to comment below if you want to be tagged in my dream thing and if you want to be tagged in my stories. Let ya girl know so I don't be tagging people who don't want it XD


Well that's it for now, my cuties! wait for me * smooches*

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