Remember This Ridiculous Lee Hyori Scandal?

Lee Hyori is one of the most naturally beautiful people on earth, inside and out.

She's an animal rights activist, she works with the United Nations to help children in need, she volunteers all over the world, and now that she's made her money in the entertainment industry she has moved to a secluded home on Jeju Island where she sells handmade art at the local flea market.

She's a truly beautiful soul.

Now, why was she in the headlines?

For all the great work she's done? For her selflessness? For her talent?

Nope. Because of her husband.

The world didn't think he was handsome enough for her.

Back in 2013, Lee Hyori married her long time boyfriend Lee Sangsoon, who she met on a volunteering trip abroad.

When the news broke that she was dating, the gossip world obviously erupted. But when a picture came out is when it really got sickening.

Netizens complained that he was too ugly for her, that she ruined her chance of making incredibly beautiful children, and other generally horrible things.

But Hyori and Sangsoon could really care less.

They now live happily creating music together on a mountain on Jeju Island surrounded by their animal babies :)

Hyori explained one reason why she fell in love with him and I find it so endearing:

“I’ve dated men who had no money. But there was a reason why I didn’t end up marrying them. They had an inferiority complex about money. So they would bring me down on purpose.”

“But oppa (Lee Sang Soon) wasn’t like that. He didn’t feel self conscious about the fact that I was making more money,”

“When I went over to Sang Soon oppa’s house during holidays, I would see them playing the yut game and when it was time for everyone to go home, they only said good things to each other. My family always fought when we gathered for a holiday. We would happily gather but always end up fighting each other.”

“The moment when I decided to marry him was when I saw how my mother and father-in-law still loved each other. Even though they are old in age, they go to a movie theatre in the mornings. Oppa (Lee Sang Soon) told me that he has never seen his parents fight. I’ve seen my parents fight so many times. That′s when I thought that I could trust him."

I am so happy that they were able to tune out the netizens hateful words and continue being a happy couple.

They really deserve it!

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