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“Hey unnie can I borrow June for a moment. I need his help with an important project.” Sail pleaded taking firm hold of my hands forcing me to look into her eyes. “ Please!” She begged. -

That awful moment kept replaying in my head as I tried to recall how peaceful everything had been before June was stolen from me. The day chaos invited itself into my once calm home.

June’s Pov

“ Sail for the last time I need to get back to Noona I am done playing this game.” June huffed glaring towards the girl sitting across from him. “ I have told you my dear June Sam unnie is just fine I left her in good hands.” She smirked eerily glancing towards the clock. “ Now be good and sit here quietly my new group is coming on.” She rushed into the other room before I had a chance to ask what she meant. “ Is someone beside Bobby Hyung and kookie at our house?” I hissed dashing for the door unable to stay cooped up any longer.

It didn't take long to know something was terribly wrong as I reached the house. The blazing light was a dead giveaway followed by yelling from Bobby hyung. “ Just what the hell happened?!” I hissed rushing to the door only to find my worst nightmares comes true. Bobby hyung was entangled in a fiery battle with a stranger who I swore looked way too much like B.a.p's Daehyun. “ Kookie what the hell happened while I was gone?!” I yelled towards the boy hiding in the corner with what I swore was a bowl of popcorn. “ Oh well you see Sail sent over her friend Bang Yongguk, and well this happened.” The boy laughed tossing a piece of popcorn into his mouth enjoying the show.

“ You mean the Bang Yongguk?!” I hissed rushing towards my throne only to to confirm my worst fears. There in my chair sat the one and only Bang Yongguk with a smug expression plastered on his face pointing to a smaller chair seated next to him. “ Where is Noona?!” I demanded taking in the chaos that surrounded me. Just then my eyes found her hands clutching the chair tightly as her face slowly came into view. “ I am sorry.” She quickly mouth before her head disappeared once again behind the chair as Yongguk’s smirk double in size.


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