'Beautiful & Spacious Penthouse in Paris With a Painted Ceiling'

From the site: "Impressive penthouse located in the city of love with 460mp, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is now for sale at the amount of 12.500.000 EUR. All the architectural elements are combined so you can feel the harmony given by a home. It has very bright spaces thanks to the big windows which surround the whole house. One of the living rooms also has a glass roof and with the big windows and white walls, there is light all over the place. The other living room has an amazing and exquisite ceiling painted by the famous François Le Moine. In the bright living room there are some natural elements like small plants and even an artificial tree used like design elements combined with the oak flooring’s color. To all this is added a beautiful fireplace built in the wall, just perfect to warm your body. One of the baths is spread over two floors and has more sinks so can be used by two people at the same time – a perfect bathroom for a couple. The kitchen has a minimalist design and is created all by stainless steel. This penthouse benefits also of a little but cozy terrace for the moments when you want to clear your mind."

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