House on Lake Hollywood Designed by Mills Studio

From the site: "This is a typical house for the Hollywood population designed with luxury elements and with window walls that we adore so much. An extraordinary chandelier placed above the table in the living room is catching all the attention of the guests with its imposing size and large number of crystals. The second masterpiece in terms of lighting is represented by the ceiling lamps from the kitchen: huge silver balls in the same chromatic with the counter top. There are two levels, each one with its terrace and an amazing view thanks to the placement up to hill, above the Hollywood noise. It is enough to convince you this is the perfect place to live. The natural landscape is improved with many palm trees surrounding the backyard. The upper floor seems floating with its clear spaces made with special glass. It has an impressive architecture which combines different materials and the entire house has an irregular shape without supporting columns. The terrace from the first level protects you against the sun while being near the pool and the stone wall wraps the metallic structure. As if the pool wasn’t enough for you at the top level you can relax in a jacuzzi close to the fireplace which is put there for cold days."

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